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back in the habit!

Having gone through a lot of real life problems and getting them solved taking half a year. I am back in the habit of gaming once again! new job and place to live. Time to get into the habit once again my friends! reivews previews and general news coming soon!

A long time coming..

I know at least one of you has wondered were I have been, well it would take a while to explain but sadly I don't have that kind of time, but I am back once again! Well I had managed to land a job working for gamestop and start this week, so once I get everything situated I will hopefully be able to start getting some more serious reviewing done and hoping putting my hand into doing some review writing to get some time with it. Im hitting the gaming scene hard this time so be ready!

Why do developers have prequel movies or shorts done?

For a few years now, Prequel movies and shorts have been showing up recently to games that have either just come out or are about to come out. For those of you who remember, the dead space animated movie they came out with? It went right up to the point of when Isaac got onto the ship. I actually enjoy these prequels for a few reasons. They give you a deeper look into how things got to were they are at with the game. I enjoyed the prequel movie of dead space a lot for I originally had no idea how those things got on board the ship. Sadly I have yet to play the game but I am looking into getting it eventually.

Now in the last month a Halo reach live action short came out which was actually quite nice to watch. There are also web episodes of the Alan wake game that will be coming out quite soon. These episodes are supposed to give you a insight into bright falls before Alan gets here. What I find interesting is that all of these interesting things are happening before he gets there. Maybe bright falls is being affected by his writing? or is that Waitress more then she seems? Also what is with the fast forwarding of time? Will these interesting events be explained? I hope they do explain them for it has caught my interest.

I love the lore of games. Why do I you ask? Well it allows for us to see the creative writings of our beloved developers and writers for the games we love from them, and some of these writers and developers are very very good at what they do.

But even with the recent usage of shorts, why do they do it? to get you more interested to buy the game when it comes out? Maybe, or is it some developers want to explain the story they have created more? Maybe, the only way we can find out is by asking these developers and writers. I would if I was able for I love the work they have done and I hope they will continue to do so in the coming years. What do you all think of prequel movies and shorts for games?

A nightmare on elm Street

Ok so last night i Went and saw the new freddy movie. Me and a friend went to go and see it during a nice torental downpour. It was also a night showing.

So my first thoughts? Jackie Earl Haley is the Next freddy and Robeert England could not of choosen a better perso to play as the man of the nightmares. The movie itself was awesome and before you dis a remake I have watched all of the orignal Robert England movies and they were good. This movie did justice to the series and gave a more insightful look into why the parents went after Freddy like they did.

Visuals were excellent and had enough of a creepy atompshere to get you into it very much so. Some parts are a bit drawn out but Freddy makes enough showing to make you wonder when he will show up next to scare you to death. So for all you horror fans and Freddy fans go and enjoy this remake, it is one of the few worth watching in theaters.

Days of Destruction

Having recently gotten Battlefield Bad Company 2 and will be sending out a Review once I have completed it, I would like to state just a few things with the online portion first. The Servers are alot better then the Bad Company up untill about 9:30 to 10:30 when some serious lag started and I have not experinced lag at all up untill that point. So There will be some server issues for you night howls unless it gets fixed. The Communciation is still only related to your squad of 4 which does suck but with the use of Xbox live party chat can be avoided. Defend and attack orders can be issued by the squad leader on certian points of interest which when completed can earn you a very decent amount of points. starting at 100.

For all of you fans of total destruction Battlefield bad company 2 is for you, for you can just go nuts and brind down a building..It is so awesome..espically when there is the enemy in it.

A small Request

I plan on starting up again on doing some Reviews and For those of you who can spare the time please look at my reviews and see what I can do to Improve on them. I know they are not the best, but it is was I was able to do at the time.

So When you have time please look them over and see what I can improve on.

A game i bet alot of you have not heard of.

So I have been playing this game on and off for the last..two years at least. Sense the near end of the open beta and the first map to the second map. I know what your asking. "what in the man skirt of Kratos is Wurm Online" Well Wurm online is a mmo, just not a very well known mmo..yet. The game itself is written entirely in JavaScript and is currently being ran by a European man named Rolf. The game is based out of Europe which is one reason why many Americans have not heard of it, but it is spreading slowly, and even last year was in a issue of the UK version of GameInformer. The setting of this mmo? A midevil stylish setting, but with just a hint of fantasy. Dragons, trolls,Goblins, and even Giant scorpions and spiders. One of the very very very few In game player run based Enconmies, and EVERYTHING but what your given to start out with is made by the player, Food, weapons, armor, tools, houses, and even roads are done by the players. Players can even alter the land as they see fit..within a sense of reality of course.

On a side note though, the owners choice I do not entirely agree with at times, but It is still a very deep game. For this game has the deepest and most complex Crafting system I have ever come across in my 16 years of gaming. To explain wurm in one phrase..I would have to say "Go anywere and do just almost anything" But it is also a very time consuiming game with a deep learning curve.

With three servers. A noobie starter place to learn, the freedom isles. Which are basicly a play and not get attacked, and then there is the Wild server, which is a very pvp focused server, and some very dangerous people.

Look it up who knows if you will like it or not.

Again its been a long time

So i been gone awhile once more..i happens but RL does that to you. For those who do read this i have put up every single game i own to see its collected value which surprised me even. Older games newer games. Hey ima gamer honestly. and Modern warfare 2 has been taking up alot of my time as well. But Ill write a review for that soon enough so stay tuned!

So E3, the final thoughts

Well it has been a interesting week with the return of the old school E3. Well E3 is in a good state of recovery but it had some bad hitches along he way. Ubisofts press conference was honestly a drawn out talk fest of a few games with a excellent trailer of Assassins Creed 2 and then a demo showing of it at Sony press conference. Nintendo didn't really have to much to show, so it was also a bit of a let down, but nice to see Mario taking the stage once more in space.

Now onto the thing that matters to us all...Games.

A few note worthy games coming out. Borderlands, Now i know some of you have not really ever heard of borderlands, but heres a small bit of info. Alien Planet..LOTS of weapons..were talking half a million weapons in the game total, and i have read somewere that the "cell shade" of the game has ruined it. Honestly it still looks pretty freakin awesome in my book and i plan on picking this up in October.

I also remember hearing about Alan Wake when it was first announced but never really thought much of it till i saw the demo played for us. If you have played Alone in The Dark (360 release) you will notice it takes a few notes from the game it self but, it looks to of refined the mechanics of aiming quite well. So this one i shall give a look out for.

Of course there was also Halo: ODST and the newely announced Halo: Reach. The drop was a nice way to start it off and THANK GOD the scoped pistol is back..missed it so much (hello long range pistol headshots once more :D) And i am curious to see how Halo: Reach will turn out

Also MAG looks to be shaping up alot better then expected with no sign of lag what so ever in the showing of the demo. Though i am curious as to how the game will actually shape up with having 256 players on one map will be interesting to see. God of War what can i say about this game..just simply amazing. Great demo they played honestly and love the new weapons. If you want a reason to buy a PS3 God of War 3 is the reason.

Now on a final note Final Fantasy VIX Online was quite a shocker for me even, and i am not surprised easily. Well hopefully it will shape up much better then the current one..a bit to odd with the controls, and well not real much of a tutorial for someone coming into it for me that is anyways.

Tons of demos and some interesting new technology coming out, E3 this year is on its way to full recovery from what it use to be, which was honestly terrible in its self. Also from the announcements the developers made, we are going to have a very busy fall with all of the new releases, so be ready fellow gamers for a heck of a year!

Ok so its been a long time sense i posted on here.

I know its been a long time sense i even visted here but thats Real life for ya.

Well E3 has kicked off and its rockin the world with some great new games and some good rumors comming true, And i have to say the Star Wars Old Republic CG trailer was just amazing. With APB coming out as well, that looks amazing.

Dragon Age Origins looks just stunning and i plan on playing that. So get to the videos all and check out E3 its just simply amazing! and its only Day 1!

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