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Attention: For any MGS4 Vamp fans

I have been making YouTube videos for everyone's favorite bisexual vampire, Vamp from MGS4. I've been having loads of fun making them. If anyone is interested, then please come and check it out. Although, if you have a slow Internet connection, I honestly wouldn't bother.

***Warning: video's contain adult themes, language and spoilers***

Surviving through it all.

I have been through disappointment one after another. So many failures in life even with death itself. My body is in pain and it's hard to even eat correctly and move. Although, I'm trying to get back onto my feet and fight, even though I wish not to anymore, God won't allow me to give in, again. My father had given me another recruiter to go to and we will see him. This time though, it is the Army. The recruiter knows of my tattoo problem and he wants to take a look at it for himself. As a last resort I must get it removed. I'm used to having things removed from my life, even when it's been a part of me for so long and it meaning much to me. It's a sweet sorrow, but sacrifices are to be made, even if it hurts.

The Most Disappointing Day

Yesterday I went to see a recruiter with my father, who also is in the military. They said very bluntly that my tattoo is a automatic disqualification. Even if I had to removed, and it still be having a shadow, it would still disqualify me. Even if I had a waver, which they said they do get turned down, especially since I'm a female , there's still a strong chance I could get turned down. So basically, I could get my tattoo removed and find out that I'm still disqualified. They said they usually just take 3 females a month, without wavers. They actually ask us to try L.A, since the rules may be less restrictive.

I'm very disappointed not only because I'm disqualified, but because I see these little naive teeny bopper girls who just come out of high school who are in Marine outfits that don't even deserve to be in Marine outfits! Yes, they shouldn't even be in Marine outfits, the don't deserve it. They should be behind the pharmacy counter at Vons. The Marines have gone soft, especially picking out these kinds of female Marines.:evil:

The Proudest Day Of My Life

After all these year's, I've have finally passed my GED math test with a score of 440. I will never forget this day ever in my life. Now, it's time to move forward. The Lord has been great. :D

Keep on it

My classes for the GED math officially start next month on the 13th. Though, in the mean time, I've been studying by myself from this really great GED math book, for about 2-3 hours everyday. I've been getting really good at this math. I never thought I would memorize formulas and equations. I just need to keep on studying and on the top of that, going to my classes, I'll be walking down that aisle with a big grin on my face celebrating!

All over again

Well, I'm starting the new year by...doing the GED math again. My new goal is to graduate before I turn 22. So I'll have 7 months, hopefully it won't take that long, to study with a tutor and pass it. I really hope everything turns out right, otherwise I might be erasing half my blog again if it piles up to "didn't pass, I'm trying again." I don't know why I'm so terrible at math,I can pass a literature and writing test with flying colors, but math...I don't know why.

Happy Holidays Everyone

I hope everyone has a great time. Christmas is almost here, for other's something else.Though New Years is everywhere and I'll be hearing those fireworks once again.This year has gone by way too fast.I erased half of my blog because well, I was sick of looking at how I didn't pass this or that.My decision for my education is as expected,I did not pass since my last blog, my GED math that is, which I will say for the very last time.My final decision is going to evening classes for the new year. I only have to take 4 classes and I'll be done, I should of did this sooner.At least I can say I've passed 4 out of the 5 GED tests. Next after that..... maybe the, not a joke.

Happy Birthday to me

Today is my birthday, which I'm very happy about. Time to go to Olive Garden and order a nice Italian wine. My GED math test is on the 19th of this month. I've been studying hard, hopefully it will pay off.....I just have this

My support

I was showing my support to my one of my favorite artist for a fan picture taking. Strangely, you had to show your receipt, making sure no one stolen theirs.

2007 and going

It's 2007 already and years keep going by faster and faster, it's crazy. I don't like to say this but before we know it, 2007 will be over. They say once you turn 21 you don't look foward to you birthdays anymore(lol) I have 7 months to enjoy my last "birthday feeling" , then it goes downhill from there cause you keep getting older from there(lol).....*sigh* :?
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