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Its ok to be a really it is. Fanboys make the gaming world go round.

Ive noticed this term "Fanboy" thrown around quite a bit, not just here, but on IGN and Youtube as well. I have total respect for these so called Fanboys and dont see the need for haters to use it a diss term. I see a few gamers, elitest types who say if you only own one system or if you like one system over the other then you are NOT a true gamer?? Lets get this straight, so if I spend my hard earned cash on a gaming console or hand held and then again invest in the software to enjoy purchased hardware that makes us a Fanboy unless we buy all the other systems also? I think that is a bunch of nonsense. Every gaming company and console offers something a little different. Every gamer has a different personality and different taste in games. I personally like and enjoy the Playstation brand. It is my favorite, it is the one I trust, it is the one I support. There are many other Playstation gamers such as myself, then you have the Nintendo, Xbox & PC faction of gamers who also love and follow their respective gaming brands and hardware. In a sense the Video Game industry has become a game in itself. System Wars is a prime example of the games each faction plays with each other. Sometimes you will see some factions/fanboys join together to pick on one particular group. Ive been gaming since generation 3, fanboy debates have been going on since then and it will never go away. People really love their gaming systems and feel an emotional attachment to them. I like Playstation products, I like Playstation Network, I like most of the first party content they create and I say their is nothing wrong with feeling that way with any gaming company. We all go to work, deal with bosses or school with teachers. Gaming is one of our get aways so their will always be an attachment. To those elitest guys who look down on gamers who only own one console and gamers who choose Nintendo over Xbox products, etc etc. Do use all a favor. STFU and let us have our fun. Let the fanboys debate, argue, troll, flame etc. Its all in good fun and its big part of the video gaming industry. There is nothing anyone can do about that. Fanboys and Fangirls I say do your thing, love your systems, play your systems and talk smack to everyone else who doesnt own the system you do. Ha ha ha ha. Now back to System Wars.

Coolyfett's Haters....3rd Person got em going crazy!!!!

Coolyfett the biggest name in Gamespots History. These kids is on me. So this week I was modded a total of 9 times, all for so called trolling. Of the 9, 5 of them were reversed. I have 2 that are being reviewed by Admistration, Admistration will contact me in a few days. Ive been here way too long to be considered some sort of trouble maker, but one thing for sure, my posting essence has some of these guys going crazy, and the fact that my essence is not against the rules, gets them even more bent. I use my tag COOLYFETT in place of when I refer to myself. Like instead of saying Me, I, Mine I say COOLYFETT. Most people like Chris_Williams show love for my essence of posting mainly because it is different. Then you have those control freaks that want me to speak the way, they speak and share the opinions they have. I am an individual and there is nothing anyone on can do about it. If you can not deal with that....CHANGE YOUR STATION!! Dont hate because my post essence is so original you wish you had it ha ha. Its not like I don't contribute to the site. I maintain my game list, I review all the games Ive played, I comment on videos and articles and offer advice on the systems I am most familiar with. So don't act like because I speak in what YOU people call 3rd Person, I am some sort of troll, I have been on for 3 years now. Check the profile, check the stats. I put in work on all you haters thinking you can stop me, its impossible. Chris_Williams is gangsta & Coolyfett reigns supreme....Learn to control what you can because you will never be able to control COOLYFETT.

Consoles and Hand helds being the SAME SYSTEM!!! I told you so!! Its coming

See what just happened? Nintendo has just blurred the lines between a Home Gaming Console and a Hand held Gaming Device. When I first got back into gaming back in 2007 I did a lot of research on the Playstation Portable, being I had clients that referred me to the device. Prior to that the last gaming system I owned was the Sega Genesis in 1994. I learned that the PSP had some sort of way to communicate with the PS3. I often said to myself why cant the PSP, be a controller for the PS3? When you compare the Dual Shock 3 and the PSP you see that the inputs are way different. PSP not having the 2nd analog stick and the 2 extra shoulder buttons. I would often post on the forum that it would be a cool idea if the PSP could be a controller for the PS3 and the DS as a controller for the Wii. People would say it was a bad idea and kinda shut me out, but I always felt that if Sony was to figure out a way to make PS3 games that do not use all the Dual Shock 3 inputs that it should be considered. Often you have these out with the old type of gamers who want a new system every 2 years, because to them the current system are TOO OLD?? My response to them was always that current generation systems as a group have not reached their maximum, but they would never listen. I even told them that eventually systems will become combo systems where you have the main system that connects with your TV unit, and a hand held system that doubles as a portable media player with removable flash storage & a game controller for the home system. Here we are 3 days before E3 2011 and Nintendo is bringing a system with the same idea I was wishing Sony would do. WOW!! So this new Nintendo system will basically have a controller that doubles as both a hand held gaming system & a controller for the new Nintendo system. Gamers are all confused, but I saw this coming a 100 miles away. I feel like Doc Brown for the Back 2 the Future movies. Sony has yet to state how the PSVita will connect with the Playstation 3, but will Sony eventually get with this idea I had that Nintendo is not bringing to the table?? What do you think??

Monster Hunter vs Pokemon

I know that many these are two different types of games, to many they are nothing alike. Though both games feature deep, collection-based gameplay, it is nearly impossible to declare a winner as they are both very different experiences. For a while now I have been hearing about these Monster Hunter games & I often see and hear them being compared to the Pokemon games. I finally made the purchase of one, with the hopes that Capcom make a certain choice in the future. The game is different than anything I have played yet. Sometimes it reminds me of Phantasy Star Portable. Ive still never played a Pokemon game though, so I was wondering how exactly are these two series the same and how are they different? Is there anything Monster Hunter does that Pokemon should have or visa versa? As far as goes, Monster Hunter and Pokémon are on equal footing, as neither of them really have much of a narrative. Sure, Pokémon throws in a little bit of coming-of-age in there, and you might have a few childhood rivals, but if someone came up the street and asked you what Pokémon was about, you probably wouldn't say much more than "catching Pokémon." The same thing goes with Monster Hunter, though instead of a young kid, you are a grown adventurer who ventures deep into the wilds of of various regions to find monsters. With both of these franchises, it's all about the gameplay, so you won't find much narrative in either. While Pokémon is a turn-based RPG that uses a simplistic element-based battle system, Monster Hunter uses an active battle system that requires quick thinking and action.

Dear Playstation Part 2

So Playstation has finally revealed the follow up to the Playstation Portable system. I must say I am excited. As many know I am not a console gamer and have invested greatly in my PSP system. Its been two weeks since the new PSP announcement. Many of the concerns have been the same, price, software & battery length have probably been the hottest topics that I have read on all the blogs. Coolyfett has other concerns. FLASH STORAGE is a major one. Digital Downloads seems to be not only where Sony is heading, but Nintendo is also going toward this trend. Will the new PSP be memory stick duo compatible? When will the Memory Stick XC cards be available? How simple will it be to transfer all media from PSP 1000-2000-3000-Go to the new PSP? The morning of the announcement I went to Gamespot & traded all of my UMD discs for PSN cards with plans to repurchase my favorite games, so I could have the digital versions ready for the transfer. Knowing I was taking a short term lose, I realized that the UMDs were losing their value because the new system would no longer use them. So these are my concerns at the moment. 1. Should I invest in 32GB Memory Stick? or will the flash format change? 2. How will we transfer media from old to new PSP?

Jacksonville Suns Back2Back Champions!!

Total Awesomeness! My team the Jacksonville Suns won their 6th Championship in franchise history, with a 9th inning walk off in Game 4 against the Tennessee Smokies. Its a beautiful thing. They won it all last baseball season & did it again for the 2010 season. Im proud of this ballclub. Champions in 1968, 1996, 2001, 2005, 2009 & 2010. Now name a baseball team in any league that did better crub snatchers.

The Ultimate Sports Weekend!

My favorite time of year is here! Im a huge baseball & football fan. Anyone who lives in a major american city can relate. Baseball teams start making the playoff push, while football teams begin their quest to the Superbowl. This weekend my Jacksonville Suns just completed the Southern League Divisional Series 3 - 1 and advanced to the Southern League Championship! In case anyone wonders the Jacksonville Suns is AA minor league team for the Jacksonville FL metro area. Its their logo as my avatar "JS". My Jacksonville Jaguars also won thier first game for the regular season. They play in the AFC South Division of the NFL. Two great teams I grew up rooting for since I could remember sports. I am sure any sports fan in a major american city can relate. There are always sparks in the fall. My Suns won the World Championship in 2001. 2005 & 2009. Now they are in position to go back to back &win it all for 2010, sealing them as the team of the decade for the Southern League & AA baseball. Im just very excited. The Championship is a best of five series, meaning the team that wins 3 games first is crowned the Champions!

Coolyfetts Birthday Today!!! YaaaaaaaaaaaY

Its my birthday today! Yaaaaaay look at me!! ha ha ha I am just going to enjoy the day. Had a good work out, then a co worker came over to have sex, after I satisfied her she went home. Now Im blogging and waiting on some chinese food to be delivered. Ima sip some Coronas get a buzz and chil. I have other female friend coming over later tonight for her session of sex theorpy. All and all its been a cool birthday, Cant wait for the chinese food to get here though. I really have the munchies. No one got me a PSN card like I wanted but its cool. Im not even sure what I will buy myself for my birthday. Maybe one of the games on my wishlish...Which game should that be?

Digital Comics!

Its funny how things move in circles, I remember in my middle school years I used to read comics & play video games as my number 1 source of entertainment. When I got to high school it was all about music & girls. If I was not recording music or chasing girls at the local mall, I was with friends talking about girls or music.Its now 2010and the economy is a little shaky, being a consumer is not the wisest choice. I spend much time figuring out how not to spend and how to set money aside for rainy dates. Dont chance women likeI did in my 20s it cost too much, recording music is also an expense I cut back on. I no longer live in the city I grew up in & I am basically solo, so finding cheap entertainment isimportant for me. As people who follow me know I started back gaming in 2007, after not being a gamer since 1994,A Stripper introduced me to the PSP. The main features I saw that interest me was the gaming & music. I dont think there ever a device like the PSP.

Which brings me to my point. Last year Sony started selling comic books on the Playstation Network. What a great feature. Comics is an art that goes back so far....yet it is still a very entertaining medium if done properly. I am now back to reading comics on a regular basis & they are just as entertaining as they were to me in middle school. I have not been in a Comic shop in such a long time, I was beginning to think they did not exist anymore. Thanks to PSN i am back into a pass timeI figured I grew out of. I also feel the PSP is just as good as those Apple devices when it comes to music. I have tons of AACs & MP3s on my PSP, THAT never give me a hard time to find or play. Its funny to hear ipod user say its easier to play music on an ipod, as if it hard to do so on the PSP. Thats for a later blog though. For all those comic fans out there if you own a PSP, IPAD, IPHONE or digital comics on your device. Nintendo is still far behind on this medium..but this medium has a lot of potential.

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