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Anime and me!

Yup, Reilly has officially made two blogs back to back!  It is the sign of the Apocolypes! 

Anyways, today was a good day.  I went out to use my graduation money ($520) and so I stopped by Best Buy.  I was looking for a game for my DS or 360 and didn't find anything.  Instead I found Anime... stuff.  Yup, I decided to buy Hellsing Complete Series Box Set and Wolf's Rain Box Set 1.  YAY!  I had a hard time not buying Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex's Box Set.  It was a hundred bucks but it would SO be worth the money.  I held back though.

I also saw Eureka Seven and I thought it was the full series box set and I almost crapped myself.  Then I found out that it was actually one DVD, a t-shirt and the first manga.  I was mad.  The shirt and Manga is cool and all but I would hate to buy the DVD and then see the box set later and then get mad that I got two of the first DVD's.

Also, can anyone recommend me a good light hearted anime?  I like a funny/cute one every now and then.  Also one that is a bit more adult.  No, not hentai but a anime that earned itself a 17+ rating.  May include Lots of violence/gore and nusity and crap.  Ya, I know, haha, laugh at Reilly but I'm being honest atleast.

Thanks guys and gals!

Pokemon gets Sexy!

So I was on the Pokemon: Diamond forum (been playing it) and found a little topic that had pictures of pokeman if they were human.  I decided to throw some of my favs up here for you to see.  Enjoy it:














...Oh My....^




Do I need to say anything?^


Fishing is rewarding!^


That...That just ain't fair^


Because Pascal likes it too^


And I don't like furry^


Goth + little girl = hot


Bad Reilly!  BAD!^


Aaaaaaaw!  Cute^

Cherimu & Fuwante



More gothy hotness^




Scizor owns all Pokemon^

Pichu & Pikachu

That's cute^


I got nothin'.  Still hot.^




Remember this guy?^


That's purdy^




Nice hair.


Leaves and a thong^




Ya, I'm done for now.  Check out the rest on your own if you want.  I was lazy so I...


Update: Magikarp, use Slash attack!: Plus System Skins!


Magikarp Battle...


Click it....'Nough said...


Ok, so I was searching for a screen protector for my DS and I found a wicked good one:

Wicked Screen Protector

Ok, so I searched around the site looking for at other stuff like skins.  I found some sweet ones.  The I thought, "Ben's (Ben 10) cousin is pretty hot!"  Then I thought, "Blimy!  I could OwnXxXoRz by suggesting some of these to mah buddy's at Gamespot!"  So I am.  Hamsters!

So, since I know Pascal the most, you're first b*tch!




Ghost in the Box


Sexy Girl


Crime Scene Revisited

Ghost in the Game

Josei Girl 2

Josei 4

Josei 7

World Destroyer

PS2: More or less the same with a few differences.

Ok, Simon & Sim_.  Since I haven't gotten to know your guy's tastes, I'm not as sure about what to suggest (if you ever want one).  I will give you the link to the web page so GO WILD!


Me?  The one's that I would get are as follows:

Far Away Places

Ghost in the Game



Path to the Stars

Now, 360:

Blue Giant

Ghost in the Box

Ok, that's it.  I did WAY to much coding for the day.  I'm taking a break.  Oh, and check out the screen protector's for your handhelds.

Crap Blog #2: I'm experimenting

No, not with drugs silly.  I'm experimenting with HTML... stuff.  Yup.  I got no idea what I am talking about but I am still learning how to put stuff up like pictures.  Hmm.  TAKE THIS!

Yup.  I just felt putting that up because I could.  I'm not a Naruto fan but the show is ok pretty cool.  Hell, I don't even remember this girls name but I know she's been in the resent episodes of Naruto on Cartoon Network.  That and she's pretty hot in the picture.

Now for some really hot stuff.  This is the hottest action I have ever seen on the web.  I'm suprised this is legal!

Hot Sock Cooking Action

Wooooooeeeee!  Yeah, good stuff right there, huh?

Also, Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword.  Now to those that never played a Ninja Gaiden game or the most recent one on the Xbox; go strangle yourself.  That or buy Ninja Gaiden Black.  You at least owe yourself that much.  And to those that whine and complain that it is hard, I beat it.  Yes, it is tough but I never play really hard games.  This game only requires skill.  It is literally feels like an arcade game in 3D.  Enough about that being an incredibly amazing game, there is a DS Ninja Gaiden game coming out.  This is a good thing.  Check out the video.

Guess what? I GRADUATED!

YA!  That's right, I'M OUT OF SCHOOL!!!!  I'm a highschool grad FINALLY!

It's really weird though.  I have my life ahead of me... man.  It's a lot to soke in.  I am actually taking off a year then will be heading into collage.  I just feel I need a bit of time to breathe and relax and have a good job for the time being.  It still feels odd.

Well, right now I am going to lay back for a bit, play some videogames and ready myself for the rest of my life (in otherwords, thinking about collage).

Oh, and I'm a sausage!

So, I bought a DS

Yup, that's right.  It was very spontanious and on the spot.  I actually was looking through a gaming mag (Gamepro, bleh) and they had a section on great handheld games and there was Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney and Trauma Center: Under the Knife.  BAM!  I wanted a DS right there.  It was weird that I wanted it so bad but MAN am I happy with my purchase.  I went to Game Stop and snatched up my DS (It's black, nice huh?) and grabbed Pheonix Wright and Pokemon Diamond.

Pheonix Wright.... Ok, I got to be honest here.  Pheonix is freak'n smexy!  Seriously.  When ever he yells, "Objection!" I feel so alive and strangly aroused...  Man, you got to play it to understand but MAN, If I very would have a chance get it on with Pheonix, MmmmM, I would TOTALLY go for it.

AnYYYYYYways, Pheonix Wright is a pretty funny and quite fun.  I text heavy and very story ridden; more so than I thought it would be.  The game has you, Pheonix, meeting people, collecting clues and saving people from jail or the needle.  It's really fun yelling, "Objection!" into the mic on the DS and then seeing Pheonix yell it and then lay a smack down on everyone.  In fact, I feel like yelling, "Objection!", "Take That!" and "Hold it!" more often.

Pokemon is what you would expect.  Catch Pokemon, Woop poke ass, and catch 'em all.  It has fancy little things thrown in here and there but it honestly could have been an GBA game.  The only major difference from the old games is it is actually more 3D.  The old versions everything is flat but are givin shadows to show they are popping upward at you.  In this one the buildings, tress and everything else are actually given dimention and actually looks like everything is popping up toward you more.  Nicely done.

All in all, I'm happy with my purchase.  150 bucks and all worth it.


Ah, remember way back before Pokemon started to suck.  Ya, the days back in the first and second season of Pokemon.  Those were good times.  I remember watching the show at 7 am before school and singing the Poke Rap.  Then I would go off to school playing Pokemon Red/ Blue version at luch and recess.  I would then trade pokemon with friends and go home and play some more.  Man, I was a nerd.  But I was a happy nerd none the less.

Pokemon was a big thing in my life.  I don't know quite what it was but for some reason it was very influential.  I feel like at that point in my life it really helped me out.  See, at that time my dad had passed away (awesome guy and still miss him) and I was slipping into depression and I believe that Pokemon was a form of theropy that really helped me.  The games especially.

The games (as anyone that played them would admit) were amazing.  They could actually hold the attention of a seven year old for longer that thirty hours.  THIRTY HOURS!  Do you realize how miraculous that is?  Any ways, this game still is scarred in my mind as being one of the best things I have ever played.  I remember the music, the Missingno cheat, the legends and everything.  I still have the original guide to the Red and Blue Version of the games.  I found it when I moved out here to Florida (aka Hell).

I know this has no real point and you are probibly thinking, "You want to rape Pikachu, Don't you Reilly?" but to be honest, I just miss those days and want them back (damn those scientists and their failing at making time machines).  The best I can do now is buy the old games and play them again.  Pokemon is #1 game wise and will forever be so in my book.  So, Let's kick some ass Mewtwo!

Ed, Edd 'N Eddy

So after years of entertainment and wonderful memories, Ed, Edd 'N Eddy has come to an end.  Yes, the longest running show on Cartoon network has officially ended minutes ago.

It wasn't what I expected but I am satisfied with the ending all the same.  Edd was a brute, Ed cried, Jimmy looses it and FINALLY Eddy stands up to the Cankers.  Although not the most epic of endings, it was still funny and ended so you knew adventures rested ahead for them even without the viewers.

I salute you Ed, Edd 'N Eddy for all the good times we have had.

What the Hell Man?!

So it's me.  AGAIN!  3 times this week.  3 F*CK'N TIMES I HAVE POSTED THIS WEEK!  I"M MAD!  I'M INSANE!  SoMEOnE StoP ME!1!  I'm ok.  The tazers helped though.  Aaaaany ways, back to my post.

So, I'm watching anime (big shock) and I decide to check out a new series.  It's called Strawberry Panic (I got NO idea).  Ok, it's freaking hilarious and not on purpose.  That and it is obviously written by a guy. So it is about a girl named Nagisa and she is a new student to an all girls boarding school.  Ya, it is obvious where this is going.  So, the girl meets a girl and for no real reason she tries to kiss her and BAM she faints.  She wakes up in a bed and apparently her room mate found her in the wood and carried her t the nurses office.  So this girl is obsessed with Nagisa.  Then you find that EVERY girl in the school is a lesbian.  What the HELL?!  I mean a cute girl couple makes a good story but man, EVERY girl is a bit much.

Well, I didn't want you expecting this to be a good Blog but too bad.  Here's an awesome web comic as thanks.