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i usually ignore them for games that i only slightly enjoy. but if i really like the game, then i use these as an extra challenge to get them all. it gives good games more replay

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it's just like knothole island. quest open up as you progress in the story. maybe you are not far enough in the main story? i believe the next quest opens after you do the arena.

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ya. i generally don't get special editions. i take the discs out and put them all in a disc holder with my other games. i never see the box, so i don't care if it's plasitic, metal or even cardboard. usually any behind the scenes footage is pretty boring. it would have to be a pretty nice perk for me to spend an extra 10 bucks. i might consider it for in game items or something.
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the first few minutes reminded me of condemned too. once you get plasmids and stuff, the comparison ended for me. the first couple creepy rooms with only a wrench, and wondering where the enemy was did remind me of condemned though.
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I was very interested, but skeptical until i played the demo. I have now allowed myself to be very excited about this game.
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i say red9 with a stock is better
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nah. i have a 360, and i want the better graphics for a game like that.
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Gears of War, its funny because Rainbow Six Vegas came out the same day and I still play it, GeOW on the other hand hasn't been in the 360 since early Jan.psyko7144
my thoughts exactly
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red steel
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