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Just Finished Uncharted 2: Among Thieves!

Great game. (No spoilers just general thoughts on the game below)

Played through it on hard because im a Uncharted:Drakes Fortunecrushing-mode veteran:D

Quick impressions:

-amazing sequences (train, trucks, hotel)

-best graphics i have seen this gen (i stopped to watch the snow falling more than once, sorta of like BioShock's water)

-really enjoyed the scale of some of the puzzles

-the story kinda hit a wall near the end

Oddly i still like Uncharted: Drake's Fortune a little bitmore. I might have to wait until i play U2 on crushing, get all the treasures and the plat to see if this changes.

New Avatar

The photobucket user i got my Otto with guitar picture became inactive. So my avatar just had a bunch of words on it informing me of that lol.


Had to find a new one. For now Colbert's salute will work fine.

E3 is over but at least its back!

Watched all three conferences and all three days of live coverage.

Glad to see the good old E3 that i remember from a few years back.

Too many good games to mention but i made an effort to track the ones that really caught my attention.

Can't wait for...

PS3: BioShock 2, Gran Turismo 5 (long wait)

Wii: SMG2 and Red Steel 2

Bringing you the matter how bad it hurts

(The title is a Fallout 3 reference)

I am really happy this gen that i went out of my comfort zone and picked up some really great games i wouldn't have experienced otherwise.

- i was against shooters before. I guess it was due to growing up on Nintendo games and avoiding M rated games in general. Metal Gear Solid 2 was my first M rated game back when i was 14-15. I had this preconception that they were all about gore and blasting things in the face. And yeah that can be found, but theres really alot more freedom they can have to tell a great story.(like MGS2)

-BioShock (has made my top 3 games of all time along with SMB3 and LoZOoT)

-Call of Duty World at War (tbh i didn't ask for it but the guy at the store gave it to my dad. He asked for "Call of Duty" and the person there obviously gave him the one that cost more...w/e lol)

-Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare (i've logged in about 80 hours on this online...still gotta beat single player. I've never done that before)

-Fallout 3 (this one is pissing off most of my friends...they wanna play CoD but im busy shooting Super Mutants lol)

Im excited for BioShock 2 and heres hoping the PS3 gets some kind of DLC for Fallout 3 in the future. Oh yeah almost forgot Metroid Prime 3 needs an honourable mention since it was my first FPS. (beat it 100% as well)

***PS3 Fallout DLC confirmed :D***