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Gonna be so interesting to see the Cavs learning to play together.

I'll be interested to see if they get as much coverage as the Heat did in the 2010-11 season when they were still learning to play with each other. I remember they had a losing streak of I think 4 or 5, maybe a bit more or less, and ESPN and NBAtv and basically everywhere went apeshit over it like it was the end of their season and they needed to break it up because "the experiment failed miserably."

Can't wait for the season, yaay.

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@PSP107: Zach Randolph got suspended for punching Stephen Adams. Conley say's he's going to try to play but won't be anywhere near 100% from all indications. You take those players out and i'd put the Grizzlies odds at about 5-10% in game 7.

that shit was not a punch.

Agreed, that he was suspended because of that makes me very disappointed in this league I love. If it were games one or two, it would mean less to me. But a game seven, because of THAT? I mean, ultimately I don't care because I'm neither a Thunder nor Grizzly fan, but wow. It's just very disappointing to me.

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Always a classic.

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I came in to do what Yokofox already has, so kudos. Rest peacefully, Dr. Jack.

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It's funny when even Skip Bayless is forced to mention LeBron without a "but..." afterward.

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If you're still looking for one, we can work out a trade if you want. My SL112 character has a pure bladestone.

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God really, really hates Derrick Rose's knees.

Still, my heart goes out to Bulls fans.

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lol @Wade

That was pathetic. Oh well, don't really care.

Bandwagon confirmed.

You're the biggest moron on the board. I don't really care the Heat lost the 7th game of the REGULAR season. Somehow that doesn't make me a fan?

You have no idea what a bandwagon fan is either. Which doesn't surprise me since you can't spell, seem uneducated, and have a consistent boner every time I post here. Nobody likes you. Go crawl back into your mom's basement and load up on tissues you pathetic cock muncher.


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Well, less see how the Clippers look with a competent coach.

They looked incredible. /impressed

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[QUOTE="No_Hablo_Ingles"][QUOTE="Conscrumptured"][QUOTE="No_Hablo_Ingles"] Veteran Leadership role filled?

Wasn't Camby the one feuding with McHale back in 2012 when he was on the Rockets? Maybe I'm thinking of somebody else. I thought a key reason Camby left was because he didn't get along with the coach.

That was Lowry. Lowry wass upset McHale didn't give him his starting job back right away after he missed a month of the season and Dragic played great. Camby and McHale got along great. Key reason he left Houston (despite him wanting to come back because his daughter goes to school in Houston) is because Camby didn't want to be part of a rebuilding process, and at the Rockets were rebuilding... our best players were Scola and Kevin Martin... now it's Dwight and James Harden.

Lowry, that's right. My bad. Thanks for clearing that up, I thought it was Camby for some reason.