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Well, that was fun.

The Devils started off well and actually led in the Eastern conference after twenty games, but all was naught in the end after Brodeur was injured, and then Kovalchuk, and the rest of the team decided not to give a damn.


Anyway, basketball's left. Huzzah to playoffs.

A disappointing end.

As many as would claim the officiating was suspect in game six--which it was, but it has been all playoffs, as it always is--that isn't what ended the Devils' hope of pushing to game seven: it was their lackluster penalty kill, and minutes early, it was Bernier's careless boarding call that was just so stupid, it makes my head hurt.

Should the officials have called the Stoll penalty on Gionta? Yes. Did they? No. Missed calls are part of the game, and Bernier should never have been that idiotic. But oh, well.

We made it to the Finals, and it was a wonderful series to watch the Devils climb back into it and force a game six, first time since '45 Red Wings. Not much else to say.

It'll be interesting to see how many Devils fans boo Bernier next season, assuming he's still with us. Especially because Bernier was part of the fourth line that fueled the Devils during the Flyers series as well as the Rangers series, and little bit during the Panthers. We'll see.

Second round, at last.

It took them five years, but the Devils finally made it out of the quarterfinals; it took them a series against the Florida Panthers, a team widely considered more inferior, but anybody who watched those game would know that the postseason Panthers didn't exactly reflect the regular season Panthers, as is generally the case in sports; and it took them double-overtime in the seventh game, but still. They made it.

Their next matchup against the Flyers is going to be tough. They've had a better season against the Flyers than they've had in recent seasons, but I'm still nervous. If their goaltender--who was less than stellar in most of the series against Pittsburgh--still struggled, we have more than a chance to win the series; but if he's on his game, well. We need our offense, then, and Marty to turn back the clock and become the goaltender he was in game seven against the Panthers.

But regardless, I'm happy. The Devils go beyond the first round, in a postseason that's seen the Canucks, the Bruins, the Penguins, and the Red Wings all eliminated. Very surprising, but that's playoff hockey. And if getting to the second round convinces Parise that we're still a competitor, then it was worth it. Well, it was already worth it; but I still hope Parise resigns.

Now, NBA and NHL both go strong into the playoffs. Playoff games every night, it's an excellent time to be a sports fan.

The Devils and their climb out of despair.

Last season was the New Jersey Devils' first not to include the playoffs since the '95-'96 regular season, and even though the second half far outshined their first half, they still came up short and met an early exit.

This year, we can hope with Parise being healthy, and the inexperience of John MacLean--though he wasn't the only to blame, not at all--is behind the team, and they can rush out with an early boost once the season starts. It's what I hope for, anyway. Jesus, yes.

That's about it, then. They had their first preseason game last night, a 2-1 victory over the Rangers. With the NBA this season becoming less and less likely, I'm really hope for a hockey season that doesn't lend itself to disappointment every time they play a damned game.

Oh, and I hope you're all doing well. Stay safe.

Dead Space. The second one.

It's not everyday I go running down a hall backwards with screaming Necromorphs on my trail, firing at their thighs and shoulders and then stomping to dismember the rest of them in order to obtain such valuables as ammunition, money, or even stasis packs; but when I do, I drink Dos Equis.

Oh, and I'm liking this game.

Putting the Heat on Cleveland

I've said from the start that I don't much care for the Heat, but I don't hate them either; the team I follow has always been the Boston Celtics. But even I will be watching tomorrow when the Heat arrive in Cleveland to play the Cavaliers, not only to see how LeBron reacts to the heat (no pun intended), but also to see how the fans will react to LeBron.

I understand them booing him incessantly, but it'll be interesting to see how many try to physically harm the man; and if even one person attempts to, it's obvious that people -- more importantly: sports fans -- are nutso.

Either way, the night is going to be interesting.