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the Aus postal service is still slow and although play asia as posted my games it hasn't come in the last week (posted on sunday last week). come on!

i went to the store to buy professor layton becuase i got so sick of waiting mighthave to sell one copy on ebay.

man i got to catch up on my gaming because i have like 4 or 5 games that i haven't finished from xmas and there is a flood of games that i have to pick up in march.

Happy gaming every one



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you know what really ticks me slow preorders.

i mean i preordered Assassins creed Altairs chronicles, Professor layton (of course) and apollo justice.

and the only thing that has stopped my order from coming is the fact that apollo justice isn't in stock yet because i bought them in a bundle.

i paid about $140 for this and it still hasn't been shipped and it ships from like hong kong so it might be a week before i get them even when they do send then, i was tempted to buy all the games again in my local game store just so i could play them a week before they would get them to me from i definatly wont be buying from them again

New year

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Hey, its been a long year with so many great games that have come and gone, hell im still rounding up the lot of games that i didn't finish last year, such as Rune factory, this is a fun sim but it gotlet dont by the combat Even though it was good i didnt like the idea of being helped by your monsters in battle because they didn't really do much anyway,except die.

Another Game is Picross, sure it fun but i just haven'e had enough time to go back and mull my way through it, the problem is that with no story and no engaging gameplay (some people would argue that) it doesn't have any play purposes other than to kill time, and with so many games coming out this year ive had a shortage of time.

bless me father for i have sinned, what was the sin you ask: not getting New super mario bros. i have been avoiding this game for so long, finally ive reserved a copy and am going to pick it ip this morning. i had the game and started playing but the cardwent missingi consiouly made the decision to get it a while back but withthe dismal amount of DS games in stores since the holiday season it hasn't been in any shops.

But think of the amount of games coming out this year and try not to wet yourself with excitement, firstly i am crazy about Proffesor layton it looks awesome with voice overs and puzzles galore i think ill have a lot of fun playing this one, next on my wishlist is Ninja gaiden dragons sword, this one has been moved back to March which totally sucks but i guess you cant have everythid can you. Next up it is Assassins creed this is finally coming out on DS but ubisoft is really tight lipped about this game, not even any screen shots, i suspect that it may be a smaller version of the original (i hope) but i suspect that it may just be a cheap spin off that sports the same name.

Next is Ninja town this game is based off characters from a clothing line but dont let that throw you off it look like a geniunly funny and smart game there's a teaserupon gametrailers, check itout.

Gotta go, Connor


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Hey Everybody, if there was one game that i would buy on the DS it would be a compilation of all the games on, it think that it would be awesome, is right know my fav online gamesite because i love the 16 bit retro look that they make their games with, another awesome feat would be if it was played in book style like brain age 2. i would definatley buy that game. if you haven't all ready seen it go there now!

Phantom Hourglass rated 7th best game of the year

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Phantom Hourglass ranks at 7 on Time's top 10 games of 2007 list

Posted Dec 11th 2007 5:00PM by David Hinkle
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Frankly, we're shocked. Number 7 is a very respectable spot for any game, considering we're talking about the 10 best games of the year, but come on. This isThe Legend of Zelda The Phantom Hourglasswe're talking about here, folks. It's an amazing title and arguable the best in what has been an amazing year full of quality titles on the DS. Heck, this time of year, we can't think of a better gift than a Phantom hourglass bundle.

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2 best games

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I think that there are 2 must have DS games that every body from your grandma to your niece should have, here they are:

1. New Super Mario Bros.

Price range: $40 AUD on Ebay to $60-70 AUD in game stores.

Ok this game i can speak with some authority on because i have finished it about 10 times! That is how good it is!

My belovedGame spot gave this game a BIG 9.0 that was an understatement; i think that inmy book it should have scored 9.5! this isone of the best games that i have ever played on the DS. its super fun, the mushroom that enlarges you to the size of the entire screen kinda kills the fun because thenyou can just run through the level with no resistance whatsoever! you just stomp onenemies and smash through bricks and i canbet my wallet that if use it you'll miss a ton of secret areas and other cool stuff! i ended up avoiding this power up. on the other hand the mushroom that shrinks youcouldn't have been in better taste, i can't tell you how fun it is to walk around being the size of a matchbox and getting into nooks and crannies that you could when you were bignot to mention being able to run on water! woot!! One thing that I really like about this game is the 3-D graphics even though it's a side scrolling game, just because its side scrolling doesn't mean it doesn't have to upgrade like all the other games and this is some thing that game developers don't seem to get e.g. Castlevania would be a way better game in 3-D! this game is without a doubt a fun game and if you don't cut corners then this game will be in your DS for Weeks!

2. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Price range: $40 AUD on Ebay to $80 AUD in game stores.

Right lets get down to business. This game is sweet as your Grandma, it is absolutely brilliant!

Games spot gave this game a big fat 9.1 and an editors choice award that it totally deserved, I know what your thinking but New Super Mario Bros only got 9.0 well it a matter of what you like I think that most ordinary people would prefer New Super Mario Bros over Phantom Hourglass. This is because Phantom Hourglass is a little bit more into the puzzle genre and some non-gamers might find it hard to adjust to this kind game play, that is not to say that the puzzles in this game aren't brilliant, they are awesome and what ultimately rose this game to 2nd on my game list is that they aren't to hard, by this I mean that you can get through them with out a walkthrough and that is something that I found hard in previous games in the series. If your looking for a game that has brilliant graphics look no further, the games cartoony art style makes this game cool looking and charming it is easily one of the best looking games on the DS to date, also this game is played entirely with the stylus don't be put off this is a good thing with pin-point accuracy, and now you can plot the course of your boomerang! Woot !! So this is the sequel to Wind-Waker on the game cube, but don't worry if you didn't play Wind-Waker, Phantom Hourglass brings you up to speed at the start on the game with a cute cut scene made with some cut-outs presented by a pirate. This is a game that is good for all the family. Phantom Hourglass scores a Big Fat 9.3 in my book.

I hope that this guide has given you an hint about what games to buy. Happy gaming.