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Ubisoft, how did you do that?

Watch Dogs, was announced last night (or yesterday afternoon depending on your time zone) and it could not look more interesting. Ubisoft has done well to mask this, hopeful, gem of gaming. I for one cannot wait to see more of it in action. Tomb Raider also didn't disappoint - at the Microsoft press conference - with an action packed demo that raises more questions than it actually answers. Resident Evil 6 was rather lacklustre in its presentation but the new trailer gave us a broad glimpse into the story arc of the game. It looks a lot deeper than any other Resident Evil title I have played.

Does anyone agree or disagree with me? Did Watch Dogs not float your boat? Did Tomb Raider confuse you? Or Did Resident Evil 6's trailer leave you feeling disappointed? Leave a comment below.

Exams Done, Cannibal Loose and Babies Getting Tumbled...

An eventful week has just passed us. For me my exams are finished (finally) and in the recent news a man has been reportedly seen running around naked eating homeless peoples faces off. Also in the news, a babysitters boyfriend supposedly put a baby in a washing machine.

Eventful to say the least...

What I Need to See by the End of the Year!!!

There are so many films that I need to catch up on and that I badly want to see. They are:

-The Avengers

-Snow White and the Huntsman

-Men in Black 3


-The Dictator

-The Pact


I'm sure there's more, I just can think of them all right now. What films do you guys want to see this year? Any from my list above?

Life doesn't necessarily lead to a successful future...

Once again exams have overtaken my every being. I feel like I eat, breathe and sleep schoolwork and there's nothing that can be done about it. I have also taken the conscious decision not to purchase any gaming products between now and the 30th of May (when examinations have finished).

I have previously posted about exams before, however, they were less important. The current ones will help determine whether or not I am eligible for entry into university and are paramount in mapping my future life.

Currently I have to sit:




-P.E (yes that is a real subject)


Wish me luck guys, signing off for the next month...

I HAVE MONEY... and a dilemma ?!

Here's the thing, you know when you have 900MS points, but there's about 50 (slight exaggeration) things you wish to buy. I need advice on the following, and also which is the more favourable choice:

  • The Simpsons Arcade
  • Gotham City Imposters
  • Dead Island's Ryder White Campaign
  • Genki Bowl? (SR3)
  • Ms Splosion Man

(FYI - Any new games/DLC that people think I would be interested in, are welcome to recommend them) ;D

2012 Message

Hope the New Year has been treating you all well the past two days?

It's past the time now but I might as well say it "We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!" :D

So which games are you most looking forward to this 2012?

Dead Island, 'SELLING WELL' (unfortunate for some)

Yes like many others today, I found it hard to find and purchase a copy of the highly anticipated and, what seems now, rare Dead Island. After only a week of release, Dead Island has sold over 1 million copies so far. Congrats are in order for the developers not so much congrats though for the consumer. Today I went to the most popular, local, game store in my area (thinking that "after a week they must have stocked up") apparentley not. The online sites didn't serve much purpose either, as they were asking me to pay way over the RRP (recommended retail price). Although HMV a lifesaver as far as i'm concerned managed to sell the game at a better than acceptable price. So I bought it, and my copy should arrive within the week..... Thank You HMV!!!

Final Destination (makes you take that extra bit of care, whilst living)

So I have just come back from the movies, and me and my mates went to see "Final Destination 5" (yes there really is another one........ and no! it's probably not going to be the last). So the film was good, obviously not a cinematic masterpiece but all the more enjoyable with creative and surreal death scenes they just keep coming up with. The acting is mediocre as per ususal in Final Destination films. But the 3D effects were blood on your face insane (literally). My favourite of all death sequences was "the impaling of a girl on a sail boat mast" you are watching the girl fall from above so you can imagine how good it looked in 3D. I will not reveal anymore of the deaths, as they are the best parts of the movie. However I will say this:- If you want a film that has some good laughs, plenty of jumpy and cringing moments of terror and don't really mind about serious acting, then this will undoubtedly be for you. Which is why I am giving "Final Destination 5" a respectable 3.5/5 stars :D

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