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**** ****** (aka Censorship)

I agree with a lot of others in that Gamespot has gotten a lot stricter recently. I'm pretty sure that it wasn't actually a conscious decision made by the site, but rather a unanimous desire for power among the mods. I lost an entire level for something that was actually nothing, then got moderated for reporting a mod that was bragging about how many posts he had deleted. Lame...

I have some mixed feelings over the ban on fads over at OT. On one hand, it's good that we won't have a page full of "There's a (insert Star Wars character) in front of my house" threads, but the mods went too far banning some of the more harmless expressions. One of the first times this happened was a while ago when "buttsecks" was banned. In retrospect, that seemed somewhat justified. "Do a barrel roll" can sometimes get annoying, but is it so bad that you would really want to see someone suspended for it?

First day of school..

Okay, it wasn't that exciting, but it was pretty good. This is my senior year, and I've got a few good classes. I'm also Sr. Class President and that's going to be awesome.

Edit: It's not that awesome

How was your first day of school? If it hasn't happened already, when do you have to go back? What grade are you in? What games are you interested in this fall? Find out all this and more in the comments section...

Well, at least I'm better than my friends

I've been playing Guitar Hero II on the 360 for a long time now. I still think it's the best game on the Xbox 360, but it's really hard and it can sometimes get frustrating. I know that I'll never be able to get my career score into the top 100, but that doesn't mean that I'm not good at it, does it? It seems like these online leaderboards in the new generation of video games adds a whole new level of difficulty to games. Now you don't only have to worry about beating the game, you have to make sure you can score as highly as possible so that you can rank highly. That's probably fun for the people in the top hundred, but the rest of us are kind of left out. What's the point of raising your rank from 10,990 to 10,810? I'll try and stop being so self-concious about all this leaderboard business and actually enjoy the games. I'm better than my friends, and I guess that's all that really matters.

Level 30

Finally. This is one of my greater Gamespot achievements in recent history. I'm not sure how I actually levelled up since I was gone all weekend long. I think my brother may have been on my Gamespot account while I was gone... Oh well. Flagstaff was nice. The weather up there is perfect, which is the complete opposite of the rest of Arizona. It made me look forward to moving East even more. I also changed my sig again. Midnight Brown is awesome. I think they'll be the subject of Part 2.

Also, Dirty Dancing is one of the most overrated movies ever. Why do people even like it? The acting is horrible, the plot is ridiculous, and the girl isn't very attractive. You Got Served was better, and that movie's a pile of crap.

Better Know a Conanfan Part 1

A lot of you know me from the forums, but the forums can sometimes be a very impersonal experience. I decided to start a sort of feature in my blog that would allow me to reveal more about myself and encourage others to do the same. I will start off this week by talking about one of my favorite tv shows and why I like to watch it.

Late Night With Conan O'Brien

Sexiest man alive?

Conan O'Brien. Funniest man alive? Maybe. Sexiest man alive? Definitely. Although, I'm a straight male, there's something about Conan that makes me watch his show every night. This can sometimes be problematic since it makes waking up for school a bit difficult, but I I'll be changing that anytime soon. My first introduction to Late Night was back in the early 2000's when Comedy Central still showed Conan and SNL reruns. I would watch SNL every day after school and then quickly change the channel afterwards when Conan's intro sequence began to play. One day, however, fate intervened.

As I sat there watching Conan ride his bike through New York, I frantically searched for the remote. Since I couldn't find it, I had no other choice than to keep watching. I was surprised at how funny his show really was. His interaction with Max, his "zany, off the wall comedy skits," and talent around guests are what have kept me watching him for several years.

This one was pretty simple. Anybody could have guessed what my favorite show is, but I wanted to go into why that is. Let me know what your favorite show is and maybe even leave a suggestion for the subject of the next part.

Bye Rich

As everyone already knows, Rich Gallup is leaving Gamespot. I've been crying non-stop for the last couple of days but I stopped just long enough to listen to his last episode of the Hotspot. I thought it was only fitting that the last phone call was about porn, actually, the whole thing should have just been about porn. Rich is awesome. I'll miss the eyebrow. My theory about his eyebrow is that it's a scar from when he leaned in too close to the television while watching Emanuelle In Space. Bye Rich, I hope to see you as a tv game show host someday.

Blog Post Count +1

My first ever job interview is tomorrow. I didn't want a job, but this past E3 made me realize that there's no way I would ever be able to afford all the games I want to play without one. I don't particularly care for Gamestop employees, but that's where the interview is. Judging from the caliber of other people they've hired before, I see no reason why I wouldn't get it. Well, I guess there is the fact that I have no previous experience and I will be going back to school in a couple of weeks, but I hope they can see past that.

In other news, an empty amusement park is the most depressing sight ever.

OT would be ashamed

That's right. I now own an article of clothing from American Eagle. I was at the mall earlier because I needed to buy some shoes, when I accidentally wandered into their store. I had no intention of buying anything until I realized that I was going to need something to wear for a dinner thing later on. I always feel uncomfortable when looking for clothing, and American Eagle was no exception. I found a shirt that I thought was pretty decent looking and I got back out of there. I'm not sure why, but I've seen a lot of animosity towards AE whenever the topic of clothing comes up. I might just have to go to Hollister next.