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New Vid today

yeah im putting up a vid as i am typing right now...its operation ground and pound and i romp all over that mother licka

ZOMG new vid

yeah im putting up a vid as i am typing right now...its operation ground and pound and i romp all over that mother licka

New Vid in a week

Well hopefully this isn't official but HOPEFULLY i will have a new vid up by next week. Sorry haven't been here in a while. I've had track and next week is JV conference so I'll be done then. So back to the video. Im not doing a new song in GH3 but Im gonna replay TTFAF again. About an hour ago I started practicing tapping the intro and in about 10 min of practice(dont know how I got so good so fast) i got a 62 NS on Full Speed. So expect a vid soon. See ya.

SSBB First Impressions

This is gonna be a short blog. The game is pretty much sweet. Im still getting used to it though. Love how many characters and levels there are. The adventure mode is a little strange but so far this game is kick ace. So see ya.

Rock Band: First Impressions

Well I got Rock Band yesterday and played it a lot. I also played it all night last Saturday at my brother college. And well heres what I've thought of it so far...lets break it down: Guitar- Well the guitar in my opinion is TOO just isn't fun playing because i dont know whats going on. The songs on expert are way easy and the note charts just seem...well weird. Drums- This is why i got the game. They kick ass. I can only play on Medium and Hard so far. There really fun... Singing- Lol...who sings. Well overall I like this game a lot. The drums are really fun and this game is really fun to play with friends. I would suggest getting this game if you have bank. But if you buy it for the guitar...ur a dumb ass. Yeah.

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Anounced and new DLC (Dream On)

Well Guitar Hero: Aerosmith was announced a couple days ago...and well that is gay Its $50 dollars and its all the same band. Im definitly not buying this new expansion pack. Well today a new free DLC came out. Its Dream On by Aerosmith and its not a cover. If you have XBL download this...its only on the market for 2 days. So heres my review for the song. I FC'ed it (100%) on my first try. Its really easy and the song sounds weird. They changed the guitar a little so its loud and sounds like yeah...


Just some awesome vids i will be making soon...also if you want me to make a vid of something tell me and i might do it Before I Forget 5*- Ive been forgetting about this one! GET IT!!! LOL OMG! No More Heroes Boss Battles 1,2,3,4,&5- Dont want to do all 10 No More Heroes Video Review???

ConMan09's B-DAY!!

So yeah today was my birthday and heres what i got: Wii Mote No More Heroes iPod TOUCH!!!! Candy ...and my favorite!... HOMEWORK FROM SCHOOL! : D

No More Heroes-Birthday Present

Well I got to open 1 present early(my b-days tomorrow) and I opened.... NO MORE HEROES! So far I've beat the first level and the game is pretty sweet so far. Well yeah...thats pretty much it for now...I might put up a vid of me playing some time. EDIT: I've decided I will make a video of each boss. So there will be 10 videos. So that means I have to replay the first mission...o well.