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Finally Back

I have finally returned from a string of trips and may actually get back into doing some more second-opinion reviews for certain games. Hopefully ill be able to spend some more time on the site and start talking to all you guys again. Looking forward to the future! -Me.

And yes, Grimmson 2, I AM working on our agreement. I'll get around to it. Eventually.

Eras Missed By Games

For the past few years, most games released on consoles have been set in the standard, common, and what developers believe to be more enjoyable periods to put the setting of a game in. Not that I'm saying another WW2 shooter doesn't hurt every once in awhile, but come on. We've seen medieval combat, world war 2, modern combat, and the future predominantly in most shooters. Just throwing the idea out there that you could start putting some games in Vietnam, Korea, WW1, Civil War, heck, maybe even the Crusades. I do realize that there have been games set in these time periods, but most were total flops. (Shellshock, Darkest of Days, etc.) It would just take a determined effort by a developer and some creative minds to make these eras work. You could put an FPS in Vietnam with Hueys ferrying people around the map, tanks, artillery, and all the good guns you could want. You could put a strategy-type game in World War 1. I've personally always wanted to see a flight sim in the Korean War, and you could stick an RTS in the Civil War. Let's see some new stuff!


I'll be writing reviews soon of some of my favorite xbox 360 games, so if you'd like to check them out I think there's a link at the bottom of the page. I may move to some of my PC games afterward. Cheers, all. -ComradeGiraffe

Me,Myself, And I

This blog is basically another about me page for all those people who are too lazy to press that about me button. First, my picture is a hammer&sickle because Command and Conquer Red Alert 3's Soviet Faction is probably the most fun thing to do on the 360, (who wouldn't love hammer tanks and sickle anti-infantry? and I love almost any kind of strategy game or flight sim. I'm working on getting my pilot's liscense, so planes, games, and friends are a big thing to me. Feel free to PM me your Gamertag if you would like. I also have my share of FPS's (Cod4 and Battlefield) just to play with friends. Why does no one understand you have to work as a team on a first person shooter!? Ergh. Excuse me. If you want to talk or know more, post away. I'll be starting other blogs soon and hope to be on the forums. Cheers, all. :) -ComradeGiraffe P.S. Why it had to be a Giraffe? I don't know. Stop asking. They're cool. Period.