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All Street Fighter (Including movie...)

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So...I got the SF4 Collector's Edition...twice! Yeah, I first bought from Capcom but they had it in backorder so I tried to cancel and went to a store and picked it up. The next day they emailed me say that the order had been shipped. So now I have two copys of SF4. I will see if I can sale it on ebay or something...

Anyways, I have be playing it every chance I get. Its so fun and online battle are great...even though I lose about 85% of the time. So after I get sick of losing a bunch, I switch to COD4 and start kicking but which makes me feel better.

My charater I have been trying to master is C. Viper. I just think she is so cool and classy. Besides her, I will just switch off charaters and get the basic of all the others. My skills with Ryu, Sakura, and of course Dan are getting there...but I STILL CAN'T DO SHORUKEN! I just can't get the concept of forward, down, lower corner.

I like the stuff that came with the Collector's Edition. It came with the soundtrack (the cool themes), the anime (good dubbing but they didn't even try lipsyncing, also you get more story in it than the whole game), and the figure (C.Viper: Small but can go along side my Street Fighter Energy Drink with Ken on the cover!)

Finally...Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li. Its okay...but the movie industry thinks that they must add some wierd stuff to make it true to the video game (In this movie it was mostly just the lame M.Bison origins). Okay first! Chun-Li was a interpol agent in the game and here she is a know what? I am just going to rundown all the things quickly, just like ripping a bandade off: M. Bision is Irish, Balrog doesn't wear boxing gloves, Vega has a retarded mask, Rose is Bision's daughter?, Nash Charlie is an Interpol agent that is horny and doesn't fight, and the actor that plays Gen was Lu Kang from the original Mortal Kombat movies (I just thought that was funny!). So the movie was okay...but it was as okay as Max Payne.

And finally: Cammy in her alternate costume from Street Fighter 4! Yes, even my new drawing is Street Fighter related.

Still Need To...

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First! This is GAMEspot and I never talk much about games, here is a quick rundown:
Yakuza 1 - Fun and cool beat em up game, love the setting... I also bought Yakuza 2 but still need to beat the first one.

Eternal Poison - I will be honest, I got it for the artbook...yeah, yeah. The game isn't half bad, its just kinda ugly looking, the graphics I mean, the art is cool. Still need to beat.

Beyond Good and Evil - Fun adventure game. Haven't really played one like this since Zelda...Still need to beat.

Prince of Persia - Like the art and I guess I like the simplicity of the gameplay...Still need to beat.

Chrono Trigger - Like the story and stuff...Still need to beat

Persona 4 - I love it....I don't really want to type a lot of why I love it...okay fine! I like the art, story, characters, and music...I have had the game since release but have just started playing it. Still need to beat.

Call of Duty 4 - I just wanted to mention: I beat it in Veteran!! (Including the Mile High level)...but I still need to find all the intel to get all 1000 achievement points. So yeah...Still need to beat!

As you can see I have yet to beat a game for about a month which sucks...ANYWAYS let me show you my new pictures!

Prince and Elika - Yeah, you thought I didn't draw video game stuff huh?

Persona 4...I actually did this one before I even laid a hand on the game. I am sorry if this is kinda spoiler zone.

My B-Day, Xbox Live, and My Stuff

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Well today is my Birthday and yes I'll even tell you how old I am...21, yep I am getting old starting...NOW. :P Anyways for my bday I bought myself some stuff.

Gurren Laggan with the drills sticking out!

And let me tell you, the box says you can do all this cool poses but it took me about a half-hour for this pose. The main reason was cause the drills are sharp and pointy. :P But the figure is built very well.

Kyo from Fruits Basket. Why you ask? Cuz I likes it! :D And it was also five buck! :P It also came with a card. Don't know who she is yet.

Okay I had some pictures of my other figures I got (Fullmetal Alchemist set) but the pictures sucked so I just skipped it and went to my final picture with all of them. My total cost: Around $55.

Also I have finally gotten into manga. I really wanted to read books again but nothing interested me. Saw the manga section and remembered the Fullmetal Alchemist manga had a different story path than the show and a bunch of things were different so I got vol 1 and have been enjoying reading them so far. I also got Fruits Basket one because the anime never concluded. I got the Chobits...well I got the vol 2 from Anime Vegas and I went out looking for vol 1 so I could read vol 2 and I will be finishing it at a later date. And I got the Phoenix one because I really like the game. This is more of a collection of mini adventures/trials with all the crew from the games. Its cool because each story was written by a different people and its also drawn differently. So Phoenix's look can change from one page to the next.

Also I am finally on Xbox Live! I rented COD4 and managed to get my rank up to LVL 34, Major, in one week (I rock! :P). I also downloaded some demos:

N+ : A must for me. Why? The music and the simple gameplay (Or is it?) :P I even bought the Way of the Ninja song from the game on Amazon (Got for free actually, thank you Pepsi)

REZ HD: Another must. Why? The freakn music and how it is all blended with the game!

Puzzle Quest: I like it but I only played it for a little while before I make my final judgement.

Mirror's Edge demo: This game is cool! I like how you a just a runner and not some space marine going around killing like crazy. Yeah, i like nontraditional FPS.

Endwar demo: The voice thing works, no way huh!? But its still kinda hard to control your troops. Still thinking on getting it though.

Naruto: Broken Bond demo: Hey this is an improvement from the first and I like it so I will be getting it. More detail and with a team, it adds to the world.

Also I made a new blog header and profile bar. Its just I found some cool pictures that I wanted to show. What do you guys think?

My new pic says Meow...err Hi!

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Happy Halloween!

And to celebrate, I made a special picture!

(Click on picture to see it even bigger!!)

:D Anyways I now am up on Xbox Live! I have been enjoying playing COD4. I also downloaded Mirror's Edge this morning and I really like it! I am now totally getting it on day one.

:P I'll post a bigger update on Monday...on my BDAY! Yay for me!

Yoko Littner (My new drawing)

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Had to shrink it down. Link to see bigger version. This is Yoko Littner from Gurren Lagann.

Uh...I am enjoying fall break right now and still haven't made changes to my profile. Hey but at least I am about to (Finally) beat the first Phoenix Wright game!


I hope this works:

Bigger picture for Gamespot!

Level 33: Goombella

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Yep! I leveled up! Uh...I don't know what a Goombella is but this picture helps (found on Mario Wiki).

Anyways I have been going to school and slacking off during my days off work new picture but just you wait! I started a new one that will be very sweet (Well I think so :P). On another note, I have been watching Gurren Lagann on Ani-Mondays on SciFi and I TOTALLY LOVE THE SHOW! The story, the art, the characters, and the sweet, sweet action really make this show stand out for me! I also played and beat Indigo Prophecy which was interesting and I liked it. Also I got Yakuza 1 and 2 and I am really like the first one a lot. It has a great story and its funny how they implemented random battles ("HEY, I don't like you, lets fight!". :P Also I have been playing Advance Wars: Days of Ruin again and have just been crushing all! :D

Also I will be going to be changing my page with different pictures. As you can see I am kinda testing stuff with my blog header but I noticed that the changes take time which is bad because I wont know if something is broke.

Note: This time I wont take a month to post again! Just you wait! I wont get distracted with new games...anime (A bunch of anime I want is coming)...oh I want to buy XP for my Mac Laptop...OH! Since its almost Halloween, the haunted house out here are now open (I think) and i want to go to one...also the corn mazes! Uh what was suppose to do again?...oh my homework!

:P Yeah life is atleast picking up but I just need to be much better at managing my time. :D

I know its late: Anime Vegas!

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Okay, Anime Vegas happened during the Labor Day weekend and I decided to travel 350 miles (5hrs) to Vegas just for it...PICTURES!

Charzard drinking a coke

Charzard about the use headbutt! (:P I don't know how the panel that started as a welcome became a one on one pokemon battle)

The Gurren Laggen Crew

Uh...Sailor...dude...yeah, next!

The group LYV played

Then Eyeshine with Johnny Yong Bosch

Oh and Travis Willingham (Roy Mustang(FMA))

Ahh! So many Final Fantasy fans!

Lauar Bailey (Shin (Shin Chan), Lust (FMA), Toru Honda (Fruits Basket) and err....(I'll update this)

Johnny's panel was the last at the con and he and his band played at the end of the panel

[Don't have a picture]

It was sweet, he even made up a song on the spot and it was funny! The Yaoi Song. Part 1 and Part 2 Here another angle and full but lower quality. Link

Anyways back here's the total miles I drove (From my house to Vegas) I took a picture

I also won the Sailor Scout Badge (No not like the other guy! :P) It was this thing were you went to certain panels and got stickers. In the end they drew your name out and you could win a cool pack full of stuff. I won one of the packs and it came with a movie (metropolis), a manga (Chobits Vol 2 not vol 1 but 2 so I when I got home I went out looking for vol 1, some cool poster of hell girl, a plush of...something and Tale of Vespira, which is an awesome game!

So this is my stuff I got signed and won

Yes, I did get frames for the posters I also took my Devil May Cry 4 special edition to get signed

My personal favorite

The poster scroll also has Derek Prince (Uryu) sign but its kinda light.

All in all, it was a great experince for me...oh yeah:

Revy from Black Lagoon

My new pic! :D Also just for fun:

This is Koromaru from Persona 3...well in chibi form.

Red Alert 3 and Still Alive video...

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Hey, I will be posting a(n) big update (I hope) soon...but first I found this cool video and it kinda reminded me why I am Comrade Crash! :P


This is trailer showing the talent in the game...just remixed. EA is really keeping true to the Red Alert and making it over the top.

I also found this cool Still Alive video (If your not sick of the song yet :P I'm not!). Kinda like the ASCII version but clean like the Aperture place in the game


Also on a final note: I noticed that my videos have over a thousand views, which is awesome! Want to see which one has a little over 6000!?

Yes...another one (Drawing)

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Yep, I whipped this up in two days. I guess I was feeling creative (And I had a day off from work). :P This one I made this one more stylized. Its based off the new Bleach opening that premiered here in the States.

I also went to watch Star Wars: Clone Wars. The battles were cool but the story...really was okay... I don't know, I also thought the animation was really robotic compared to other 3D animated movies.

My Drawing and Now Playing

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First I made this V from this ^

So anyways I haven't been around much because of my internet at home but I think I have it working properly. Okay, so this what I have been playing:

Soul Calibur 4: Very fun in a big screen! Characters are so super sized!

Shadow Of The Colossus: Cool! Fighting creatures so huge is very interesting.

Psychonauts: Very Funny and a fun platform!

Overlord: Fun and funny! A better version of Fable.