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Growing Up In Games

Well, it's been a year since my last post..

I've kinda faded from the GS scene, though I've still been browsing blogs and posts once in a while. I even find it kind of hard to write this blog I've been gone so long.

I've certainly been busy in the past year. I'm learning more about myself, what I'm passionate about and who I want to be. Its funny how much someone can change in a year (especially a teenager). My taste in games is definitely growing I'd say. Looking back at how I've grown with video games always a part of my short life brings the question to my mind; how has gaming shaped who i am today?

I think when many people think of "learning from games" they associate education with just facts and textbook knowledge. Many gamers know and feel the affect gaming has had on their life, but to many people, gaming remains a mindless hobby. Even though gaming is becoming more popular and part of our culture, it remains detrimental to society in the minds of many.

Until I was 10, playing video games was only experienced at a friend or relative's house. The idea of owning a console was not even talked about in my household. However, one day my mother came home with that purple box called the gamecube. From the gamecube i got that classic "just have fun experience" from games like SSB: Melee and Mario. Some of my fondest memories were bringing my gamecube to my best friends house to have a good melee.

Eventually, the gamecube became too juvenile for my brother and I. We decided to move to the big boy toy, the XBOX. This was a whole new world of games. No longer were we buying Mario, we were buying Brothers in Arms, Fable, and Call of Duty. This console showed my love for story and characters. Games like KOTOR and Fable taught me how to get into tales of adventure, betrayal, and even love.

When the XBOX became outdated, we naturally upgraded to the Xbox 360. The shiny graphics and clear sound blew me away. Playing The Elder Scrolls : Oblivion for hours upon hours was great. Delving deep into Tamriel showed me a world of fantasy, adventure, and freedom i had never seen before. Even still i was looking for that definitive experience that I had with KOTOR and Fable. I happened to find that in some weird space game my brother bought called Mass Effect. Mass Effect opened my ears to truly great story, music, and dialogue. The series still remains my favorite collection of games.

Now, sitting at my gaming rig I built using the money I earned from landscaping over the summer, I reflect on my love and passion for games. I feel gaming has helped me become an individual from my peers. It's not that I've become detached from society, rather that I'm bringing my experiences into society. Video games will continue to shape who I am for years to come, because gaming isn't something to grow up from anymore, it's something you grow with and something that grows with you.

Remember Me??


I haven't posted in forever!


I was gone most of the summer, had football. and slept.A lot. But if your reading this thank you!!

Anyway, so in the past few months, I have patiently been awaiting the only game i have preorderd for the fall season. SKYRIM!!!! But in the mean time, I've had a bad gaming habit. Most of the fault goes to myself, but also to that darn Steam store! You ever buy a new game, play about 3/4-1/2 through and then start a new game?? Well i've been doin a lot of that lately. Steam kept pumping out all these good deals and i couldn't help myself!! :P

But in my quest to rectify the situation I set out on finishing all those games which include: Overlord 2, Vampire the Masquerade, and Terraria on PC, Crackdown 2 on the 360, and Oddworld Strangers Wrath on the Xbox. After completing all those games, I now have Alpha Protocol on the PC (which was only 2 dollars!!!) and L.A. Noire on the 360. I haven't started Noire yet but i'm having a lot of fun with Alpha Protocol!!

Out of all those games I have completed, one really stand out. Oddworld: Strangers Wrath was a fantastic game! The blend of FPS and third person platforming is handled well and the variety of gameplay is exciting! If you have never played this hidden gem before, I know it has a remake in the works for PSN so check it out!!!

New Banner and Clint Mansell

How do you like the new banner?

I have been listening to some Clint Mansell music and am really excited he is doing Mass Effect 3 even though Jack Wall did an amazing job on ME2!!! :P

Not Dormant, Just Observant

Just thought I'd post an update blog on what I've been doing on GS and why I am going to do in the near future.

While I havent been posting anything for a while, i have still been browsing articles, reviews, and blogs on here. So don't forget about me please! :P

I enjoy everyone's blogs very much and will try to read many more than I have been.

Soon I hope to be posting my review for Dragon Age 2. I am really fooling around with it and am analyzing the pros and cons for right now. I am on my second normal playthrough and have already completed 1 normal warrior and 1 hard mage. After I complete the game with a rogue, i will try out the Nightmare difficulty with a 2h warrior. My rating right now is a little pre-mature and is based off of what I've played through so far.

I got Arrival for ME2 and have once again completed the achievement list for that :P

Outside of GS i have been keeping busy with work-outs and all that stuff.

in 20 days it will be my 2 year anniversary of being a GS member.. yay.... :P

Thanks for reading and have a great spring!

Friends Opinion of DA2

All of the talk about Dragon Age 2 has me excited and nervous at the same time. While i'm happy with the GS and other sites reviews, the gamers reviews have me scared. I saw a few of you got Dragon Age 2 and i'm wondering what you think.

MY top Ten Games of the Decade

So I've waited till New Years Day, but i finally made the list. Now these are my choices of games that I have played through completely or have owned over the past decade. The rules are: 1 game per series, must have been made within the last 10 years, and must have truly impacted my gaming experiences. Some games may be underrated or overrated in peoples opinions, but i don't care. Up to the final 3, the order of importance was shaky they are really in no particular order.



No matter how much some fans were dissapointed, Fable gave me fun combat, customization, and an exciting story. One of my favorite RPGs and games ever.

Number 9!

Super Smash Bros Melee

Having friends over was never dull with this game. This game is the ultimate party game consisting of sharp controls, awesome characters, and fun set peices.

Number 8!

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

My first game on the original Xbox and also my favorite game on the original Xbox. Kotor brought a original and unique story to the Star Wars lore and presented it in an excting and innovative way.

Number 7!

Pokemon Yellow

Essentially the same game as the other versions, but this game had pikachu following you around so it automatically makes the list :). But in all seriousness, the first pokemon RPG had great turn ****combat and cute characters that cost me many batteries for my gameboy.

Number 6!

Mount & Blade

This PC game gave me exactly what I wanted from Medieval RPG. Large battles, open world, sense of power, and just plain fun. While it could've been prettier looking, you can't judge a game from it's graphics.

Number 5!

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Some may say that Ocrina of time was waaay better, but i disagree. TP had great visuals, characters, story, and gameplay. The Wii controls weren't amazing, but they were a start. One of the best Wii games to date this marks the half-way point of the list.

Number 4!

Super Mario Galaxy

This is best Wii game I own yet. I have never played the sequel so I can't comment on that game, but this platformer was really original and innovative. The platforming is sharp, the visuals are eye-candy, and the variety is tremendous.

Number 3!

Half Life 2

The best FPS of the decade. No matter what PC or console you play this on, the great physics engine, cool story, likeable characters, and excting set pieces make this sc-fi shooter the best of the decade.

Number 2!

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

An open world never felt so big until i played Oblivion. I have so many hours on this game it is crazy. There is so much to do, see, and accomplish. The visuals are great even compared to today's standards. The multiple expansions just add to the great plot and world. If I am anticpating any game next year, it is the V addition to the Elder Scrolls.

Number 1!!

Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 is the greatest game of the decade. Not only was the combat exciting and fun, but the characters, dozens of branching stories, dialogue, and amazing visuals make this my all-time favorite game. If any game deserves all the hype and praise it got, it is this one.

Raptr! Grrrrr

So i posted my review of Fable III! here

Raptr refuses to update my achievement list! GRRRR

I dont want to bore you with 2 things of mine to read so tell me what you think of my review!!!

Into the $&#! Trench

So I got CoH: Opposing Fronts like 2 months ago, but i cant stop playing it!!!!!

5 days till Albion get a new king :D

So Fable :Lost Chapters is a lot of fun! They added so much noticebale additions. My favorite is probably the chicken kicking contest :P i still need to see the extended ending though!

I finished Catching Fire, the sequel to Hunger Games, in three days. I spent all three of those nights reading till i fell asleep. The book is very addciting.

Its my father's birthday so wish him a happy 50th :P Thxs for reading

The Not So Lost Chapters

So I just got Fable: The Lost Chapters. I had normal Fable, but it got killed by my 360. So I traded SW: TFU with a friend for it. I am loving the extra quests and and weapons! Once Fable 3 comes out, I will have all 3 games!!! Not sure why it makes me so excited, but it does! Though Peter doesn't always follow through on his ideas, I can't blame him for being optimistic and creative.

But speaking of Fable 3, look at the launch trailer! here pause the video at 00:16! Its awesome!

If you have never played a Fable game before, then I reccomend you try it. Its a great series with lots og great ideas. While some of the ideas need some polish, they are really creative.

I just finished reading Hunger Games. My friends finally convinced me to, and I was pleasantly surprised. It tells the story of a world after a major disaster. There is a ritual called the hunger games, which is where 2 people are sent from each of 12 districts to comptete in survival/fighting competion to the death. It is inforced by the new government called The Citadel.

It is great book for anyone intrested in action-packed sc-fi books.

Thxs for reading! :P

I'm Back!!!

So I've kinda had a dry season with videogames. NOTHING new that concerns videogames has happened to me, until now.

So after 4 years of xbox with no xbox live, I have plugged the ethernet cable into the machine. With Fable 3 being released in 16 days, I decided to get the full experience of gaming. My gamertag is xXWittnesssXx. So add me and we can play!

Life has been super busy with football, school, boyscouts, etc. I barely have time to play games, no matter how much i want to.

I'm so ecited for Fable 3!!!!!!!!!! The limited edition is so cool looking, and the issues with the second seemed to be fixed or removed.

I borrowed Red Dead Redemption from a friend, and while i wasn't dissappointed, I wasn't that impressed. Not that it's not a good game, it's just I had just beaten GTA IV and the gameplay felt too similar to keep me intrested. It's probably just, but i was hoping for more when i started playing.

I think i will be getting a new TV for games. The one i own now is standard def and only 26in. I have trouble reading the text in some games!

With all the new games coming out, what game are you most excited for?