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Really enjoyed this. Kept me entertained throughout the movie. The mid credits scene made me go "Oh Shit!!!"

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Got a good laugh when I first saw that. Needs to be promotional poster for other theaters.

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This news made my day. When I first saw the headline, I only saw an image of Daredevil. But a series for Iron Fist and Luke Cage too!?! I'm super hyped for this. I'm curious if it will be connected to the cinematic universe. Heroes for Hire movie down the road maybe?

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@wis3boi said:

@lamprey263 said:

taste the rainbow

I'm not into it, so I won't be tasting it :P But congrats Illinois :D

You're not a fan of Skittles!?!?! Anyways, congrats to Illinois.

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So uh about this Richie Incognito fiasco..... wtf

Then this on his dad.... wtf again.

Read those links, worth a read.

Wow WTF.

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God dammit, Bucs. You making this difficult for the Jags.

Surely the Bucs gotta win one eventually.

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Had to miss most of the 2nd half to do something with the family. Really wished I could have seen Florida trying to do that comeback. Disappointed they lost.

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Not saying much, but USC looks so much better without Lane there.

To be expected, Lane is awful.

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FUCK YOU BLACKMON YOU WASTEFUL PIECE OF SHIT. Thanks for finding a way for the Jags to lose on their bye week. This season is miserable.

Just be happy the Jags are pretty much a lock for the top draft pick. :lol:

I know yoko is. >_>

I know the Jags would go winless this year and might end up with 1st overall. Still though looks like Bucs are pieces of shit this year too, they might end up with it instead.

But it finally felt like the wideout position was finally solved with Blackmon and Shorts. Now the Jags have another fucking position to address in the draft/free agency. Its been almost a decade since Jimmy Smith retired to snort cocaine for a living. Haven't had a 1000yd receiver since.