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And here are couple of predictions for the second half of the season

1. Tyrese and Lizzy (and Judith) will meet up with Carol. Tyrese will continue to remain clueless that Carol killed Karen, and he will even develop a close bond with Carol (possibly even a romantic bond) which will make things all the more complicated when he learns the truth.

2. The group will meet up with Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene and will travel to DC.

  1. I agree with this, except maybe the romantic part.
  2. Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene have been cast. They will show up indeed.
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I'm excited

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Are guys joking? Handegg? It's Chelsea vs Manchester United, Chelse vs Arsenal, Barcelona vs Real Madrid.

Your country must have weird ass shaped eggs.

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Mom didn't care about ratings. Only a few M games really appealed to me back then though.

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I hope she hits the gym and bulks up a bit.

Not a fan of the idea of her first real "big screen" performance is going to be a supporting character, wedged between Batman and Superman, inevitably as not much more than eye candy and a love interest. Warner Bros. needs to slow down. 'Avengers' only worked because the main cast of characters got an origin beforehand. If they do plan a 'Justice League' film, they aren't off to a good start.

I agree

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Sad news indeed.

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I'm looking forward to it. At the 1:14 mark you can see Vulture's wings and Doc Ock's arms. Looks like Sinister Six will be making an appearance in a future film I hope.

I'm going in with low expectations... Seems like there's way too many baddies. Too reminiscent of the last spiderman that had Venom in it.

Too many baddies wasn't the main issue with Spider-Man 3.

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Sooners vs Longhorns is a bigger rivalry than Sooners vs. Cowboys

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Georgia Southern just beat Florida. I'm sorry Shiro, but... LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. WOW. This isn't even a good GSU team!

Such a fucking disgrace. Pathetic. Fucking Florida. FUCK