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Summer Is Over.......Damn It.........Kinda Long Rant

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2nd Year of College: Summer break ended for me a week ago. Though I guess things aren't all too bad. First week of college has gone by smoothly so far. It was nice to see my friends again, and enjoy all the great eye candy on campus. My classes are as followed....

  • Themes and Type: Summer of Love "Literature of the 1960s" - Mon, Wed, Fri
  • General Biology I - Tues, Thurs
  • General Biology I Lab - Wed
  • Calculus for Business - Mon, Wed
  • Introduction of Procedural and Visual Programming - Tues, Thurs

My feelings on my classes is kind of mixed. My literature course isn't going to be too bad. Its simply literature about the Counterculture, Vietnam, Drugs, etc of the 1960s. Professor is an obvious hippie and it probably won't be too bad. Once I get the class out of the way, no more English classes ever again. General Biology doesn't seem so bad either, professor really knows how to hold lechures well. So taking notes and learning the material isn't difficult at all. Calculus for Business is a little bit of concern for me. Its a prereq for my major so I shouldn't screw things up. So far we're going over review and I did really well in College Algebra over the summer. But I'm rusty on things, and the professor is confusing at times explaining material. As for my Programming class, *!(#($)(#*$#@)$!. The professor is like a machine and talks to the board, I have no idea what she is talking about. I'll have to do a lot of self work and figure out stuff on my own it seems. Too bad she is the only person teaching this damn Prereq of mine.

Mother Nature PMSing Alot: Man Mother Nature is a real b1tch lately. Hurricane season is well under way. Tropical Storm Fay hit Jacksonville earlier this month, and it did quite some damage in the area. Luckily for my family, the only significant thing that happened for us were that our fruit trees were flooded under the pond water out back. Other families had trees crashing through their house or had major flooding in Jacksonville.

Hurricane Gustav however, seems to be a real disaster waiting to strike. I feel bad for the people living in Louisiana. Mother Nature is cruel as hell.

NCAA and NFL Football: I've waited way too long for the seasons to finally arrive. Florida did real well against Hawaii, up next is Miami. Hoping that Percy Harvin comes back 100%. Go Gators!

As for the Jaguars, I spent the summer following all the Off-Season blah blah and attended Training Camps, etc. Didn't really get any autographs though, disappointed me a bit. I still have questions on the WR position. Jerry Porter and Reggie Williams have been limited in practice due to injury. It concerns me somewhat. Derrick Harvey's holdout was such retarded drama in Jacksonville. So many whiners and complainers. I'm glad he finally f***ing signed. Hopefully the season goes well for the Jaguars. I'm tired of the critics and retarded fans that don't show up at games. Damn it if theres another blackout, I'm going to kill myself or something. And Los Angelos you can go suck on something. The Jags are staying in Jacksonville.

Gamespot Updates: Lets see I've upgraded to level 39 Max Force. Love the rank name, its from Advance War games which kick ass. Also, Gamespot has long since changed their layout since my last blog. I don't mind most of the changes, but they could of done a lot better. Damn it where are the Union updates?