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Spring Term of College Over

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Its nice to finally get my spring courses out of the way. I finished up my exams last week and I'm hoping I did alright for the most part. 18 page papers and studying for exams are a real b*tch in college. I'll have a week of vacation before I start my summer term. Thankfully for me I was able to get summer courses that will end in early July. Some of my buddies are unfortunate enough to have summer courses that take up their entire summer. Better them than me eh? On a side note, I reached level 36 Radical Ninja a few days ago. Whoopie. Oh and I played GTAIV at my friend's house for a little bit. I really want that game, I need money. Speaking of money, I'm hoping to get a job over the summer. I have absolutely no job experience and I'm hoping some employer out there is willing to hire a lazy Asian. *crosses fingers*