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Five Things You May Not Know About Me and a Few Other Updates

Fives Things You May Not Know About Me:

Hmmm I got tagged by Mrs_Sesshomaru so here goes.....

  • 1.I was nominated Most Friendliest during my high school senior year. So my kindness isn't just here on Gamespot folks. Its in real life too.
  • 2.I'm Khmer, which is an Asian ethnic group that is the majority ethnicity of the county of Cambodia located near Thailand and Vietnam
  • 3.During my freshman year of high school I got suspended from high school for throwing a 2x4 at someone. I should have punched him in the face instead.
  • 4.In 8th grade I got surgery on my tongue. Since I was born up to that point, I couldn't stick my tongue out of my mouth or move it because the tip was attached to the bottom of my mouth. My friends considered it hillarious.
  • 5.I enjoy grinding with ladies

I tag whoever is willing to be tagged.....

Gamespot: Woot I've achieved level 35 Stiches for the 2nd time. Nice to finally get here again. I've been modded so many times its prevented me from getting here. Repeating level 34 five times was such a pain in the ass.

Bomb Scare on Campus: So there was a bomb scare at the University of North Florida campus last Thursday. Half of the entire school was evacuated and the bomb squad was called in. I was home at the time of the incident, my friend Drunkenmasta called me to turn on the news. When I was watching it, I knew it just had to be some sort of joke or mistake. I was correct, it was simply a stupid art project. Nice to see all the things settled down. Cl@sess were cancelled that day, so it was nice. Everyone got a good laugh out of it..

Jim Gaffigan Coming To UNF: Woooo! Jim Gaffigan a hillarious stand-up comedian is performing at my campus this upcoming Saturday. I just bought a ticket to see the show today, and I can't wait to see him. He is hillarious. Some of you may remember me making a blog update about Demetri Martin coming to my campus. He was hillarious as well and thousands of people showed up. I'm pretty sure this will be a sucess as well. I can't wait to laugh my ass off. You may remember Jim Gaffigan from some of the Sierra Mist commercials.