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February Tends To Piss Me Off

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I hate this month. Too much bad things tend to happen to me or people involved in my life. Mainly because of the week of Valentine's Day. I've lost a friend over stupid love problems with her, another friend almost died in a car accident 2 years ago during the week, and I this happened to my car on Valentine's Day last year.......


Some of you may remember that blog from a year ago, about my car accident on Valentine's Day. I didn't show a picture then though. Doesn't my car have such a sweet adorable smile?:|

As for this upcoming week, I'll have a project, quizzes, and an exam this week. DAH! Just let me die, its bad enough I'm a lonely bastard without no woman in my life. I want to go cry myself to sleep and slit my wrists. Though there is some good news, Demetri Martin is coming to my college's campus for a stand-up comedy show. I LOVE HIS COMEDY! I seriously can't wait to see him, "for free". WOOT! For those who are unfamilar with the name, hes one of those correspondants on The Daily Show with John Stewart that does Trend Spotting. In his stand-up comedy he uses an easel to show some of his jokes, he's very unique and hillarious. He was rated #11 on Comedy Central's most recent poll 2 weeks ago. Woot! Heres a picture of him...


I recommend Youtubing his stuff, I love him. As for you guys, does this month tend to suck for you too? Or is your love life eventful enough for a fun month?