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So my PS2 **** died a couple of days ago.  It won't turn on anymore. I was used to finding ways around the disc read errors, but I just give up now. Won't be playing any PS2 games for awhile.

Damn you DDR Mat!

I finally get a hold of a DDR mat so I can finally practice DDR without humiliation at arcades. The damn mat keeps slipping and moving like a *****. I need to find a foam/metallic mat somewhere other than an arcade or I'm screwed.

Super Smash Bros 64 "another moment of playing that damn game"

Pravin and Sambatt came over today. Pravin and his brother showed off Burnout 3 for a bit. I didn't feel like playing it at the moment though, cus I was concerned with other things. We played Super Smash Bros like we usually do when we chill together. Kirby kicked some ass but I got my ass kicked on occasion. We hate that stupid Samus level with the acid, but we played it anyways cus some idiot probably Pravin chose it by accident. During this one match we decided to use characters we have no skill with and I completely screwed up. I'm still at a losss on how Prav's brother can handle Jigglypuff so well. Man SSB is classic fun. Heh, I wonder when I'll put another useless journal entry.