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FilmSpot Eh?

Well, I never seen the Flimspot icon before so I decided to click on it. Well wow, what an interesting website. I don't think I'll be as addicted to it as to Gamespot. However, it seems like something that would be fun to be part of. I wonder how far this website will go?

2100st Post like ZOMGs and like Go Gators

So I've hit 2100, posts in my time on Gamespot. Why post about 2100 posts? BECAUSE I CAN. Anyways, I haven't been playing much video games lately. I need to play Battlefield 2 more, I miss being pissed off at idiots. The Gators won the freaking BCS National Championship. That makes me happy and feel HAWT. :oops: College football is over, and the Super Bowl is two weeks away. I won't have anymore football to watch. NooOOooss:cry: Oh and speaking of football, I'm watching this interview of Micheal Strahan. Man that guy needs to fix that gap in his teeth. Anyways, thank you for letting me waste minutes of your life you'll never get back after reading my blogging crap.

Hmmmm I Should Stop Procrastinating and Apply to a University

Well my high school senior year is half way over and not many good things are happening. Other than the Florida Gators and Jacksonville Jaguars having a great year, not much is keeping me happy.  I have yet to actually apply to a university and winter break is coming closer and closer.  What the hell is wrong with me? Three of my friends today recieved news they've been accepted into the University of Florida and another one of my friends has been accepted to University of North Florida. These schools are my college choices, but unlike them I haven't applied yet. Writers block is preventing me from applying to either, so I think to myself WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME? Once I write my personal statement for both universities I'll be able to apply. I need to grow up and realize the importance of the situation I'm in. High school was fun, but college will overshadow it. At this very moment I am writing my personal statement for UNF and later tonight I will type up the personal statement for UF. It is probably too late for UF, but what the hell its worth a try? Whether I get accepted as an Osprey or Gator, all I know is I'll be happy with either. Well hopefully things turn out for the best and my stupid moments of procrastination will stop. And to anyone who actually read this, thank you for your time. Til next update Peace Outttttttttttttt.

Happy Thanksgiving

Welcome its Turkey day, at least the United States. I know that there are a lot of non-Americans on Gamespot, so to them have a good day. :D Lets see some family is coming over at around 1pm. Food should be ready by then, and I can't wait for that turkey orgasm. Or the mash potatoes and gravy and other food orgasms. Mmmmmmm pie mmmmmmmm. Gamespot also seems to be giving out a Turkey emblem, awesome. And umm there are 3 NFL games on today, those 3 teams I picked better win I need it for my Pool standings. Anyways Happy Turkey Day to the Americans and have a nice day to all you others.

Level 21 WOOT

The title is self explanatory. I finally surpassed Level 20 of Hell on Gamespot. It took around 2 months to get past that damn level, but I finally did it. 

The New Generation Systems

I've been completely quiet about a lot of things when it comes to the next generation systems. The Nintendo Wii and the PS3 are only a couple of days from launch. Well, in my opinion I see great things from both systems. I'm not a fanboy and never chose a side, as long as the game is enjoyable thats all that mattered. Personally, I'd love to buy both the PS3 and Wii. Money is favoring the Wii though, but once I get a job I'll get the PS3 as well or vice versa. When I look at the Nintedo Wii I see innovation, when I look at the PS3 I see more the great games I've come to love. Now I can't forget the Xbox360 either. I consider this a sucess as well, and wouldn't mind having this system either. But compared to the other 2, this is the last one I'm seeking. Console gaming is going to continue to thrive.

Happy Halloween

Hey I just wanted to say Happy Halloween. Lets see highlight of the day was seeing Tony dressed up as Jesus during school. I'm kinda too old to go trick or treating, so I'll pass out candy again this year. I really need to get some alcohol for his holiday.

1000th Post on Gamespot ZOMG!!!!!

So I finally reached a 1000 posts today on Gamespot. I've been here for just a little bit over a year and I finally reach 1000 posts. I think I'll still be at Gamespot for a very long time. Umm I also think I'll use this blogging feature a bit more. Til my next blog update, later. Omg SO HAWT:oops:

Finally Back

Meh, I've been gone for way too long.  I'm finally back because I got my computer and everything fixed.  My Ram was fryed because I was a lazy ass when it came to turning off the computer.  I also got rid of AOL which was a pain in the ass, but my dad got everything worked out.  I upgraded to Comcast High Speed Internet, so I can finally play some damn multiplayer matches.  Woot!!

Ummm Computer Crashed

Lets see so my computer crashed last Sunday.  Pretty much most of my programs, files, and pc games are **** up.  I can't understand how some of you PC gamers are able to live with the constant updating of computers to maintain them.  This recovery is gonna take awhile.