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4-20: New Level, Virginia Tech, 15 Days Left of School, Other Things

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Well heres another one of my rants. Today is 4-20


4-20:Well for some people, today is National Smoke Weed Day. I don't feel like giving the details, that would make the blog too long. Anyways, I myself don't smoke weed, but I have several friends that do. This part of the blog is dedicated to them. Whether they broke their habit or are currently getting high as s*** right now....I'd like to say thanks for the good times shared. Seriously, some of the pot heads I've met in my life have had a positive impact on my life. Enough about that moving on...........

Virginia Tech Tragedy: I'm sure many of you are aware of what happened on the 16th. First of all, I'd like to give my condolences to all the victims and their family/friends. It was a horrific event and will be in my mind for years to come. There is so much debate as to whom it is to blame, whether or not guns should be banned, Jack Thompson is an arrogant ass, and so on. Its also the 8th year anniversary of Columbine. Violence is everywhere, when it happens it happens sadly. I personally believe we should take a break from this and instead take the time to help those in need.




I'll keep this in my sig for some time in my sig to show my support to the victims. It isn't much, but at least its something.

15 Days Left of Senior Year: Yep time sure goes by pretty fast. I have 15 school days left, so thats 3 weeks. Its crazy I can't believe my high school life is coming to an end. Senior Spirit Week, Senior Splash, and Grad Nite "field trip to Disney" are all next week. I honestly can't wait.

Gamespot: I recently reached Level 27 Sheng Long. Quite nice I guess and also achieved 4,000 posts in the past week. I haven't been as active as I used to be on my Unions, but I have more free time this weekend. Woot?

Senior Skip Day, Cambodian New Year, and Other Things

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Heres another blog update guys.

Senior Skip Day: Well today "Friday the 13th" was planned as the Senior Skip Day for my high school. I'm pretty sure some of the teachers and administrators were pissed as hell to see an empty senior parking lot. lol Anyways, the plan was to all gather at the pier at Jacksonville Beach. Overall I saw at least 100 of my high school's seniors gathered there. It was a very nice time. I got there at like 10:30am and didn't leave til 2:30pm. Some of my friends dug a 4ft hole next to a cooler and covered it with a blanket covered with sand. Over 10 people fell into that hole because of false hopes of finding beer or not so friendly greetings. :lol: It was so relaxing laying down on my towel enjoying the scenery. Though my upper back has a sun burn from hell. I also fell on my ankle skin boarding, and it still hurts pretty bad. Despite all this I still had a great time at the beach today with my friends.

Gamespot: I've achieved over 4,000 posts sometime this past week. Woot?

Video Games: I participated in Gamespot's Community Game Night for UT 2K4. It was a lot of fun going on killing streaks and killing my fellow Gamespot users. I hope to play another Community Game Night soon. Other that than, I've been getting addicted to Civilization IV for the PC.

School: My senioritis is kicking in again. I haven't done any assignment in my Calculus AP class for the past 2 weeks. I should use this weekend to do all my make-up work. As for other things, theres some drama between some people I know. Its getting kind of annoying because of what they're fighting about. I should be glad I won't have to deal with it when graduation is over with "that is very soon".

Cambodian New Year: For those of you who don't know already, I'm a Cambodian person. Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia located between Vietnam and Thailand. If you still don't know where that is, get a map. Anyways, Sunday is Cambodian New Year. That is pretty much the only time I myself would actually bother to visit the Buddhist temple and pray etc. Though it isn't just prayer. Theres a lot of festivities and fun. Such as filling your hands with shaving cream and smacking people with it, massive water-gun fights, water-balloons thrown everywhere, baby powder thrown. Yeah........its a lot of messy fun. And Cambodians aren't the only people that come and enjoy the holiday. Large amount of other people come and participate from Vietnam War vets, friends of Cambodians, church groups, the local news "yes I'm serious", basically everyone is welcome. I can't wait, New Years for the past 5 years were fun as hell. This year shouldn't be any different. Though my ankle does hurt like crap, so running away from shaving cream smacks will be harder.

Prom and Other Things

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For starters, this blog entry might be kinda long. I have a lot to rant about I guess especially Prom. :P

School: I have less than 30 school days left in my senior year. 27 days to be exact. My last day of school is May 11th, and I can't wait to leave the hell hole called my school. My grades in A.P are more stable than they usually are during the year. I got a C in Physics A.P and Calculus A.P which is amazing for me. B in French A.P and an A in English A.P. Its unbelievable and should boost up my gpa a lot.

Prom: My high school prom was this past Friday "March 30th". Yeah, its kind of odd to have prom on Friday, but after an incident involving alcohol and half the senior officers 2 years ago its been on a Friday. Anyways, I had a pretty good time to say the least. I sadly couldn't find a date before prom came by:(, but I managed. Prom took place at the Omni Hotel downtown. Beautiful place, a lot of traffic hell to go through to get there lol. When I finally managed to get there, I instantly bumped into some friends. Everyone gave positive comments about the way I was dressed. My male friends looked very sharp, and my female friends were all gorgeous. It was nice. I'd post pictures, but I don't have any saved onto my computer. The beginning moments of prom were kinda boring, but things started to pick up. Once rap started to get played the dance-floor finally became alive aka a dry humping orgy. I sat on my ass for a bit because I didn't have anyone to dance with, then I was over joyed when the girls I danced with at Homecoming finally arrived.:oops: They weren't in a dancing mood yet though, and my friends who were unaware of them were forcing me onto the dance floor. They thought I didn't want to to dance, pfft they had no idea who I was. When I finally got onto the dancefloor with the girls I danced with in homecoming, I rarely left. Lets say I had a dry humping good time with my friends. :lol: I'm kind of disappointed though that it all ended at 11:30pm. Prom time needs to be extended in my opinion. And I didn't get any alcohol. BOO!!! If I ever get any pictures to show, I promise to show em.

Other Senior Crap: Nearing the end of senior year, there is plenty of events I can't wait for. Senior skip day is next week, I better not miss that. Senior splash and Grad Nite are at the end of the month "I'll make blogs about them in the future". Last day of school is May 11th for seniors, and graduation takes place on the 22nd.

Gamespot: I'd like to say farewell to dallas_cowboys3. For those of you who know him, hes one hell of a active poster on great unions like Sports Are Us, NFL Union, and NCAA Football Union. He isn't completely leaving, but his activity is going to be cut by a lot. Just want to say we'll all miss his presence.

Video Games: I've been playing Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction a hell a lot of my PS2 recently. Its so freaking awesome, I'm pissed it took me so long to start playing it again.

Go Gators!: The Gators are playing Ohio State in the National Championship today. I hope my Gators win, it will be amazing. There are a lot of critics in both the NCAA Football Union and at school. Meh, they can criticize them all the want. YEAH YOU HEARD ME.:P

Alright guys. Thats enough for my rant today. I'll most likely have another one sometime next week. Thanks for reading it, have a good day/night errr whatever.

I Feel Like CRAP

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Alright lets see things to update myself on............ "last section is most important"

Gamespot Related: I have 1% more until I reach level 26 of Cyber-Lip. I haven't exactly reached the level yet, but I don't feel like typing up an update tomorrow. The Unions I'm frequent on are continuing to stay as active as they usually are, which is nice. Speaking of Unions, I think I've reached my Union limit. I don't need to join anymore.

Video Game Related: Battlefield 2 is really the only game I've been spending a large amount of time on. Its going along nicely despite some encounters with noobs on some servers. It will take a couple of months until I reach a new rank in that game though.

Spring Break Coming to an End: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!:cry: I haven't even went to the damn beach once, this aggravates me. At least I did get out of the house a couple of times. I really don't feel like going to school. Oh well at least its only 1 quarter left to end my senior year.

I Feel Like CRAP: Okay this is the reason why I titled my blog the way I did. Today, I feel like crap. Why? Because of an ending spring break? No, but because of how it will end. I'm going to my friend's birthday today. I should feel happy because I'll see some friends I haven't seen in forever. Thats the thing, I will some friends I haven't seen in forever. There is one girl in particular I will feel awkward seeing again. To cut it short, shes the girl I confessed my love to last year. Sadly, it ended in failure with a broken heart. She used to be one of my best friends and its ruined because of aijfsdojfiafjoijaoidf. To add to irony, before I realized my feelings for her........she used to like me as well for well over a year. I was just too retarded to notice all the hints she gave me. I paid the price for my ignorance. I really hope I can fix some things between me and her tonight. Or get some help from my other friends, who happen to be her friend as well. Its like a splinter in the group. I haven't talked to her since 4/20/06. Yes I know its weird I remember the date. Sue me. :cry: Thanks to anyone who've read this pathetic story of myself. What should I do, I'm so weak right now. I want to jump off a bridge.

Spring Break WOOT!!!!

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School Related: Well Spring Break started for me yesterday "Thursday" when I left school in my car after my 2nd class. It was quite nice having the feeling of not having to deal with school work for 10 days. Lets see anyways, I'm doing nicely in school. I've improved a lot in school work and now have a C average in Calculus A.P and Physics A.P which equals a B. That is a lot better than my usual F averages in those classes. My time in drama class is finally over, but now my English A.P teacher is giving us drama assignments. :| I'm so tired of acting on stage.

Video Games: I went over to my friend's house yesterday and played Resistance on his PS3 with him. It was quite a nice and enjoyable experience. Though it would be nicer if he had it hooked up to an HD tv. With the arrival of Spring Break I shall make my return to Battlefield 2's ranked servers and make my grand first try on UT04's multiplayer servers. Should be nice.

March Madness: Spring break came at a good time. I'll be watching a lot of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tourney. Go Florida!!!! Oh and Duke Lost! :lol:

Spring Break:
Thank goodness I have my car back. I'm most likely going to the beach with friends. Its a good thing the beach is only a 5-10 minute drive from my house. I went to the mall yesterday with my friend and I'll probably go there more often during the break, because its only a 5-10 minute drive. Maybe I can meet a nice lady friend?:oops: Man I'm pathetic. lol I really want to go to Orlando during the break, but I really don't feel like spending that much money. Oh well maybe when summer arrives.

40 Days Left in my High School Senior Year

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After looking at the calendar today, I counted the school days left in my senior year of high school. I have exactly 40 school days left. The last day for high school seniors at my school is May 11th, and graduation is on May 22nd. I honestly can't wait to go to the next step in my life. There have been so many new experiences and hardships since I started my freshmen year. College hopefully will be even better. I'll put more detail of this closing senior year in upcoming blogs. As for other things. I really miss my car, it needs to fixed already so I can drive places. Prom takes place right after spring break this month, Grad Nite at Disney is next month, Senior Splash:oops: is next month as well. Woot!

:EDIT: Opps I forgot about Senior Skip Day. Well its 39 senior days left then. lol

So I've Reached Level 25=New Rant

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I think I'll type up this rant in separate sections.

Gamespot Related: Well I've reached level 25 Defias Brotherhood. Sounds kinda cool, but I'm a bigger fan of I Feel Asleep!!! Activity in the unions I'm at least somewhat active on are going nicely. I got promoted to Officer in the Sports are Us Union. Thats the first time I've been given an Officer rank here on Gamespot. Woot?

Video Game Related: For some reason, I've started to play more GBA games lately. I guess I just want some simplicity or something instead of a controller. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl are coming out soon, maybe thats why I've decided to play more Pokemon. I haven't played any game on my laptop for over a week. That will change on Thursday or Friday once I start playing Battlefield 2 again. Should rank in the top 10 during matches like I usually do.

Anime/Manga Related: I haven't watched any new anime in a long time. Though I decided to finally watch the Ranma movies and Macross Plus on youtube. I was not disappointed and I'm glad I watched them.

Life Outside of Gamespot:
I'm not in school right now because of some statewide testing. The majority of the seniors at my high school including myself don't have to show up during the testing days, because we've past it already and we won't be in our classes anyways because of testing. This 4 day weekend has been very nice. I'll go to school tomorrow because its a regular day, but Thursday and Friday are more testing days. Man two 4-day weekends in a row?! Man it finally feels nice to be a high school senior at my school. Anyways, lets see what else. I bought my prom ticket last week. I'm very sad though, I don't have a Prom date. :cry: I'll find someone hopefully before Prom comes by.

I Got In A Car Accident on Valentine's Day

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I wish I was kidding around, but I'm being serious. This morning while driving to school the car ahead of me suddenly put on their brakes. I slammed hard to avoid hitting it, but it didn't work and I wrecked my car. As I sat there yelling out profanity I noticed neither me or my brother were hurt. As I got out, I realized the person I hit was an elderly lady. I've always had complaints about them driving too slow, but I was glad she wasn't hurt either. She said she was going to the hospital and that I was going too fast. Thats all I got from her though, because her English wasn't very clear. I wrecked my car in front of an elementary school btw, on a busy road. It annoys me how some people lack concern and were beeping their horns because something was holding them back to move ahead. When I called the police I felt kinda stupid because I didn't really know what to say about the location I was at, I was able to finally see a street sign though and tell them where I was. As the arrived I moved my car off the road, but it isn't quite drivable because the radiator is f***ed leaking fluid. The police officier that did the paper work happened to graduate from my high school in 04. Quite a small world. Oh and the damages. Well the lady's car barely had a scratch. While my car lost its front bumper, headlights, had a bent hood, and various other frontal damage. I'd post pictures if I find out how. My mother arrived then my father an hour later. They weren't angry and I'm thankful for that. The police gave me a warning too instead of a ticket, but my insurance has to pay for her damages. As I stayed at the scene for a bit, a car pulled up and it was the woman's son. He was grateful no one was hurt, and explained to me the situation. She was on her way to the hospital because she was visiting her dying husband. Now I feel even more crappy about the situation. When I got to school my friends were concerned when I showed told them the story, but at least we found some humor in it. Asians can't drive and elderly people someteimes shouldn't drive. lol I also cheered up my drama teacher because she thought her day was incredibly crappy, but it fails compared to mine. And of course Valentines Day sucked because I have never had a gf to cherish V-day with. Oh well, there will be better days. Thanks to everyone who read this. Your concern is appreciated. Oh and finally, I hope the lady and her husband had a good time together today.

Got Accepted into a University!!!!

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I find it funny that the day after I make a blog about my concern in getting accepted into a university, I get the acceptance letter in the mail. Well its official, I've been accepted into the University of North Florida. WOOT! Though most of my friends told me I'd most likely get in, I was still nervous. Waiting for that damn letter was like an eternity. Too bad UNF doesn't have a football team, and their basketball team hasn't won a conference game yet. Oh well, I'll still root for them and the Gators. Most likely I'll transfer after 2 years in UNF to the University of Florida. That was the original plan for me after all. Man I hope I meet the lady of my dreams in college. :oops:

In other news, school is killing me. The administration is being retarded as usual, and now are trying to withdraw seniors who've missed too many days. Meh, I miss the principal we had last year. Being a senior sucks with this new principal and his newly appointed deans. My grades in AP aren't really good, except for English. On a brighter note though, I did a kick ass job in drama forbidden>

I Feel Asleep!! New Level and Rant

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 Woot! I've reached level 24, and I've waited so long to achieve this rank. When I first joined Gamespot the one rank I always wanted was this one, because it just sounds awesome and I'm a fan of Snake so....... Anyways on with a rant.


Well I can safely say the NFL season is over now. Shame my Jags were underachievers this year. Oh, well there is always next season. I just hope the Jags fix their horrid offensive problems. Speaking of football, the sport has helped me meet a lot of cool people on Gamespot. Joining these Unions dedicated to this particular sport has been a great experience here. I love you guys. :cry:

My Life Outside Gamespot......

Lets see I have 3 more months left in my senior year of high school. I really can't wait to graduate and move on with my life. Friends of mine are getting accepted into Universities, and I'm still waiting for my damn acceptance letter. What the hell is wrong with the post office? :evil: My grades need to get fixed a bit though. I got a 6 out of 46 on a recent French AP quiz and I have a 59 avg in my Physics AP class. :lol: I skipped school today too. Though it was justified because it was some testing day for 10th graders. Only 1/10 of the seniors showed up today. I chilled at my friend's house and we played a little Xbox360. Man I must say, the 360 impressed me. I'll make a rant about 360 in another blog post though. Anyways, til next rant later guys.:|