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A Friend Died, I Remember Him As A Friend Not A Criminal

I'm at a loss for words right now. Its been breaking news all over Jacksonville about a shootout at the mall that occured on Saturday. Someone was shop lifting at the mall and shot a police officer 6 times when confronted, thankfully the officer survived but is in critical condition. The officer returned fire and hit the suspect 7 times killing him. That suspect was a friend of mine. I don't know what went through his mind at the time. WHY?! is such a big question I have right now. I feel like complete s*** at the moment. You never want a friend dying, and especially not dying for such a stupid reason. I've known him since 8th grade, and hes always been a pretty good friend to most people. Hes always been the funny guy you can have good laughs with, that loved music and surfing. People tended to piss him off when they called him a white black guy. However it was just racial stupid s***. And now he goes and does one of the dumbest things imaginable. He loses his life over a pair of jeans and a shirt. What happened to going to college and getting that degree in Sports Medicine? It wasn't worth all that to lose your life and be branded as a criminal for the rest of history. I'm at a loss right now and so is everyone else I know. He was such a well known person in my high school. Everyone knew him, he was a great guy. To be so out of character and do to such a stupid thing. His mother is probably devatasted, she raised him alone and he was an only child. I would just love to tell her, that she didn't do anything wrong raising him. I learned today that life is too short, and you can't take things for granted. Someone you know can be that someone who appears on the news one day for the wrong reason. You'll think to yourself, "Hey I know that guy WTF!". Why man why? You were better than that! Its such a sad day right now. My prayers go out to the officer, I hope he can make a full recovery. My prayers are also with Joel's family, I know you will miss him. Please allow this to be the one and only time I have to hear about something devasting in one of my friend's lives.

Recommend Me A Song, I Just Got A New iPod

Woooooooo! Came back home after spending some stupid time at the DMV, and dad tells me and my brother he has a suprise. The suprise was a brand new silver 4gb iPod. I think I can die with joy now, because I've always wanted one. The company my dad works for Vistakon/Johnson & Johnson gave all their employees a free iPod because of 2billion dollar profit in 2007. Thank you babies for needing so much baby care products and blind people needing contact lenses! Anyways on with the point of the blog. I'm wondering what songs I might want to fill this iPod with? So give me some recommendations anyone please? I'm open to any type of genre, recommend me something good. :)

I Still Bleed Teal

So the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL season is over now, losing to the Super Bowl favorite New England Patriots. They had an incredible run. Damn the Patriots I hate them so much, arrogant pieces of....okay I'll stop whining. On with Jag talk. I'm so happy we finally found a franchise QB in David Garrard. After being a backup for so long to that piece of crap Leftwich, he steps up this year as the 3rd highest rated QB in the league. It makes me incredibly happy. You deserve a contract extension now! Jack Del Rio has been an outstanding Head Coach, picking up the Jags from the mediocore years to now a respected team. Oh and I love the fact the Jags are ranked 2nd in rushing. Gotta love the Jones-Drew/Fred Taylor tandem. Speaking of Fred Taylor, he finally got into a Pro Bowl. Its about damn ****ing time. He joins the 10,000 club as well, now all he needs is a Super Bowl ring. We'll find you one Fred, we'll find you one. After that we'll see you in the Hall of Fame for sure.

The Future:

The Jags had some problems this year though. Injuries to Gerald Sensabaugh, Mike Peterson, and Marcus Stroud really hurt our top tier defense of past seasons badly. I'm worried that Stroud may never come back to his old self. Donovan Darius should of been kept too damn it. I can only hope for a better season in the years to come. Mike Walker our rookie on IR this season, may be our next Jimmy Smith. I can only hope. We need to get a great DE/pass rusher as well. I soooooo want Kansas City's Jared Allen joining the Jaguars in free agency. We have the cap space to get him. Get him now please Jacksonville. Get some good draft picks too. Some of those DEs and CBs are interesting.


Thanks for the great season Jacksonville. I will continue To Bleed Teal.

I've Been Disrespected And It Pisses Me Off

Some complete bulls*** happened today. I went to go pick up my little brother from high school. As I got him and started driving off, some guy gets in front of my car. He smiles and bangs on my hood. My initial reactions are a bit confusion. Then suddenly someone else opens my back door. I roll down my window and yell, "Get the F*** Out My Car!". Mind you I don't know any of these two guys. The one who opened my door says, "Man who the f*** you think you are? I'll beat your ass". Then he slams my car door extremely hard, and both leave. I drive off pissed off like f***! How dare he say some bs like that when he opened my car door without even knowing who I am. Who the f*** does he think he is, is what the better question is. They probably thought I was some vulnerable weak minded Asian kid to pick on at their school. Nice to see how the kids at my old high school are doing. They're full of s*** now. I got home and was glad to find out there wasn't any damage to my car. Told my parents because of fear for my brother possibly getting jumped at school or some bull. Dad told me I should of told the police officer at school, and mom tells me to not pick up my brother from the senior parking lot anymore. I just don't want to deal with bull like this. I'm so stressed out at the moment. Plus I have two papers to turn in tomorrow, and I haven't started. My college homework is more important than this bull.

So I was taking a shower when I dropped my bar of soap.....

Actually that title was just for you to come look at my blog. I really haven't made a blog since my failed attempt at getting a Soapbox Emblem months ago. Errrr scratch that, I mean my errrr opinion on E3 that warranted no personal gain. Anyways, wow a lot has happened since my blog. And before I start, I'd like to apologize to everyone on my friend list for the past 3 weeks. I haven't been able to keep up with all your blogs. I promise you, that I'll comment your recent blogs from now on.

Summer: Summer was really nice after the 4th of July. My friends pretty much turned my summer from uneventful to downright awesome.

Me and a couple of friends went to like 4 Jacksonville Jaguars training camps. It was great seeing the Jags warm up and I got some autographs too. Though a handful of those players that signed my ball no longer play for the team.:| Well at least Mike Peterson, Rashean Mathis, and John Henderson signed my football.

This other time, a couple of my other friends decided to have a get together before all heading out to their respective colleges. I was the only one among the group going to University of North Florida, I'll talk about UNF in a bit later. We had a nice time in TGI Fridays. I got pranked pretty good during the night. One of my friends told the waitress that it was my birthday. Half an hour after we were served, the kitchen staff came out singing Happy Happy Birthday to me and gave me free ice cream. It was embarrassing, but then I had a good laugh afterwards. The ice creame was downright delicious. After TGI Fridays, we went to one of my friend's house and played poker and did the Soulja Boy dance. The night finished with a couple of hugs and promises to see each other again during Christmas. Imma miss all of them. Though I'm jealous of my three girl friends that got into Florida.:x

My best friend celebrated his 18th birthday by going to Club Paris. That bastard, I wanted to drink beer at his house like last year. The club scene is very errr, different. Felt kinda similar to Homecoming and Prom. Girls are horny as hell.

Summing it up, friends are forever. Or some similar fruity thing. And I made a Facebook to keep in touch with them. Someone save me. Oh and like wtf, I live in Florida but didn't go to the beach once during the summer.

College Life: College is definetly different from umm high school life. For those who haven't paid attention, I'm attending college at the University of North Florida. Its quite nice, our football team is undefeated. Meaning, we don't have a football team. How lame! Though other than that, I love it at UNF. There is so much eye candy, if you know what I mean.;) I enjoy how theres a lot to do outside of class, and how you manage your own time. Faculty/staff treat you with respect and I really like that. Oh and my schedule is this....

  • Monday/Wednesday: Euro Core I 9-9:50am; Intro to Physics 10-10:50am; College Writing 2-2:50pm; Pre-Calculus 3:50-5:30
  • Tuesday: Physics Lab 9-11:50am
  • Thursday: No Class 8)
  • Friday: Euro Core I Discussion 9-9:50am; College Writing 2-2:50pm

I don't mind Euro Core, its basically history of Western Civilization from ancient times to 1600s. Its easy for me considering history has always been my best subject. Physics isn't so bad either, even though I pretty much failed it during high school. The professor teaches it much more simplier and I'm doing good. College Writing KICKS ASS because my professor is freaking awesome. Hes hillarious and so down to earth. He jokingly tells us that he procrastinates more than his students. He usually just entertains us for most of the class. And Pre-Cal sucks. My professor isn't very leniant and I'm struggling a bit.

I haven't really met any new friends cept for maybe like 3 people. But they were already friends of my friends. And I already have like a good handful of close friends at UNF. Good times, except for that one time I got tricked into getting a cue ball to hit my neck. Those bastards!

Football: Football is back. I is happy Asian. Meh, those who care about football already see me in the Unions. No need to rant about it.

The Anime Fans Union: You guys are dubbing me hentai-san? You perverted freaks

Gamespot: I've gotten like 10 moderations these past 3 months. Thats crazy and I've been suspended twice. Come on now lighten up GS mods. Lighten up! I've reached level 31 for the 2nd time. I'm close to 10,000 posts. Wow I post too much here.

I don't know what else to talk about. Meh, there'll be more updates later. Thanks for reading. Sorry for my absence, I'm back now. Lets all party. :|

E3 Is Finally Over.....Here Are My Thoughts *final edit*

E3 2007 has finally come to a close. Thats good news for some like me, who really needed to return to their regular sleep pattern. Anyways, this E3 had a lot to offer considering the fact it was off-limits for those without business being there. That being said, this E3 was more plesant for media and developers. Coverage was much more accesible and in the long run it benefits everyone. Booth babes are not necessary. Moving on......

The Press Conferences: Of course a lot was expected from the big three "Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony" Press Conferences. But did they delivery?

Microsoft Press Conference: The Microsoft Press Conference was the first to present itself. I was happy to see that this high school band named CoporealI remember seeing, kicking off the press conference by playing the Halo theme. They did an impressive performance in my opinion. The game Rock Band was presented as well, with Peter Moore playing it a little bit. It gave me a bit of a chuckle. Though after that, Microsoft's Press Conference became very business oriented. It isn't a bad thing to present to the media the sucess they're having. However, I find it very untasteful to directly consider the other rival competition obsolete so openly. After the numbers and statistics were finally over, we moved onto games. A majority shown were from 3rd party publishers. Though it was extremelynice seeing a demonstration of both Assasin's Creed and Call of Duty 4. A trailer of Resident Evil 4 was shown as well, and to be honest the way they presented it made me think it was Metal Gear Solid 4 for a split second. The Live Arcade section was quite nice, with a big collection of downloadable games for the near future. Reggie Bush came onto stage to play Madden 08, it was nice for Madden fans. Mass Effect was finally shown and it looks very impressive. PC Gaming wasn't excluded thankfully, with Gears of War and Viva Pinata PC Ports announced. Crysis was shown for a bit as well, but not enough! And of course Halo 3 was shown for a big chunk of the Conference. From some gameplay footage, a short movie made by WETA, and a newly announced Halo Edition ofXbox360. It was nice overall, but I really wished the silly stabbing of competitors would stop.

Nintendo Press Conference: I had some high hopes from Nintendo, seeing as how they've been able to impress me in the past E3s. Reggie is a very convincing speaker in my opinion. Though I did find some problems with this Press Conference. A good chunk of the Press Conference was focused on news and web footage of people enjoying Nintendo's Products. New games is what I wanted to see. We did indeed get to see new games, such as Zelda Phantom Hourglass, Metroid Prime for Wii, Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and of course Super Mario Galaxy. Release dates were announced as well, and its very easy to get your blood boiling with excitment on some of these titles.Serious online play is in the works for the Wii,which was highly needed.Online multiplayer make games last much longer in replayability.However, games for the experienced player weren't the main category of this Conference. Several accesories from the Wii Zapper and Wii Wheel were introduced, as well as several games designed for the casual player or newcomer with a similar age to your parent. Statistics on how well the Wii and DS are doing with previous non-gamers became higly focused. Miyamoto finally came on stage to help present the Wii Fitt. I really don't know what to say about this game, but it definitly looks like something to enjoy with the people introduced to gaming by the Wii. Well at least we found out Reggie is fat. There are some mixed reactions to the lack of "hardcore" gaming announcements from Nintendo. Keep in mind, the fact that this is just E3 and other gaming shows are in the near future.

Sony Press Conference: Considering the mistakes Sony has made in the past few years, I was hoping it was their time to at least fix things. To my suprise their Press Conference was my personal favorite. Statistics were not important at all in this Press Conference. However, some can argue that there isn't much statistics to be proud of. *shrugs* Lets move on though. Sony did three things in their Press Conference. Present the future of PSN's Home, show off the new PSPs, and most importantly show cased Games. Home looks like something that will have lasting appeal for a good chunk of the PSN community. The new PSP will have an assortment of new games, less weight, slimmer design, and the ability to play games on your big screen. As for games, there were many things shown and announced. For one thing, Sony struck deals with Epic Games and NCSoft. The highly anticipated game Unreal Tournament 3 will be a timed exclusive for PS3. It should bring up some nice sales. NCSoft a company known for online rpgs such as Guild Wars, plan to make games for the PS3 taking advantage of the cell processor. I see a lot of potential in the business deals Sony made with them. SCEA of course showed everyone the upcoming exclusives for PS3. Games included LittleBigPlanet, Ratchet and Clank, Gran Turismo 5, Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, EchoChrome, and some others. Hideo Kojima took stage to present and announce that Metal Gear Solid 4 is a PS3 exclusive. At the end of the Conference, Sony suprised some by showing their Killzone 2 real time trailer. This game and many other exclusives for Sony look indeed impressive, maybe Sony is finally getting on the right track?

Stage Demonstrations: Gamespot invited some publishers and developers to present some games. A large chunk of the E3 coverage I viewed came from this of course. During these stage demonstrations, all of the games shined quite well in my eyes. Everything has something to offer. The interviews and new gameplay footage were nice, and wallets are going to be emptied when these games come out. One game stood out for me personally. That would be the PS3 Exclusive LittleBigPlanet. During the entire presentation I saw innovation and simple fun. I know it isn't the most impressive for other people, so then which demo impressed you the most?

Other Things: Sony came out strong, but then made news of stopping production of the 60gb model of their PS3. People wanted a price drop, and they recieved one temporarily. A spark of mixed reactions ensues indeed. I for one thing it could be a ploy by Sony to get many potential PS3 consumers to buy a $500 PS3 while they still have the chance. Its a good marketing ploy if it works. Another thing I'd like to mention, is a smaller amount of Nintendo coverage. Nintendo always seems to keep to themselves at times, but it would of been nicer to see more. No footage of the 3rd game in the Banjo-Kazooie franchise was another high disappoint for me. Oh and we need to see more of Jeff playing SingStar.

Overall I enjoyed myself in this E3. I still don't own any of the next-gen, *ahem* excuse me I mean current gen systems. This E3 will help me in deciding what works best for me, as well as for other people in the future. We can only hope for more gaming news in the days to come from other events. The future looks bright indeed.These were my thoughts, please share yours with your comments. Have a nice day........

Summer Break So Far.....

Heres another Update on my Almost Uneventful Blog on Gamespot....

Keeping in Touch with Friends: Now that high school is over with, some friends are harder to keep in touch with in a way. People are moving on to other places, its kinda sad. Though I can move on. There was a get-together a few weeks ago for some friends of mine, heading out to University of Florida. Lucky them....I want to be a Gator.:| We had some good laughs sitting at the table. My friend told me how he drank alcohol for the first time. Walked into a pool like an idiot and got all wet. He drank way too much, thats my boy! lol After the get together at this bbq restaurant, we went to a hookah lounge. I was gonna try me some hookah, but we had to leave because half our group were undeage. Why can't everyone be 18? It makes things more simple. One of my best friends called me up today, told me he is shipping out to the Marines next week. I wish him luck and hope the best for him. Same goes for the other people I know shipping out sooner or later. *sigh* I really miss some people.

Independence Day: The 4th of July was nice in a way. My friend came over at around 9pm because he was "bored". We decided to drive up to our other friend's house and pick him up. We went to downtown Jacksonville to see some fireworks. As we drove there, fireworks were being launched/used like crazy on people's lawns. Fireworks downtown started launching right when we were at the edge of the city. It was a very nice sight to see. Though there wasn't any parking, so we just drove around the city watching the fireworks that way. Though it was a living hell trying to leave the city. It took 2 hours to drive out because of all the people, traffic jams, and closed roads. Still a nice experience.

New Banner: My brother made me a banner for my Gamespot profile. Its of the Zeta Gundam series, and its really nice. Well to me at least. Gundam is something I'm really into so I love it. Come of think of it, just about all the images I have on this profile are of Gundam.

Gamespot Stuff: Nothing much to say really. I reached level 29 Radiant Silvergun like I expected in my last blog update. My popularity emblem upgraded too. A lot of you guys are sending me friend requests like crazy. I don't mind them, but please leave a comment on my blog from time to time. I'd appreciate it and will return the favor. The NFL Union and NCAA Football Unions are doing alright considering the fact its the off-season. The Anime Fans Union is doing very nicely and I'm enjoying my time as officer there. I'm going to Off-Topic boards less now, because theres too many pricks that want to prove nothing there.

Video Games: I've been neglecting games in a bit. Been paying more attention to watching stuff on the internet instead. Though now that I finished downloading these file, I'll be playing a bit more Battlefield 2. The Highway Tampa map is finally out of Beta and its nice. My friend gave me a new Starcraft key today, so I can play with him online. Online play always makes a game better in my opinion.

Thanks for your time if you bothered to read any of it. Take care everyone.

Finally An Update: Upcoming 18th Birthday, Finishing High School, Gamespot Stuff

Yeah its been quite some time since my last update. Last update was on my last official day of high school. Yeah that quite some time ago. Well on with the personal update.....................

Happy Father's Day: Yeah today is Father's Day. Hopefully you at least did something for your dad. I got my old man a card and cigarettes. Pretty much what I give him every year. Oh and I cut the lawn and backyard for him. Happy Father's Day

Happy Birthday?: June 18th is my 18th birthday. Most of your reading this, are probably reading it the day after I posted this. So yeah its my birthday. Sorry I'm writing so randomly, I just can't believe I'm finally considered legal. My parents got me like $500, though that includes the graduation money they gave me. I got $350 from family friends for graduation too. I really have no idea what to buy. I'm thinking of a digital camera and maybe an Ipod. Surprisingly I'll put anything relating to video games on hold. I wonder if any of my friends will get me anything.:|

High School Graduation: I was going to talk about my High School Gradution in an early blog update, but never really found the time. Overall though the graduation went by smoothly on May 22nd. It took place at the UNF Arena. Funny how I'm attending UNF for my freshman year of college. Anyways, it was really nice to have that feeling of moving on with my life. I'm going to miss a lot of people I know. Too many cherished memories. Thank goodness Myspace and AIM were invented? Before the graduation ceremony started, me and my fellow Englewood High School graduates had to wait in a hallway for 2 hours. Our cap and gowns were black so it was hot like a mofo. When the ceremony started I had some butterflies in my stomach. Though I felt at ease walking with my friend Carlos as my walking partner. I could also hear my family yelling out my name. As we were seated, the usual went on such as speeches, etc. Each of the senior speakers were close friends of mine, and I couldn't be more proud of them. My friend sang the senior song on stage, and I never knew she was so talented. Though I was irritated when our Valedictorian came on stage. Shes a friend of mine as well. However, the graduates sitting behind me were making fake Chinese sayings to make fun of her Chinese ethnicity. It disgusts me how people can't have some respect including high school graduates during ceremony. After a couple of minutes, we walked onto the stage for that diploma handing. I kinda accidentally almost tripped on stage.:lol: Sigh of relief when the ceremony was coming to an end. We moved our tassels to the left and the Arena went crazy. I could see some friends of mine dancing like crazy. I threw up my cap and cheered like a crazy Asian. Memory I won't forget for the rest of my life. Congratulations Class of 2007! We made it through the year.

Gamespot Going Ons: Well I'm still a Bionic Commando, though it won't take long til I reach Radiant Silvergun. The NFL Union and NCAA Football Union are still quite active, and its nice. I know some of you guys on there too well. You guys are f***ing awesome! Other than that, I've been promoted to Officer on The Anime Fans Union. Quite nice there, we just need some more active members to grow. I'm sure it will happen eventually. Also, I'd like to apologize to my friends here on Gamespot. I haven't been as active, so I haven't put as much blog comments as I usually do. I'm trying my best. I know its a pain in the ass to type these up.

Until next time guys and gals.....

Last Official Day for Seniors at my School was Today

Last Day of School: Well I can say I survived all these years of school. Today, May 11th was the last official day for the Seniors of 2007 at my high school. Its been real nice and the years just came by so fast. Emotions ran a tiny bit in some people I know. So many people I met in elementary/middle school and still have strong friendships with in senior year of high school. Signing some yearbooks last minute was kinda difficult. I can never figure out exactly which words I need to say sometimes. Though I got it done. Everyone started to write messages on the board in Calculus class. I wasn't suprised by some of the retarded messages I saw. lol As for me, I wrote "Great Year with Great Memories" and signed my name. Hopefully the undeclassmen at the end of the day respect that board just for today. Everyone pretty much left during lunch time at 10:30am. As I left the school, I honked my car's horn in the parking lot. It caused a chain reaction, and the seniors who attended school today responded by honking their horns too. We kept up the noise for a good 5-10 minutes as we left the parking lot. I'd like to say that the memories were great and I won't forget them.

Whats Planned for the Upcoming Days: I still have an AP Physics Exam on Monday and AP Language Exam on Wednesday. I'll see a lot of people I know on those days, seeing as how a good chunk of my friends are in the AP classes with me. Hopefully I'll do good and get college credit. Friday "May 18th" is the day I pick up my cap and gown from school. I'll see some bastards who were difficult to find in getting my yearbook signed. And the Grand Finale is Graduation on May 22nd. Definitely can't wait for that moment in my life.

I'll have updates on this stuff in another blog. Thanks for those who've read. Some of you guys are seniors as well right now, or experienced the final days of high schools in recent years. Finishing high school is an achievement in life, and I'd like to say congratulations to all of you. And to those who have yet to enter your senior year.......... Your day will come.

Disney's Senior Grad Nite, 10 School Days Left, NFL Draft

Senior Splash: On Friday it was Senior Splash which is an annual pool party held near the end of the year for my high school's senior class. It was nice seeing some errr skin:oops:, and we threw 7 teachers and 1 cop into the pool. Though I got pegged by a football while I was in the pool.

Disney's Senior Grad Nite: Well my school was one of the 300+ high schools that went to Grad Nite at Disney World on April 28th-29th. For those whom don't know what it is, its an exclusive all night event hosted by Disney for graduating senior classes.

Grad Nite

I had a good time, though it coulda been a hell a lot better. For one thing, the buses were an hour late of their arrivial time to our school. It took awhile to finally leave the school, and by the time we arrived there we had missed the Blast Off Party at Animal Kingdom. The school didn't get us food coupons, so all our meals cost money. Though some good things did happen. It was fun after all, and its a nice thing to remember with my friends. Saw some good looking girls there from other parts of Florida and other states. Makes me pissed I limit my choice of girls by living in Jacksonville. Besides rides, a lot of areas in Disney were converted into Night Clubs for the night and there were concerts. Lots of dry humping I tell you. The Mark Twain River Boat was converted into a Night Club as well. My group got onto it, though we didn't have a nice time. It was way too crowded, and I ended up near a sausage fest. :evil: My high school warned us before going, not to attend the Foam Party. School warned of fights with other schools and possible raping. Of course, my group attended that, and I had fun showing some skin. I took off my shirt for a little bit and yeah..........:oops: Bumped into some friends from our school and we were wild there. Though I think a quart of foam is in my system. Rides like Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Railroad, and Space Mountain were nice as well. Some of my friends never even rode roller coasters before, and were pissing their pants on the rides. :lol: Two of my other friends decided to randomly do Party Boy from the series Jackass on random people, rubbing on them etc. Some girls were big fans of it. It was a very long night, and we left the park at 5am. I wish I could do it again. I'll make sure to avoid the sausage fest on that Mark Twain Party Boat and look for nice female ass.

10 School Days Left: Time really goes by fast as hell. My senior year is coming to a close, and I don't know what to think. Exams are coming up as well. Got my report card today too, with all Cs except an A in English AP. At least I'm not getting Ds and Fs anymore.

NFL Draft: Sadly for me the NFL Draft took place during my Grad Nite. Oh well, there will be other Drafts in the future, I only go to one Grad Nite. The Brady Quinn drop suprised me, and I laughed my ass off when Miami picked Ted Ginn Jr. I was interested in the idea of Jags getting Quinn, but it didn't happen. Stanton, Kolb, Edwards, and Beck were the other QBs I was hoping the Jags would get. That didn't happen either. Oh well, because Reggie Nelson will be a great fit in Jacksonville. Plus he was a part of the Championship for Florida. Hell Yeah. It is about time I'm not pissed off about the 1st round draft pick by Jacksonville. I'm sure Justin Durant our 2nd rounder will do well also, because Jacksonville always picks a great 2nd rounder.