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Few More Hours and I Can Legally Drink...

Yep its my 21st birthday tomorrow. Blogging this now, because I don't expect to be online tomorrow. Gonna go out with some friends for food, then get wasted later in the night. Hopefully I find a competent designated driver...... Other than that, summer has been alright for the most part. FIFA World Cup is on, go USA! Toy Story 3 comes out tomorrow too, but I'll get around to watching that next week. Hoping summer is going for you guys too.

Its My 20th Birthday... Woot?

Well I just turned 20 today. I've been on this planet for 2 decades now. Gonna celebrate tonight with some friends. One more year and I'll be legal for some good ole alcohol. Makes watching football games so much better at times. Other than that, summer has been generally alright so far. Beach has been nice as well as the weather. I'm taking summer classes and doing okay. Still job hunting, haven't found anything yet. Oh and I'd be real grateful if some of you guys stop sending me Union Invites. I'm already happy with what I'm already a member of. Take care everyone

Me=Depressed I HATE February

February yet again becomes the month that kicks me in the ass emotionally. Check my rant about February from last year for more details on the other years. Anyways, I won't be on Gamespot for some time. I need some alone time right now. To keep a long story short, "She already has someone in her life." I'll see you guys later.

Summer Is Over.......Damn It.........Kinda Long Rant

2nd Year of College: Summer break ended for me a week ago. Though I guess things aren't all too bad. First week of college has gone by smoothly so far. It was nice to see my friends again, and enjoy all the great eye candy on campus. My classes are as followed....

  • Themes and Type: Summer of Love "Literature of the 1960s" - Mon, Wed, Fri
  • General Biology I - Tues, Thurs
  • General Biology I Lab - Wed
  • Calculus for Business - Mon, Wed
  • Introduction of Procedural and Visual Programming - Tues, Thurs

My feelings on my classes is kind of mixed. My literature course isn't going to be too bad. Its simply literature about the Counterculture, Vietnam, Drugs, etc of the 1960s. Professor is an obvious hippie and it probably won't be too bad. Once I get the class out of the way, no more English classes ever again. General Biology doesn't seem so bad either, professor really knows how to hold lechures well. So taking notes and learning the material isn't difficult at all. Calculus for Business is a little bit of concern for me. Its a prereq for my major so I shouldn't screw things up. So far we're going over review and I did really well in College Algebra over the summer. But I'm rusty on things, and the professor is confusing at times explaining material. As for my Programming class, *!(#($)(#*$#@)$!. The professor is like a machine and talks to the board, I have no idea what she is talking about. I'll have to do a lot of self work and figure out stuff on my own it seems. Too bad she is the only person teaching this damn Prereq of mine.

Mother Nature PMSing Alot: Man Mother Nature is a real b1tch lately. Hurricane season is well under way. Tropical Storm Fay hit Jacksonville earlier this month, and it did quite some damage in the area. Luckily for my family, the only significant thing that happened for us were that our fruit trees were flooded under the pond water out back. Other families had trees crashing through their house or had major flooding in Jacksonville.

Hurricane Gustav however, seems to be a real disaster waiting to strike. I feel bad for the people living in Louisiana. Mother Nature is cruel as hell.

NCAA and NFL Football: I've waited way too long for the seasons to finally arrive. Florida did real well against Hawaii, up next is Miami. Hoping that Percy Harvin comes back 100%. Go Gators!

As for the Jaguars, I spent the summer following all the Off-Season blah blah and attended Training Camps, etc. Didn't really get any autographs though, disappointed me a bit. I still have questions on the WR position. Jerry Porter and Reggie Williams have been limited in practice due to injury. It concerns me somewhat. Derrick Harvey's holdout was such retarded drama in Jacksonville. So many whiners and complainers. I'm glad he finally f***ing signed. Hopefully the season goes well for the Jaguars. I'm tired of the critics and retarded fans that don't show up at games. Damn it if theres another blackout, I'm going to kill myself or something. And Los Angelos you can go suck on something. The Jags are staying in Jacksonville.

Gamespot Updates: Lets see I've upgraded to level 39 Max Force. Love the rank name, its from Advance War games which kick ass. Also, Gamespot has long since changed their layout since my last blog. I don't mind most of the changes, but they could of done a lot better. Damn it where are the Union updates?

I'm Finally on Vacation

Yep, my summer term in college is finally over. I was studying for Finals being the main reason I haven't really been active on Gamespot lately. Its nice to be back I guess. And just in time for E3.....

Gimme Birthday Cake

Its my birthday tomorrow "the 18th", I'm turning 19 years old. Woot? Don't expect much in presents from anyone. I did ask one of my best friends if he could make me a free sandwich for my birthday because he works at a sub shop. He told me to go screw myself, so meh. Two more years and counting til I can get drunk off my ass legally. I can't wait....

Other than that, the summer term of college has been going smoothly. I'm getting mostly As in my assignments. I just can't wait for July 11th to come by so I can finally get some vacation. Still currently unemployed, my parents really are pressuring me to help "contribute" to the family. I'm a lazy bastard.

Spring Term of College Over

Its nice to finally get my spring courses out of the way. I finished up my exams last week and I'm hoping I did alright for the most part. 18 page papers and studying for exams are a real b*tch in college. I'll have a week of vacation before I start my summer term. Thankfully for me I was able to get summer courses that will end in early July. Some of my buddies are unfortunate enough to have summer courses that take up their entire summer. Better them than me eh? On a side note, I reached level 36 Radical Ninja a few days ago. Whoopie. Oh and I played GTAIV at my friend's house for a little bit. I really want that game, I need money. Speaking of money, I'm hoping to get a job over the summer. I have absolutely no job experience and I'm hoping some employer out there is willing to hire a lazy Asian. *crosses fingers*

Five Things You May Not Know About Me and a Few Other Updates

Fives Things You May Not Know About Me:

Hmmm I got tagged by Mrs_Sesshomaru so here goes.....

  • 1.I was nominated Most Friendliest during my high school senior year. So my kindness isn't just here on Gamespot folks. Its in real life too.
  • 2.I'm Khmer, which is an Asian ethnic group that is the majority ethnicity of the county of Cambodia located near Thailand and Vietnam
  • 3.During my freshman year of high school I got suspended from high school for throwing a 2x4 at someone. I should have punched him in the face instead.
  • 4.In 8th grade I got surgery on my tongue. Since I was born up to that point, I couldn't stick my tongue out of my mouth or move it because the tip was attached to the bottom of my mouth. My friends considered it hillarious.
  • 5.I enjoy grinding with ladies

I tag whoever is willing to be tagged.....

Gamespot: Woot I've achieved level 35 Stiches for the 2nd time. Nice to finally get here again. I've been modded so many times its prevented me from getting here. Repeating level 34 five times was such a pain in the ass.

Bomb Scare on Campus: So there was a bomb scare at the University of North Florida campus last Thursday. Half of the entire school was evacuated and the bomb squad was called in. I was home at the time of the incident, my friend Drunkenmasta called me to turn on the news. When I was watching it, I knew it just had to be some sort of joke or mistake. I was correct, it was simply a stupid art project. Nice to see all the things settled down. Cl@sess were cancelled that day, so it was nice. Everyone got a good laugh out of it..

Jim Gaffigan Coming To UNF: Woooo! Jim Gaffigan a hillarious stand-up comedian is performing at my campus this upcoming Saturday. I just bought a ticket to see the show today, and I can't wait to see him. He is hillarious. Some of you may remember me making a blog update about Demetri Martin coming to my campus. He was hillarious as well and thousands of people showed up. I'm pretty sure this will be a sucess as well. I can't wait to laugh my ass off. You may remember Jim Gaffigan from some of the Sierra Mist commercials.


11111 Posts and Spring Break

Woooo I got 11111 posts.


Other than that, its currently Spring Break right now. Its about damn time too. I've needed some vacation time away from cl@sses. Kinda busy spring break though. I've got an exam right after the break, so I'm studying for that and I've got to turn in a paper when I get back. Meh, university life sucks sometimes. March Madness is here as well. Gators didn't do jack **** this year so they aren't going. Oh well. Other than that, how is everyone doing? I haven't made a blog in a long time.

February Tends To Piss Me Off

I hate this month. Too much bad things tend to happen to me or people involved in my life. Mainly because of the week of Valentine's Day. I've lost a friend over stupid love problems with her, another friend almost died in a car accident 2 years ago during the week, and I this happened to my car on Valentine's Day last year.......


Some of you may remember that blog from a year ago, about my car accident on Valentine's Day. I didn't show a picture then though. Doesn't my car have such a sweet adorable smile?:|

As for this upcoming week, I'll have a project, quizzes, and an exam this week. DAH! Just let me die, its bad enough I'm a lonely bastard without no woman in my life. I want to go cry myself to sleep and slit my wrists. Though there is some good news, Demetri Martin is coming to my college's campus for a stand-up comedy show. I LOVE HIS COMEDY! I seriously can't wait to see him, "for free". WOOT! For those who are unfamilar with the name, hes one of those correspondants on The Daily Show with John Stewart that does Trend Spotting. In his stand-up comedy he uses an easel to show some of his jokes, he's very unique and hillarious. He was rated #11 on Comedy Central's most recent poll 2 weeks ago. Woot! Heres a picture of him...


I recommend Youtubing his stuff, I love him. As for you guys, does this month tend to suck for you too? Or is your love life eventful enough for a fun month?