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I must say I am quite impressed with the Wii. I can see why people who never even game at all go for it. It's just so easy to pick up and play and it really brings you into the game. It gives you more of a role. I got a chance to play Wii Sports, Twilight Princess, and Red Steel.

Wii Sports -- I really like what they did with this game. It truly is the best "come-with-console" game ever.I HATE BOXING! lol. My shoulder is so sore. :D

Twilight -- This game is a beauty and it shows what the Wii can do graphicwise. The Wii doesn't have the best graphics but it gets the job done. I love what the Wii remote brings to the table. Twilight Princess is a  great game and I highly recommend it.

Red Steel -- I wasn't particularly impressed with this one. The multiplayer just wan't good at all. Shooters have no place on the Wii in my opinion. Shooters suck SOOO bad on it!!! Fukin hard to aim! I guess you'll overcome this with lots of play time but Red Steel doesn''t engross you enough for you to play it very long.


Parma-Roma 2-2

Roma secured a position in the semifinals of the Coppa Italia! They will now play AC Milan (beat them) and then play the inter merda!

Eustace Soccer Team's First Win!!!

This is Eustace's first ever soccer team in school history and we won the first game 3-2.

I GOT THE FIRST GOAL IN SCHOOL HISTORY! so we're all pretty phyched about that.  A good friend of mine got the first assist.  :)

It has been hard for our school to get soccer going because of the other coaches wanting to silence us because they feel it will take away some of their good players (we are only a 3A high school) but we have silenced them with a win in our first game!! it was against a 4A school too :). Friday we play another game against a 4A school. I'll post then.

scoring a goal is one of the best feelings in the world...

Games i got for christmas yay!

GRAW,  Call of Duty 2, Gears of War, FEAR, and i bought my dad the lastest Tiger Woods golf game so i guess you could count that.  :)

So far me and a friend have beaten Gears of War on casual. That game looks so nice..... and I'm on the last mission in call of duty 2 which is a great game by the way. I haven't gotten around to FEAR.  yet. :)

Roma - Palermo 4-0

ah redemption from the 3-0 loss to lazio..  :)

found a good streaming website that lets you watch european soccer games. im totally pchyed....

Xbox 360 for Christmas!!! woot!

I'm getting an xbox 360 for christmas with gears of war and call of duty 3!!  :D

 Wish List Top 5:

1. Oblivion (360)

2. LOTR The Battle for Middle Earth (360)

3. The Godfather  (360)

4. Dead Rising (360)

5. Fifa 07 (360)


Roma-Valencia 1-0 !!

YES!!! Roma has advanced to the knockout phase of the champions league for the first time ever and we're now on an 8 game win streak!

Panucci tapped it in the net in the 13th min.


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