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Well I Went Ahead....

And got a wireless adapter for my Xbox 360. So if any of you have an Xbox live gamertag and haven't added me yet. Then add me and I will be happy to add you back. :) Just look for AxelSora2007. Hope everyone is doing good..I know I am not on this site that much anymore. :| It is kind of sad really..stupid work. :| But you can find me on the PSN though I am always on there playing the same games I always play. :lol: But anyways just thought I would make a short quick blog to say hey, and to see if anybody would like to add me to there Xbox list of friends. :) I will see ya guys around!

Need Advice from people that have Xbox Live

What is going on guys? Hope everything is well. :) I have a question for anybody that has Xbox Live. For Christmas my mom bought me a Kincet and Dance Central 3. :D :D I then went and bought the other two games in this collection. And of course there is Downloadable content for these games. But here is my thing... If I got Xbox live I would have to buy a Wireless Connection for my Xbox because my internet is though the phone line. And there is no connection close for me to use a wired connection. If I did get a Xbox Gold, and then I got some downloads, do I have to keep up with my Gold status just to keep using the stuff I downloaded? I just HATE to spend all this money and things not really be worth it in the end. I know Microsoft likes to get you for every cent they can. :roll: But I just want to hear what every one says about this kind of thing. Thanks for any kind of advice that you can give me. :) I will see you guys around! :D ~C-Mill

~It's a Wonderful Day for Pie!~

Long time no talk GS! :shock: I hope you haven't thought that I have left because I really haven't. :P I have been rather busy though. Watching movies, playing video games, watching tv shows and watching more anime. You might have noticed that I have changed my icon to Disney version of Stewie. :D I just recently saw the episode Road to Multiverse and when I saw them go to the Disney universe I had to make a icon and a sig. :D To cute!  And of course the reason for my blog title is right here if you like to hear the song they sing while they are in the Disney universe. It's a Wonderful Day for Pie  As for watching movies, I have went and seen Wreck It Ralph with my brother a couple of days after it was released.  All I have to say was this was an awesome movie. Being a gamer you can really appreciate a movie like this because it is such an original idea. And I am SO looking forward to this movie:  I mean I loved Lord of the Rings..I mean I have the two different versions of it. :| :P So this will be a movie I will be going and seeing for the month of December. Also sat and watched: Princess and the Frog Batman Begins Tangled Brave  Now let's see about the whole game thing..I have went and bought a lot of new games but I haven't really finished them all. :lol: Resident Evil 5 Little Big Planet 2 Fallout 3 GOTY Edition Lego Lord of the Rings Fallout New Vegas Bioshock Uncharted 3 Rock Band Blitz  With tv shows I have gotten into watching Family Guy I have bought seasons 1-8 right now. And I started to watch The Big Bang Theory as well..I love Sheldon he is just so funny. :lol: I even went and bought a shirt from FYE of the show. It is Sheldon's theory of how to start a friendship.   But the BIGGEST thing I have been up too is watching different animes! :shock: I never thought that I would sit and watch theses animes but thanks to resident4evil aka my little brother. :P And his HUGE anime collection I have expanded my anime watching list. Here is what I have watched so far...  Air Watched the whole series and the extra OVA Episodes, this one was really good, and it threw me for a loop at the end wasn't really expecting the ending to be like that!!  Angel Beats Watched the whole series and the OVA Episode, a lot of action in this one. And a lot of learning of how to accept things.  Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan This one didn't take long to watch, :lol: But all 13 episodes are non stop craziness. "Pipiru Piru Piru Pipiru Pi!"  Clannad Only seen the first season of this...I have to wait for my brother to watch season 2 before I can watch it. :(  Ergo Proxy What can I say about this one...this was the first anime I ever watched that was set in the future. At least I want to say it was. :| But there was a lot of twists and turns in this one that keeps you on your toes.  Honey and Clover Watched up until the end of season 2 which was the first 24 episodes. Just a sweet story but of course I am still wondering who is going to end up with Hagu?  Kampfer This was one of the most randomness animes I have ever seen! :shock: And the crazy thing was I enjoyed every minute of it.  Kanon Oh my goodness! This story made me guess until the very end. And the one story of Makoto made me cry :cry: And the ending of it was really a hard hit!! :o
 Karin Great little story if you like to watch a vampire that gives blood instead of takes blood from humans. OH FYI watch it in Japanese because the English version is just awful. :| Only funny thing that Karin says in English is "Oh it's so embarrassing!"  Princess Jellyfish Who would of thought that a boy could be so smart and even dress up like a girl as well. :o This was just a great anime. I should really borrow it again or get my own copy of it. :P  Midori Days My brother put this in one day just to watch it. And after the first couple of episodes I had to see the rest. :lol: I mean how interesting would it be to be the right hand of a person you love? Nothing could go wrong right??  Squid Girl Invade! Invade! Invade! What could happen when a girl from the sea tries to take over the world by herself? A lot of crazy things.  Toradora I watched a couple of episodes of this and wasn't interested. :| BUT after watching Kanon and Clannad I decided to give it one more try. And I am glad I did, but of course from the beginning I knew the ending of the story really. :P But the ride was really great. :)  Betrayal Knows My Name I started to read this before I watched the anime. It is only in Japaneses as far as I know right now. But I like this series because it reminds me of Black Butler. Because Luka is a demon and he watches over a young boy name Yuki. But of course there is a different spin on this series. :P
 Besides watching anime I read ALL of Fullmetal Alchemist manga. All I can say is WOW, :shock: The book is FAR better then the first season anime that they made. I mean there is stuff in the books that will make you go WHAT?! I am so glad my brother let me borrow it so I could read all 27 books. :D  So yeah...I have been VERY busy with anime. :lol: But I have taken a rest from it right now. I need to watch some anime that either has drama, comedy or even something scary. Because I have watched enough romantic animes. :| They almost make me depressed..since I can't seem to find anyone. :cry: :( But oh well I won't bore you with all that. But anyways if you have made it all the way to this spot!! Congrats! :D Sebastian will be glad to take your soul now, :twisted: :lol: KIDDING! :P But I am going to wrap this up though. Thanks for stopping by and reading. Until the next time I feel the urge to blog. See ya!

If This Is The 'Last Dance'...Then Save It For Me Sebastian

I would so love to dance with Sebastian *goes off in her own dream world.........* OOh sorry....So how is everyone???It has been another long time for me not to blog again. Let's see what has gone on with little old me.  Well I just had a birthday....I turned 26 this year...and I don't really feel that old. I guess that is a good thing?? My birthday wasn't the best really. First it landed on Father's Day and I had to work. But I didn't get to work the good shift which is the day shift..I had to work the night because I was close on hours. So I didn't make as much. Really lame...and then I didn't go out or anything. It was pretty lame..I mean it was great getting all the birthday wishes for my co-workers. :) But I guess when you get to a certain age it is just another day really. But I toke the next three days off which today is my last day. But I made up for it though, with SHOPPING! :D :D Yep went bought clothes, my wonderful mom bought me some new curtains for my room and a BRAND NEW Laptop. :D :D I am using it right now and I love it. :D I got this one, Samsung Laptop  I guess you guys noticed that my profile has changed up??? Yeah...I am really into Sebastian like baaaddd. :lol: I guess as bad as my Itachi and Sasuke fetish. :? Yeah I love Black Butler a lot, :P I am re watching season 1 again...but the second time around though everything is making more sense. You see a certain scene and the second time your like Ooohh that is why they did that. Makes sense now. :lol: Oh yeah before I forget I am on Anime Planet..I don't know if anyone else is though? Of course I have the same name as I do on here Colmillios if you are on there add me. :)  Gaming wise I finally got my Platinum in Fallout 3. :D Yep I finally got out of that BIG wasteland. But now I have moved over to the desert. And I got the Ultimate Edition of Fallout New Vegas. In other words it already has all the DLC on it. I have only done a couple of things in the game right now though. It seems to be a lot more complex then Fallout 3, which will make it very interesting to play. Of course you can still see me playing Rock Band 3...yeah most likely never get tired of that one. :lol:  Well I don't know what else to really say. :( But I did see something fun I could do again that was in a previous blog! :D It is kind of like those tag things but you guys don't have to if you don't want too. :P 1. Put Your iTunes (or other music player) on Shuffle. 2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer. 3. You must write down the name of the song no matter how silly it sounds! 4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name. 1. If someone says, "Is this okay?" You say So Happy by Theory of a Deadman (That works! :P) 2. How would you describe yourself? My Own Worst Enemy by Lit (Umm sometimes true) 3. What do you like in a guy/girl? Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer (I always love the first kiss!) 4. How do you feel today? Sick by Evanscence (Umm not today I don't :? ) 5. What is your life's purpose? Mickey by Toni Basil (Because he is just so FINE! :lol: )  6. What is your motto? Control by Puddle of Mudd (I agree I like my control) 7. What do your friends think of you? Lullaby by Shawn Mullins (Aww this could be sweet right?) 8. What do you think of your parents? How by Maroon 5 (How could I live without my parents??) 9. What do you think about very often? Billionaire by Travie McCoy (Of course!! Everyone wants to be rich!) 10. What is 2 + 2? It Will Rain by Bruno Mars (Well that is interesting...)  11. What do you think of your best friend? Your Star by Evanescence (Well my best friend would be a star) 12. What do you think of the person you like? Pearl by Katy Perry (The song has a different message, but the title works.) 13. What is your life story? Swimming Home by Evanescene (Awww....) 14. What do you want to be when you grow up? Stutter by Maroon 5 (Ha ha I don't won't to stutter!) 15. What do you think of when you see the person you like? Love Bites (So Do I) (Ha ha this FITS! :lol: )  16. What will you dance to at your wedding? California Girls by Katy Perry (Umm no :lol: ) 17, What will they play at your funeral? Love is Hell by Theory of A Deadman (It is...yes it is...) 18. What is your hobby/interest? I Want You by Savage Garden (I do want a man! :o :( :lol: ) 19. What is your biggest fear? Orange Colored Sky by Natalie Cole (:lol: It would be interesting to long as nothing bad made it that color. :| ) 20. What is your biggest secret? Still Doll by Kanon Wakeshima (Vampire Knight Ending Theme right here...and it can work.) 21. What do you think of your friends? Last Friday Night by Katy Perry (I have never partied that hard...yet!) 22. What will you put as the title? Last Dance by The Raveonettes Well there you have it..that was fun. :lol: If it looks like something you would want to do then feel free to copy and do it in your own blog. :) Well I am done now...I finally did an old vintage looonng Colmillios' blog. :D :P But see you guys around your blogs!

Well It Seems To Be The Same Old Same Old...*Sigh*

Hello,  Is anybody still around here??? It has been 3 months now since I have even written a blog.  In my last blog I was talking about how I was watching a whole bunch of different animes. I have still been busy doing that reading and watching different ones every time I get time off of work.  I did get to read the whole manga of Black Cat thanks to my brother resident4evil05..he has the whole series I think it toke me less then 2 weeks to read the whole thing. And I can see what people are saying that the anime and manga are totally different. And I think I would pick the manga over the anime though. Even though it is so cute to see Train as a cat.   I watched the first season of D. Grayman. I still haven't read any of it though.  I rewatched some old favorites of mine though, I ended up buying them on DVD.  The crazy, loud, fun, and sweet anime of the Wallflower. I have started to buy the manga as well there is 26 books, and I have only gotten 3 of them so far.  And I bought Season 1 and 2 of School Rumble. You got to love this funny and cute anime. I mean it can be hard sometimes to confess your love for someone!  Poor Harima  The next anime I started to watch my brother recommend he thought I would really like it, and so far I do. I just have like 2 or 3 episodes left to watch, but it is called Princess Jellyfish  Click on the title if you want to read about it. Last but not least...I am really late on finding this manga and anime since it started in 2006. But I have started to read, Black Butler  I have only read the first 2 books, but I have the other 6 books on the way. And I also order the anime as well. It will be my first anime that I own on Blu-Ray too.  I am very excited. And if you can see I already have Sebastian as my icon too. He is even in my sig too.  I did have his quote on there, but I don't know how GS feels about the "h" word.  So I kept it off and made this one. I feel like I get rusty if I don't make a sig now and then you know? So what do think about the sig? I know there is a lot of space in it... Original Stock Image  With games though I did get the new Naruto game, and all I have to say is I don't like the substitution thing they did.  I threw a lot of fits just because of that really. I mean the whole game was really great but just having that just made me upset.  And I know it helps you think about how to fight but I am not that kind of person though. And for those of you that have did you all like Killer Bee's story mode??? I found the cut scenes hilarious!    Well I think that is about it for me really...I still need to play AC Revelations too!  I haven't played it since November of last year..I think that is what my PS said in my saves. Really sad if you ask me. Well since I posted a is only fair that I go and check out your guys blogs as well.  But thanks for stopping by and reading my long blog.   Course I have to end with my beloved Uchiha boys too....and it is so cool about what is happening in the new chapters of Naruto!

The Lone Wanderer From Vault 101 Meet a Cowboy That Hates Black Cats???

 Well I have finished...and I decided to give my life to save the poor wasteland and follow in my father's footsteps. It was a great time wondering the wide and vast wasteland finding new places and listening to Galaxy News Radio with Three Dog! But of course I wasn't alone for most of it, I bought along Fawkes with me for a while. But he didn't stick around long though. I decided to go Behemoth hunting, and one of them pretty much beat him to death. :( It was sad to watch him keep getting hit like that. :( But I am playing though it again to get the Karma trophies, and trying to get the 50 speech challenge and I have to place a grenade in some one's pocket. But this time I am being evil, the first play though I did whatever I thought I should do. :lol: So this time it is really fun and plus it helps to know what I can run in to. But I still get scared by things coming up on me out of NO where. :shock: So yeah that is it about Fallout 3 to say the least, :P Oh my favorite song to hear from the radio was this one, :P (Speech 100%) Try it, lol  Now I guess you are wonder about the Cowboy and Black Cat part huh? :P Well I finally watched two new animes! :o :o  I watched Black Cat first. I know the first couple of episodes I was kind of like what? I guess it was because that one girl comes out of no where..and comes in as quickly as she came. I thought she might be in it a little longer. But I do get what her whole purpose was though. I really enjoyed Sven as one of the other main characters, don't get me wrong I liked Train too. :P Creed was something else being a villain and everything, I don't think there is to many words I can really say about him :lol: My brother has told me that the manga is a lot better then the anime. But I did enjoy listening to the music of this anime too, using Classical, Opera was really nice choice for the fighting scenes. If I had to give it a score just based on the anime, because I never read the manga, I would say 8.5/10. :)  I watched Cowboy Bebop after Black Cat. What can I say about this anime? You can really tell this anime was more suited for the guys. :P But hey I sat and watched all 26 episodes. And I had my favorites, like Toys in the Attic, Mushroom Samba, Pierrot le Fou, and Cowboy Funk. I had thought that the villain in this one would show up more often. But of course he was only showing up during the episodes that had two parts. :? But I will say this I did NOT see the ending coming in this one. I was like :o :o What? I mean it made sense but still I didn't think that would happen. And just hearing the soundtrack to this anime can make anyone like it! :D I haven't read the manga version of this either. But I will give this a anime a nice 9/10. :) Next on my list would be, D.Gray-Man  and Rurouni Kenshin  Of course to watch that one I have to wait for my brother to re watch all 91 episodes, :P He finally got season 3 and he wanted to watch it all again, :lol: I want to watch more anime series but of course I have no idea what to watch, :? So if you have ideas or suggestions let me know. I am trying to be very open minded about different animes, :P since I can be so picky and everything. But I think I have wrote enough. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. :) I will see you guys around.

Out of the depths I come to say.....

 What is going on?? LOL. WOW really loooong time no see huh? I guess you all thought I was still in the Wasteland some where huh? Well actually I still am, lol. I have been trying to work on side missions before I finally finish the last mission of the game. And also I have been busy playing, Batman Arkham City. And a little bit of Assassin Creed Revelations.  I am not really motivated about AC like I thought I was going to be....I was playing it last night and found something out that I did not like at all. If you played Brotherhood then you know about the Templar building you have to burn down to get that part of the city. Well they did the same thing here, but now it seems if you do to much illegal activity then they come and take it back, and you have to fight them for it. :evil: Well I did that last night after I opened up shops and they toke that part back after I lost. And now I have to re take it back. :| :| What is up with that?? I found that really annoying. Why couldn't they keep it like it was before??? Once you won..then that is it? That really makes me not even want to put up with it. But most likely I will......  Batman is going ok, I am really close to beating it, if I can ever get though the room where Doctor Strange is. Every time I go in there he sees me and everyone starts shooting at me! I try really hard to do the batclaw grab of weapons but for some reason Batman NEVER hits them. :evil: I mean what gives?? But other then that I think it is pretty cool, I mean having so much room to move around and everything. But I don't really care for all the enemies that are around, and the planes are a little annoying. If you have beat the game already do those things go away so you can do side missions? Or do they stick around? And of course the Joker part in this is always great, lol. I know his fight and Ra's al Ghul's was fun. (Insert Sarcastic Laugh Here)  Lets see, life is going pretty good. I am still at my job been there for a full year now! :shock: And I am still into my Naruto and Vampire Knight. :D :D I actually bought two more wall scrolls of that series and another Death Note one too, :lol: Umm sorry I haven't really been on here to read your guys blogs. :( If there is one I really need to read then just let me know in the comments and I will be sure to leave you a comment. ;) Well until next time you guys. :) Whenever that will be, :P Thanks for reading, and sorry it was so short and to the point really. If you leave me questions about anything I will be sure and comment back to you. And if you have any gaming tips on those two games I mentioned by all means SHARE! :D :D

I Haven Been Bit By The Fallout Bug 0_0

What is going on guys? Well first things first..I got my internet! :D :D So now I can actually get on here when I want. And I have already been on the PSN. :P Some of you have seen me on there. And I guess you guys have seen I have been playing Fallout 3. Yep...never thought I would play a game like this but I decided it was time for me to try. And thanks to my brother aka resident4evil for letting me borrow it. :) ****SPOILER alert for those that have never played****  I have found my dad and I went all the way back to Rivet City on FOOT by the way. :lol: I read later in the game guide I borrowed from my brother that I could have fast traveled. :roll: Oh well..just means I got more XP and I even leveled up too. :lol: And now I can do the mission with my dad doing something about fixing the water supply. :?  But I have had some pretty interesting times already playing this game. :lol: I have almost died from a Super Munant (sp?) that had a missile. I actually killed him with a frag grenade and had a little help from people from Big Town. I also found out that playing this game at night is not a good idea.....:| Yes I think I made myself scared because I was down in the Metro Station and it is just dark (yes I had my flash light on too)...and of course you have those feral ghouls  :| :| Scary no??Then there is that really scary kind of music that you hear in the background as well. And I have found out that even though I am playing on easy...those Raider people have like the best aim ever. :evil: I mean they have killed me twice. I hate the ones that have the flame throwers or any kind of rocket launchers!! :cry:  Funny little thing is that my brother helped me out with learning about certain things. Like for example I can't carry everything that I see, :lol: He was looking though my stuff and seen that I picked up cups, teddy bears, toy cars, leather belts just to name a few things. And he is like you don't really need all of this stuff right yet. I was like ooohh I thought I could use some things to make stuff. Which he told me I can but I have to find the papers or whatever to help make it. The game is so complex that it is crazy...and finding ammo is the most hardest thing it seems to me. :| Or maybe I am just a lousy shot and I keep loosing all my ammo..which I am really. :lol: But Collie you can use the V.A.T.S. system....  Yes I know about the V.A.T.S. system and I use it too when I ever I have the chance. But sometimes it is just a lousy shot. I have picked the perk to help with having better aim though. :) I have picked so far for my perks, Black Widow, Intense Training, and Educated. My highest thing right now is Science and Medical. Which can help out with certain things of course.  But I think this place right here that I have shown above has been the best thing so far that I have gotten to do. :lol: It is really sad but I did have a lot of fun going around and being the Pint Sized Slasher. So yea...I use to be good, but after all of that I lost a lot of karma. I mean I did every little nasty deed that "Betty" wanted me to do. And then of course I read on the next page over after I started to get rid of everyone that I could have saved the town. :| :| I mean come on book put this kind of thing before you tell me to do all the evil things! But oh well....I had fun and I can always get my karma back easily enough.  But that is all I have done so far, and I know there is a TON of stuff to do with side missions and just discovering places as well. If I knew I could remember all that I did when I played I would do like a diary of my day in the Wasteland, :lol: But anyways I think I have wrote enough, what do you guys think? But thanks for always stopping by and reading my blogs. I really need to get back into reading your guys blogs as well. I miss you guys. :( And I need to get caught up with what is going on with you guys. So if you like you can tell me what you have been up too as well. :) Well here is to seeing you guys more often. :D I will see you around!!!

I'm Movin On Up...Oh Movin On Up!

What is going on guys? :D This is going to be rather short, and just thought I would tell you guys for the 411. I got myself an apartment. :D :D That is right! I started to move in on Thursday of last week. And now I finally got all my stuff together and it is looking nice. :D I got a nice 2 bedroom apartment that is on the 3rd floor of course. :lol: Can't seem to get away from those. But anyways I wanted to say I have NO internet access right now. I had to come over to my parents house to write this blog. But as for when I will get it. :? :? I have no clue, I am looking into seeing who has the best deals here in town. But anyways that is my BIG news for this blog. :D Just thought I would tell you guys so you know I haven't totally left too. Well I will see you guys around. :D

Do You Know Why A Raven Is Like A Writing Desk?

Well do you know? If you have seen the new Alice In Wonderland then you know where my blog title comes from. :) Well long time no write you guys. I know I kind of left you all hanging with my last blog. Sorry about that..I was just having some issues and I needed to hear some advice from an outside source. I guess things are going ok for now....I am still working my butt off. And I forgot to mention that I am a free woman now. My whole divorce was final on July 1st. So I have been a single woman for over a month now. But anyways...I am now on the hunt for an apartment. :D But they are really expensive around here for a one bedroom. So only time will tell if I find something good or not.

 In other news of purchases and things like that, I have just went and bought some more movies and even Cd's. I usually never buy cd's but here recently I have.

 Alice In Wonderland on Blu-Ray and DVD  Alice In Wonderland Soundtrack  Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides Soundtrack  Now That Is What I Call Music Volume 39  Weird Al The Essential 2 Cd set  No Doubt Greatest Hits  Toy Story 3 Blu-Ray and DVD

 Well that is it for those....and I have gotten into a NEW anime, :o Well it is not really new it has been around a while. I just heard good things about it and decided to check it out for myself. :)  Vampire Knight, :D Yes I have been bitten by this series...and I really do enjoy it. :) I ended up going and buying the manga box set that had up to volume 10 and then I bought 11 and 12. :) I also have the complete first season on order from Right Stuff. Vampire Knight DVD Complete Series And then I have a nice little wall scroll coming my way as well. :lol: I think it will go good with my Kyohei one. :D :P Zero and Kaname Wall Scroll Also I started to watch another anime called Baka Test or something like that, :lol: My brother ordered it because he heard about it from some people on here. It is really crazy but funny anime. I still need to watch the last 3 episodes of it though.  Well I guess that is pretty much the update on me...I forgot to even blog about the fact that I have been on this website for 5 years now, :lol: My little anniversary was on July 18th. :o So it has been a while now...almost a month really. I really need to get on here and blog more often. I did get on here and look at your guys blogs too since I haven't done that in a while. :) Well I think I wrote enough. Have fun and enjoy going back to school for those that have too. I will see you guys around!