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No more virus yay!

Well my computer is finally cleen of any infections and im back just in time for e3 i will bring back my union now that its summer and my last exam was today (well atleast for this year) hopufully NFS and my other officers dident give up on it :D

I has Been infect by a Virus


My computer crashed the other day:cry: i wont be on as much because my labtop wireless sucks:( it will be a while befor im back on regulary oh and BTW James 014 sorry for missing the game night

on a brighter side i have a new emblem for voting for gamespot on peoles voice webby awards :D anyways see yah

Im back!!!

Well im back it was nice to be gone for a few days i had an amazing time though our chaprones got us a little lost during the trip lol and when i went back to school today i had missed 5 tests and alot of work so that really sucks but on the bright side i now have XBL gold for 13 months :D:D:D:D:D

Off to San Francisco

well tomarrow morningi leave for San Francisco i get 2 days off from schoo but the only downside to it is that i have to be at the airport @5AM which means i have to wake up at 3 AM :x anyways dont expect any posting from me untill next tuesday, on BTW NFS your incharge of the union while im gone Se yah next week PPL

Spring break

Ugh finally Mid-terms are over, No school ,and my girlfrend isnt mad at me anymore :yay So whats everyone up to for spring break? (if u have it now)

So next week im going away with my high school band and whewre going to San francisco! im so exicited i cant wait!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D(hopefuly my union wont die while im away :))

Birthday and one year on GS

Well Today is my birthday and when i got home from school today i found this wating for me on my computer desk:

The HP touchSmart PC this computert isamazing i love it :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Also i was looking at my profile and i realised that on Feb 16 it was my one year anniversy on GS i forgot to blog about it :oops:

Anyways every one have some cake!:D

I need some peoples help, Please

Hey whats up everyone my union the 8th generation in gaming is Dying if anyone could help us out and try and revie it that would be great and i know some of my frends are involved with 30+ unions or dont have alot of time on there hands.This union is a really great union and im going to put in a lot of time trying to revive it before it dies so if u have some free time please help us out :D

The 8th Genration In Gaming Union

On a lighter note my birthday is in 2 weeks on march 20th :D

Level 21 baby!

ugh finally level 20 is over with! i can see why they called it metal slime:lol: i was stuck on that level for a while

Im back and refreshed

as most people know i have been away for a while because of problems with my internet, job, and school but now im back and i got an early b day gift Photoshop CSf master collection and tablet softwhere !!!!!!!!!!!! im so excited to try it out :D the new hedder and Banner where constructed in Fireworks