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Namco You BASTARDS!!!!

Why in the world would they release Ace Combat 6 on Xbox 360, when 90% of the Ace Combat fan base are Playstation fans. Also everyone that knows Ace Combat would expect it to be on PS3 anyway since the others were on other "Playstation" consoles. If they keep this game as a 360 exclusive then they're guaranteed to lose alot of their fan base.  Who really wants to have to learn a completely different control scheme when they're already confortable with the one they have? I personally think Xbox controllers suck when it comes to flying games.

Ace Combat PS3

Man I'm hoping they announce this game soon. I expect alot of things to be done right this time too like the takeoffs and landings should be more realistic. The sense of speed should be greater at low altitude also plus you know the PS3 will have the best graphics to date anyway so you know Ace Combat PS3 is going to be better than that Over G that Xbox has which I don't see as all that great. I mean the planes look fine but the ground textures are not. Another thing I'm looking for is Online Play yea u kno u want it too lol. Ace Combat has to come online because I want to be able to actually fly with and against other fighters in ranked battles. I'm ready its all i'm basically waiting for. They should hold massive Naval battles online where you have to go against another country and take out they're whole Fleet and the only way to reload for more ammo is to land on the carrier and reload. Matches like that would be the best then people can join Squadrons and hold battles too. Well like I said i'm waiting for any news on Ace Combat PS3 and i'm on it.