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Penny Arcade Expo 2007

So I really don't know why I'm posting this, and I doubt anybody will even see or read it, but hey what the hell right?

Basically, this is going to be from PAX07, held last August in Seattle, WA. I live in the area, so it's not much traveling for me to get there. Me and my buddy Rob were interviewed by Ryan MacDonald durring PAX last year, and even though I think the interview kinda sucked, it was pretty cool seeing ourselves in two videos here on Gamespot. The other one was durring the demo of Penny Arcade Adventures, we were just standing right next to them while they were doing the demo. It was pretty cool.

So anyway, I'm going to post a few pics I snapped of you guys. HA! But, since it's not letting me post the pictures here, I'll post links...

So this first one shows Ryan MacDonald interviewing another guy right after he interviewed us.

The next one will show something I saw in Gamespots little booth there.

Oh, and sorry Ricardo, but I had to.

So yeah, it was definately fun, I can't wait for PAX08. And to whoever from Gamespot is going to be there, watch out, cuz I'll be lookin for ya.