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Late Friend Invites

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Sorry I haven't been accepting tracks, I've accepted all 53 tracks and tracked back so hopefully I didn't miss anybody. Once again sorry it took so long, been away from GS for a while

Summer Time

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Summer time means no more classes and full time work for me. I won't be around the gundam mecha union much so I ask the mods for help once again, you guys have been doing a great job as I notice we are still getting a fair amount of new members. However, the problem seems to be that plenty of people join but nobody posts :p.

Hopeful I'll find some free time next week and I'll try to get stuff going again.

Merry Christmas

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Hope everybody is enjoying their holiday.

Got a whole bunch of best buy giftcards and this

Thanks to my cousin -Tissot-

Mass Effect

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Just beat the game last night and WOW what a great game indeed. I was a little disappointed with the lack of an "epic" feel, to me it was missing something. Nevertheless it was a great game and I took me aorund 30hours to get to level 50 on normal.

Going to start my second playthrough as a renegade :twisted:

so very broke...

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Gah November has been a crazy month for gaming, let's see I purchased

- Guitar Hero 3 w/guitar (needed a extra one)

- Assassin's Creed

- Call of Duty 4

- Super Mario Galaxy

- Mass Effect Limited Edition

lol and I still wanted to get the new trauma center game for the wii and rock bandfor the 360 (thank God it got delayed till December for Canada), but I guess I will need to hold up since I've been spending too much on games and Christimas is coming up so I need to save up.

This isn't exactly the best time to be playing games either I have 2 assignments due this week, another essay and asisignment for next week and final exams coming up in 3 weeks. Good fun.:cry:

Almost finished the fight

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So my 360 returns in time for halo 3. It has the 2nd heatsink and the benq drive which doesnt seem quieter as people claim. 1 more level to go and I'll replay on legendary with my cousin over live.

Bloody Xbox

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Perhaps its teh hot weather (35 degrees celcius)or it could be the latest forza 2 patch but the darn thing forze up twice today. No red rings yet but I did get a few disk read errors a few weeks ago playing enchanted arms. Hopefully I won't have to call up MS to get the thing repaired, there are too many good games coming out in the next few months x.x

Thankfully I have my wii which I am still enjoying. I'm still very hooked on Zelda and just finished the *spoilers* temple of time dungeon *endspoilers* I still have a few operations left for Trauma Center so that should be enough untill metroid comes out later this month.

Finally the PS3, I am very very tempted to buy it, however I probably should save my money for tuition and stuff x.x maybe when the rumbleaxis gets announced.

2 more weeks of work left, then I go back to being part-time and start getting ready for lectures again. Its been a while since I've been in school *read old blog entries* and its probably going to take me another 2 years before I can graduate and another 3 years after that for law school, much studying awaits which means i should probably save my money :(. I guess I could spend spend spend when I get that "dream" job :D

ps. hot weather means its probably a good time to start painting some gunpla models. MIGHT start my freedom or sword stike kit. check back later for updates

I have returned

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Well, sort of.  I guess I have to learn how to move on with my life.  Its tough being an only child as it seems like I have to carry most of the burden now.  I know my dad is probably in a better place now and he'll be watch over us.  I'm sure as time passes things will get better, hopefully.


On the gaming front I finally managed to find a Wii and I picked up Zelda along with it. having fun

Dad in hospital

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well his pnumonia got pretty serious so now he is in intensive care at the hospital, well he has been for almost 2 weeks.  I'll be back when things are ok again.  Mods please manage the union for me.  Yes to both affliation requests