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The Destruction of Spiderman

Many people didn't care for the Spiderman films.

I DID. In fact, I love them. They're some of my favorite movies, not only because Spidey is my favorite hero, but because I loved how the stories blended in everyday problems with the action. Not very many superhero movies do this. In Spiderman 1,2, and 3, I cared for Peter because he was a geek (like me) with regular problems. My heart ached when his uncle died. I fell in love with Aunt May, one of the sweetest and most caring women who only wants Peter to be happy.

the touching free toaster scene

And Mary Jane...I wanted so desperately for Pete to be with her, and in that dreary moment when he hits her at the club (3rd movie) I wanted to throw up.

star gazing

In other words, yeah I liked the action sequences, but deep down I found the humane moments, the scenes with normal Peter, MJ, Aunt May, Harry, to be just as satisfying!

And now Hollywood is killing Spiderman.

Out with Sam Raimi, in with some idiot who thinks the story needs a reboot, needs to take a "new direction". Bull.

I'm heartbroken. Not only will they completely re-cast everybody, they're choking the story and making a totally different movie all together.

At the end of the 3rd film, Harry dies and MJ, without saying a word, forgives Peter and the two share a lovely embrace. What a beautiful scene!

Well, what happens next?! I guess we'll never find out, because this new Spiderman, which I consider more of a spin off than a reboot, is throwing all of that good stuff out the door.

Heck, I doubt they'll even keep Danny Elfman's music/theme!

I could seriously kill someone right now, that's how furious I am. Don't you get it?! I don't want more action, I don't want a gritty tone, I definitely don't want a prequel, and I most assuredly don't want a reboot.

Uuuuuugggghhhhh!!!!!!!! (bangs head against computer):cry: