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Spy Kids 4, TRON 3, How To Train Your Dragon 2, Nintendo 3DS 1

First item of business: Spy Kids 4.

Wait...Jessica Alba?

WTF. First of all they're not kids anymore. Second, the first three movies sucked. Third, it will probably be in 3D which is even more painful. And fourth, THEY'RE NOT KIDS ANYMORE!

You might be asking why there's a big photo of Jessica Alba. Well...she's in Spy Kids 4, for what reason I have no idea.

Next: TRON 3

Tron 3

Disney Pictures has hired Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, Lost writers/co-executive producers, to write TRON 3.

Kistis and Horowitz, who worked on the script for this year's TRON: Legacy, will work on a follow-up story with a view to rounding the revamped sci-fi series into a new trilogy, says The Hollywood Reporter.

There has been no further information about the project because it is still in early process, but insiders have suggested that Disney wants "to round the story into a trilogy" with "Legacy" as the beginning.

This means TRON: Legacy would be the first of three movies...a TRON trilogy.

This would also mean that TRON 3 is actually TRON 2 in the new TRON trilogy. Sounds like they've completely forgotten the original TRON...maybe because it has really bad special effects, or maybe the acting was corny, or maybe people noticed the discs are really frisbees and that the light bikes can't possible make 90 degree turns like that.

Whatever the case, I just hope Disney follows through with this because I personally loved TRON: Legacy and I would very much like to see 2 more movies. More action, more technology, more sexy outfits!

How To Train Your Dragon 2


I loved HTTYD, and I would really like to see where Dreamworks would take a sequel, given the events of the first film and the situation we find Hiccup in now (I won't say specifically in case you haven't seen the movie, but for those who have I think you know what I'm talking about).

HTTYD was a mature and emotional movie and it constantly reached higher ground, pushing the boundaries and expectations of what a computer-animated movie can achieve.

Because of this, a second movie would be spectacular. I think Dreamworks will make another one simply to make more money; the first film was a huge success in that regard.

Last: Nintendo 3DS 1

the screens are different sizes...?

I stapled a 1 at the end of 3DS because you never know how the device will work out. Nintendo might release it and suddenly there's problems, so they would fix the handheld and then ship those out.

However, Nintendo is pretty much solid in the good quality and durability of their products, so I don't think we have cause to worry too much.

My only probable complaint: why did Nintendo have to make the 3DS so shiny?

There's gonna be a lot of fingerprints...grrrrrrrrrr.

Oh...and the un-even-ness of the screen sizes/proportions is going to bug me