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Princess Tutu, FFXII, and AVATAR 3-Disc Extended Blu-Ray

Pico, Lilly, and Duck: 3 girls I'm in love with

My current obsessions:

1: Princess Tutu

26 episodes of magical ballet. A duck who becomes a human girl to save her one true love. An ancient tale unfinished and spiralling into crazy proportions. A prince without a heart, a heart shattered and consumed by the world around him. This is Princess Tutu, a brilliant, charming, and wonderful anime about love, ballet, friendship, forced marriage, talking animals, scary grandpas, forbidden loves, and magical transformations, all set to famous tunes and well-known ballet music. I am freaking out right now. *spin, tip toe to the left, leap!*


2: Final Fantasy XII

This game keeps getting better and better. Its epic, engaging, and cinematic. Its also my favorite Final Fantasy game.

a new scene in the extened cut

3: AVATAR 3-Disc Extended Blu-Ray

Coming November 16th, the three disc blu-ray edition is also an extended cut of the film. Not just the special edition, which added around 8 minutes to the movie. This extended cut adds much more, I believe around 20 to 30 minutes, including an alternate opening on Earth and an alternate ending. I am very excited, because I loved Avatar and saw it 5 times in theaters.

Plus this gives me hope that Director James Cameron will finally release a more complete edition of Titanic, with all the deleted scenes added back into the film, pushing the run time to around 4 hours. I really, really, REALLY want a Titanic Extended cut!