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11th: Sectoid

dear gamespot blog thing,

I seem to have leveled up very quickly and without my knowledge, skipping level 6 now I'm at level 7.


Sounds like a dirty word, wonder what it means. Let me research it, hold tight for a moment....

....listen to this!

Their appearance seems to be based on the Greys of popular culture.

Sectoids are typically the first aliens the player encounters and among the easiest to kill. Sectoids are typically armed with standard alien weaponry and while Sectoid soldiers have no special abilities, Sectoid Leaders and Sectoid Commanders can have psionic abilities. Sectoids are neither particularly resistant or vulnerable to any specific form of attack. When the player encounters Sectoids on alien terror missions, base attacks or at large UFOs they are usually accompanied by at least one Cyberdisc.

An aquatic offshoot, the Aquatoid, appears in X-COM: Terror from the Deep, although in-game details suggest the Sectoids may have been the offshoot. Sectoid also appears as a Level 7 rank on CNET Networks GameSpot and were also seen in the screenshots from the unreleased title X-COM: Alliance.

Learn something new every day. Hmmm, so I have no special abilities and am easy to kill. After all, it doesn't say I'm a sectoid leader or a sectoid commander. It just says....sectoid. Gee, thanks gamespot.

Well, at least I now know my place a bit better.

But I'm not too discouraged, because my birthday is coming up! Yay!

On top of that, Phantasy Star 0 is coming out and I think I might get it.

Just saw Paranormal Activity, not super scary, just kinda creepy. At one moment, the people behind us were laughing, which made me laugh because their laughs sounded funny. Like they were grown adults and they couldn't stop belching it out. I think they were laughing at the part when she gets dragged off the bed.

Well, its all fun and games for the audience. But what if it was YOU who was getting dragged into the hallway? I don't think they would be laughing then....or maybe they would. That would be funny, but off-setting too....



10th: New Review!

dear gamespot blog thing,

I have to make this quick, not much time before, well, never mind...

I just reviewed Nostalgia on the DS. Check out my review!

Also, I would recommend you see Astro Boy. Its a cute movie and it makes me glad to be a geek.

Oh, and I got my gameinformer magazine, finally. Just so happens its all ripped and banged up. Go figure!


9th: Nostalgia

dear gamespot blog thing,

Nostalgia, my new DS game, is kinda interesting. It definitely goes back to the RPG's of old, in the sense that it feels very classic, almost like Golden Sun. The story is rather generic, unfortunately, and I admit that I was hoping for something better.

However, maybe my expectations were too high. Nonetheless, its a fun game and I'm glad I own it, though it does resemble Skies of Arcadia on many, MANY levels. For example, both games allow you to fly a ship in the air. Both games take you to a desert town. In both games, while your in the desert town, you have to go to a bar and meet a lady. Even some of the colors used for the main characters are the same in both games.

Hmmmmmmm..........oh well! Yay for Skies of Arcadia and hooray for Nostalgia!

gamespot blog thing, once I'm pretty far in the game and have gotten a good feel for it, I will write a review. So just hold tight.

Also, I can't wait for Ninokuni: The Another World to come out, even though there's no release date for the USA yet. But still, when it comes out in Japan, I will know deep inside that progress is happening.

Not to mention the orchestral score composed by Joe Hisaishi! Man, I can't wait to get my ears on that! That's the reason why the DS card will be the biggest ever made. Doesn't that sound awesome?!

Have you seen AstroBoy yet? I want to see it. In fact, I don't know if you know this, but I'm sort of an anime geek. I own, adore, and watch all of Hayao Miyazaki's films. My favorite is Howl's Moving Castle, but I also like Spirited Away, Ponyo, Laputa: Castle In The Sky, Nausicaa, and Whisper of the Heart, even though the latter wasn't made by Hayao. :P

Plus, my birthday is coming up. What kind of cake should I have?

I am now level 5, and my job says......tapper?

Let me google that one, hold on a sec.......

oh yes, I remember hearing about that game in my gameinformer magazine!

:( I'm thinking about my magazine, and how it STILL HASN'T ARRIVED! :evil:

Well, gotta go do some laundry now. I love you.


8th: Unexpected Turn Of Events

Dear gamespot blog thing,

Today I received a call from gamestop, claiming that my copy of Nostalgia was available to pick up.

I was shocked!

So I hurried my toosh along and grabbed it. No hard feelings, but I gotta go and play it now. I finally get to become an adventurer and save the explorer father I never had!


7th: Bad News

Dear gamespot blog thing,

Still no gameinformer magazine.

I've given up hope on that. :(

On top of that, I just discovered that Nostalgia is coming out on the 27th, NOT the 22nd. I was so excited... :cry:

Plus, I watched the new episode of glee and felt bad for Sue. And Will and Emma....ugh! Why can't people love who they wanna love?! I hate relationships.

Yesterday I had some pop tarts with frosting on them. That is like the best dessert ever!

Well, at least my birthday is coming soon. (November 14). Knowing my luck, however, it will either be moved to a later date or not come at all.


6th: ?uoy era erehw

Dear gamespotblog thing,

I'm going crazy. I need my magazine and I need it RIGHT NOW!!!

I just checked the mail and it wasn't there.

What should I do? Did they run out of copies and I am just one of the unlucky ones?

Did they send my magazine to a different country by mistake?

Did gameinformer quit making magazines?

Did the mail lady REALLY steal it?

Until I have my magazine, I'm afraid I don't feel too motivated to work on my gamespot level.

You can scold me and scuz me, I don't care. At least I'm taking the time to talk with you!


5th: gLee

Dear gamespot blog thing,

Still no gameinformer magazine.

I am now at level 4, and am a paperboy. Which is odd, considering the whole gameinformer/mailbox/mail lady business. I simply know this: if I were a true paperboy, I would have successfully delivered my gameinformer magazine.

Just got done watching the next episode of gLee. Wow, things are getting good! But when Will finds out that his wife is fakin the cake that's bakin, I'm not so sure he'll be too happy. Plus, in this episode Sue and Will fight, but more importantly, they grow in a way. However, I don't know if Sue is faking the kind act or not...

Sorry this is a short blog entry, but I've got nothing else to say.


4th: Bleh

...Dear gamespot blog thing,

Bleh. Double Bleh.

Still no gameinformer magazine. I'm beginning to have unclean thoughts about the mail lady.

Maybe she stole it. Or maybe she spilled her soda pop on it while reading it, rendering it unusable. Or maybe she lost it in her steel bin.

Whatever the case, I'm beginning to lose hope.

Not all of life has wilted, though. I got Drag Me To Hell! What a great film! I clap for you, Sam Raimi. The movie pushes itself out of the slasher-horror rut that all other films flow towards and goes in a direction seldom used by shows today.

In other words, Drag Me To Hell is classic scary action. And its kinda gross too.

My profile rank says Mediator. I wonder what that means...

Gamespot blog thing, do you ever think I'll reach level 100? Or maybe even level 50 would be nice...heck, I'd settle for level 5!

But then I begin to question this entire situation. What does it REALLY matter what level I'm on? I'm depressed. The purpose of life itself is starting to crumble.

But wait...yes! A light shines brightly in the dark distance!

What does it say? Hmmm.....yes! It says Nostalgia!

Which reminds me, I pre-boughtthe game yesterday. Now all I have to do is wait a little bit, then go pick it up. Maybe THEN I'll have my magazine as well.

Ever had a Blueberry Muffin Pop Tart?


3rd: Can't Wait Any Longer

Dear gamespot blog thing,

Yesterday I waited impatiently for my new gameinformer magazine, only to discover absolutely nothing in my mailbox. But don't fret; I'm not going tobecome an anti-mail-est and seek revenge on the mail lady. Yesterday turned out to be a holiday....(don't know how that one slipped past me)......and so the mail lady decided to take the day off. I'm okay with that I guess, but now I'm still waiting for that darned magazine.

However, not all hope has been trampled upon. Drag Me To Hell has still been released, and I'm impatiently waiting to get a copy!

Then tomorrow, something miraculous will take place in my living room. Glee will come on Fox 13. Oh, what a beautiful thing this is. It feels me with pleasure.

Today my toast was cold, and the honey had burrowed its way down into the depths of the bread. When I picked up the toast, my hand became sticky, and I realized that the honey was escaping THROUGH the bread. I was angry, but oh well. Not all breakfast food cooperates I suppose...

Still haven't seen Zombieland. In fact, there are several films I need to see. Would you like a list?

Whip It, Zombieland, Shutter Island, The Road, The Stepfather, Where The Wild Things Are, Astro Boy, The Box, The Fourth Kind, 2012, The Blindside, Nine, Ninja Assassin, Old Dogs, The Lovely Bones, Avatar, From Paris With Love

Oh, was I rambling on?! So sorry gamespot blog thing, I will stop myself.

A question emerges: so many films, so little time.

Please answer my question. I will come back later today when I have Drag Me To Hell and hopefully, (fingers crossed tightly) my new gameinformer magazine.


2nd: Upcoming Delights

Dear Gamespot blog thing,

I have wonderful news. Things are coming. Wonderful things. Things that might just change my life forever.

First, my new gameinformer magazine should arrive at my doorstep today. It will be completely re-designed and will have some awesome cover artwork from an upcoming wii game starring mickey mouse.

Second, a dvd, which stands for Digital Video Disc in-case you didn't know gamespot blog thing, is coming out in stores tomorrow. I am, lets say, totally stolked! Can you guess what it is?

No....I will tell you then. It is called Drag Me To Hell. Ever seen it? It is a stunning and disgusting epic.

Third, Nostalgia is coming out. I feel Nostalgic when I tell you this...have you told you this before?

Last, in 2010 a new Ace Attorney game will grace my DSi. It will involve Miles Edgeworth, that sleek and sly man who fought with Phoenix.

Blog thing, thanks for listening. I hope you and I can become better friends and put our differences aside, both ethnical and religiously.

See you tomorrow, with my copy of Drag Me To Hell and gameinformer in hand.


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