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3D DS Coming March 2011?

Is a 3D DS coming out next year? Yep, Nintendo just announced it!

Its currently called the Nintendo 3DS, and from what I've heard it sounds amazing.

It will play all your DS games.

And you don't need 3D glasses.

The 3D part might be similar to a game they already have on the DSi. Using the camera, the system tracks where you are and how you're viewing the screens. So if you were to tilt your 3DS to the side, the camera would locate where you are and then change the images.

Therefore you'd be able to see whats behind, say, Mario as you're playing, just by tilting the DS. The end result makes it look like your DS screens are a sort of "window" into the game, so there is a ton of depth, it looks very real. It is way awesome!

This is only based on the footage I saw on, which looks pretty cool. Go check it out for yourself!