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Let Me In

Let Me In. Fantastic movie, looks superb on Blu-ray 1080p HD. Any one else agree? ...about the fantastic movie part...or the 1080p HD I guess...either one

Spy Kids 4, TRON 3, How To Train Your Dragon 2, Nintendo 3DS 1

First item of business: Spy Kids 4.

Wait...Jessica Alba?

WTF. First of all they're not kids anymore. Second, the first three movies sucked. Third, it will probably be in 3D which is even more painful. And fourth, THEY'RE NOT KIDS ANYMORE!

You might be asking why there's a big photo of Jessica Alba. Well...she's in Spy Kids 4, for what reason I have no idea.

Next: TRON 3

Tron 3

Disney Pictures has hired Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, Lost writers/co-executive producers, to write TRON 3.

Kistis and Horowitz, who worked on the script for this year's TRON: Legacy, will work on a follow-up story with a view to rounding the revamped sci-fi series into a new trilogy, says The Hollywood Reporter.

There has been no further information about the project because it is still in early process, but insiders have suggested that Disney wants "to round the story into a trilogy" with "Legacy" as the beginning.

This means TRON: Legacy would be the first of three movies...a TRON trilogy.

This would also mean that TRON 3 is actually TRON 2 in the new TRON trilogy. Sounds like they've completely forgotten the original TRON...maybe because it has really bad special effects, or maybe the acting was corny, or maybe people noticed the discs are really frisbees and that the light bikes can't possible make 90 degree turns like that.

Whatever the case, I just hope Disney follows through with this because I personally loved TRON: Legacy and I would very much like to see 2 more movies. More action, more technology, more sexy outfits!

How To Train Your Dragon 2


I loved HTTYD, and I would really like to see where Dreamworks would take a sequel, given the events of the first film and the situation we find Hiccup in now (I won't say specifically in case you haven't seen the movie, but for those who have I think you know what I'm talking about).

HTTYD was a mature and emotional movie and it constantly reached higher ground, pushing the boundaries and expectations of what a computer-animated movie can achieve.

Because of this, a second movie would be spectacular. I think Dreamworks will make another one simply to make more money; the first film was a huge success in that regard.

Last: Nintendo 3DS 1

the screens are different sizes...?

I stapled a 1 at the end of 3DS because you never know how the device will work out. Nintendo might release it and suddenly there's problems, so they would fix the handheld and then ship those out.

However, Nintendo is pretty much solid in the good quality and durability of their products, so I don't think we have cause to worry too much.

My only probable complaint: why did Nintendo have to make the 3DS so shiny?

There's gonna be a lot of fingerprints...grrrrrrrrrr.

Oh...and the un-even-ness of the screen sizes/proportions is going to bug me

Princess Tutu, FFXII, and AVATAR 3-Disc Extended Blu-Ray

Pico, Lilly, and Duck: 3 girls I'm in love with

My current obsessions:

1: Princess Tutu

26 episodes of magical ballet. A duck who becomes a human girl to save her one true love. An ancient tale unfinished and spiralling into crazy proportions. A prince without a heart, a heart shattered and consumed by the world around him. This is Princess Tutu, a brilliant, charming, and wonderful anime about love, ballet, friendship, forced marriage, talking animals, scary grandpas, forbidden loves, and magical transformations, all set to famous tunes and well-known ballet music. I am freaking out right now. *spin, tip toe to the left, leap!*


2: Final Fantasy XII

This game keeps getting better and better. Its epic, engaging, and cinematic. Its also my favorite Final Fantasy game.

a new scene in the extened cut

3: AVATAR 3-Disc Extended Blu-Ray

Coming November 16th, the three disc blu-ray edition is also an extended cut of the film. Not just the special edition, which added around 8 minutes to the movie. This extended cut adds much more, I believe around 20 to 30 minutes, including an alternate opening on Earth and an alternate ending. I am very excited, because I loved Avatar and saw it 5 times in theaters.

Plus this gives me hope that Director James Cameron will finally release a more complete edition of Titanic, with all the deleted scenes added back into the film, pushing the run time to around 4 hours. I really, really, REALLY want a Titanic Extended cut!

Legend of Zelda Film


I really want to see a Zelda movie made. Not live action, but computer generated, much like FF Advent Children or Resident Evil Degeneration.

It would be amazing because we're all comfortable with the in-game cinematics of a Zelda game, so we wouldn't be as criticising, not as much as if it were a live action film.

It could be just a regular story, introducing the characters and the very neat fantasy creatures that reside within the games.

Oh, and it has to be long. The longer the better; much more epic, like a Lord of the Rings flick. Yes, make it at least 150 minutes long.

Let James Newton Howard compose the musical score, since he is the greatest composer out there.

And bring it to theaters THIS year...:D

Oh my...that would be simply amazing.

3D DS Coming March 2011?

Is a 3D DS coming out next year? Yep, Nintendo just announced it!

Its currently called the Nintendo 3DS, and from what I've heard it sounds amazing.

It will play all your DS games.

And you don't need 3D glasses.

The 3D part might be similar to a game they already have on the DSi. Using the camera, the system tracks where you are and how you're viewing the screens. So if you were to tilt your 3DS to the side, the camera would locate where you are and then change the images.

Therefore you'd be able to see whats behind, say, Mario as you're playing, just by tilting the DS. The end result makes it look like your DS screens are a sort of "window" into the game, so there is a ton of depth, it looks very real. It is way awesome!

This is only based on the footage I saw on, which looks pretty cool. Go check it out for yourself!

Dante's Inferno soundtrack the greatest of all time?


I don't know if you saw my previous blog post titled 30 Greatest Videogame Soundtracks of All Time...but I stated that my number 1 soundtrack was Super Mario Galaxy. I might have overstated it a bit...

After much prayer and thought I realized that Skies of Arcadia's music was my favorite...until now.

I recently bought the soundtrack to Dante's Inferno by Garry Schyman. I have no words to describe how blown away I am. So I'll try my best.

First, this is clearly Schyman's greatest musical work yet. I loved his music in the PSP title Resistance: Retribution, and I even more enjoy his gritty and dark work with the Bioshock games. So I was expecting something similar with Dante's Inferno.

Within the first 3 minutes of listening I realized I had goosebumps running up and down my arms. I stopped what I was doing and just sat there, speechless, listening intently to the music. Such epic depth, so dark I could scream like a little girl.

It never stopped. I listened to the entire score, both CDs. And I believe I've listened to it every day since.

This is without a doubt one of the greatest video game soundtracks ever released. The music hits it's stride early on and continues to pick up speed. Schyman has brilliantly gripped the atmosphere of hell, piecing together creepy sounds with demented whispers, using instruments in ways I've never heard.

The end product is a musical experience with extremely high replay values, and such a grand feel that I find myself being whisked away, slipping easily into the world of Garry's musical images of hell. From the hellish wailing of the whores to the strong choir shouting loudly, I simply can't love it enough.

Its better than any movie/tv soundtrack I've heard in a long time, and I am proud to include it in my top 3 videogame soundtracks of all time. It is currently my favorite, and I predict it will stay that way for years to come.

If you haven't picked this one up, I can't recommend it more. You NEED this music, because something like this doesn't come around very often.

Paper Mario DS, Super Smash Bros DS


I'd like to see these 2 games come to the DS.

Paper Mario would play very nicely on the DS, and I honestly don't know why Nintendo hasn't brought it to the system yet.

The same can be said about the 64's Zelda titles, which would play just fine on the handheld system.

SSB might be a little tricky simply because of the dpad, but it would still be wicked cool, especially with online play/downloadable content. And with the DSi XL coming, it would look great on the big screens.

Which 64 games would you like to see on the DS?

The Destruction of Spiderman

Many people didn't care for the Spiderman films.

I DID. In fact, I love them. They're some of my favorite movies, not only because Spidey is my favorite hero, but because I loved how the stories blended in everyday problems with the action. Not very many superhero movies do this. In Spiderman 1,2, and 3, I cared for Peter because he was a geek (like me) with regular problems. My heart ached when his uncle died. I fell in love with Aunt May, one of the sweetest and most caring women who only wants Peter to be happy.

the touching free toaster scene

And Mary Jane...I wanted so desperately for Pete to be with her, and in that dreary moment when he hits her at the club (3rd movie) I wanted to throw up.

star gazing

In other words, yeah I liked the action sequences, but deep down I found the humane moments, the scenes with normal Peter, MJ, Aunt May, Harry, to be just as satisfying!

And now Hollywood is killing Spiderman.

Out with Sam Raimi, in with some idiot who thinks the story needs a reboot, needs to take a "new direction". Bull.

I'm heartbroken. Not only will they completely re-cast everybody, they're choking the story and making a totally different movie all together.

At the end of the 3rd film, Harry dies and MJ, without saying a word, forgives Peter and the two share a lovely embrace. What a beautiful scene!

Well, what happens next?! I guess we'll never find out, because this new Spiderman, which I consider more of a spin off than a reboot, is throwing all of that good stuff out the door.

Heck, I doubt they'll even keep Danny Elfman's music/theme!

I could seriously kill someone right now, that's how furious I am. Don't you get it?! I don't want more action, I don't want a gritty tone, I definitely don't want a prequel, and I most assuredly don't want a reboot.

Uuuuuugggghhhhh!!!!!!!! (bangs head against computer):cry:

Sands of Destruction TV Series, Ninokuni: The Another World...

Sands of Destruction


I don't know about you, but I think this series looks awesome. I am a big anime fan and play alot of RPGs just for the art design. I think the tv series might be a bit better than the actual game it's based on, though the game isn't THAT bad... The complete series is being released on DVD on January 26th, so I am getting pretty excited.

Ninokuni: The Another World

And lets not forget about Ninokuni! The game is still on my radar, and is actually the one game I'm most looking forward to, even though we haven't got any major news on it. I adore Hayao Miyazaki's work and am thrilled with the idea of a Miyazaki RPG, especially on the DS. I don't care if its easy and geared towards a younger crowd, much like the film Ponyo which was still spectacular, I'm going to play it regardless.

All this anime talk has got me thinking...wouldn't it be cool if Joss Whedon made an anime film with the Firefly/Serenity characters?


I'd also like to see an anime film from Quentin Tarantino, because one of my favorite parts in Kill Bill is the anime scene. I think that would be sick.

Anime scene from Kill Bill VOL.1

Anyways, I can't wait for Sands of Destruction. I also think this is a fantastic idea, to make tv shows based on DS games. I would love to see an anime film or series based on Magical Starsign or even Disgaea. That would be hilarious.


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