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Top Favourite Games List (presented in tiers now)

Hey, so I've finally found a way to describe all of my favorite games without putting it into a list of only ten. Tiers are now the new top ten. So here it goes.

Tier 1: Skyward Sword, Ocarina of Time, San Andreas, Resident Evil 4, Okami, Halo 4, The Legend of Dragoon, Final Fantasy VII

Tier 2: Twilight Princess, The Wind Waker, Pokemon Gold, SSB Melee, The Last Story, Halo Reach, Halo 2, The Thousand Year Door, Yoshi's Island

Tier 3: Dark Dawn, Link's Awakening, Halo 3, Halo CE, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Pikmin 2, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Paper Mario, Yoshi's Island DS

Tier 4: Cave Story 3D, Pikmin, RE Revelations, Mafia II, LA Noire, Bowser's Inside Story, Super Paper Mario

This is it as of now, but I will keep modifying the list as time goes on.

Some updates for reviews

For my reviews, I am now changing replay value into play value as how easy it is to play instead of replay. Because replayability varies for everyone, and I don't like myself speaking for everyone.

What are some categories you think I should add in my reviews?

My Top Ten GameCube games

I'm updating my list for my top GameCube games as I've played more games, and I've realized some other great games I've played.

10. Pikmin

This was my very first strategy game, and honestly it was amazing. I had a hard time with figuring out how I would be able to get all 30 parts for the best ending, but being a nub and watching chuggaconroy, it seriously helped me out.

9. Animal Crossing

The start of a great new game series. Any kid could get home and enjoy this game after a day of school, or get home on a nice winter day with hot chocolate and play it is my favorite way to play it.

8. Kirby Air Ride

I had so much fun with this game when I was younger, especially when I played it with my brother. I thought it was gonna be an adventure game, but still, as a racing game it was fun as heck. I really love the City Trial mode.

7. Four Swords Adventures

I had fun with Four Swords on the GBA, and it finally came to GameCube and this was my very first GameCube game. It was challenging, had a nice variety of levels, and was overall an amazing game and very underlooked for the series.

6. Super Smash Bros Melee

Such a big upgrade from the original. So much to do, and I have countless hours crammed into this game. By far the best game in the series, and a big part of my childhood right here.

5. Pikmin 2

This game took everything that was good about the original and made it even better. No more time limit, better graphics, and a bit of an easier objective. It was so much fun to play through, and satisfying to beat. Should I attempt the Submerged Castle?

4. Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

I've played the other two, loved them, but everyone said this was the best one of them all, and they were right. It improved on everything that made the original great, but the fact that every chapter felt fresh, it was amazing. The music was also pretty sweet.

3. The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker

This game had a big impact on me in my childhood. Playing it just puts a smile on my face, and it's even one of the most emotional games you could ever play. With memorable characters, fantastic music, and bold gameplay, this game is truly a masterpiece!

2. The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

Link was bad *** is this game, no doubt about it. Although it isn't as fun as it used to be, the story was epic, the boss battles were intense, and the ending made me happy. Amazing Zelda game, one of the best.

1. Resident Evil 4

I had this game for months before I actually tried it out. My friend was a master at this game so I felt like a master too as he told me what I needed to know and helped me out when I needed it. Perfect gameplay, a great story, terrific music, this has got to be atleast number two on my top ten games list of all time.

My Top Ten Nintendo Wii Games

Well, here's the list for my favorite console of all time, the Nintendo Wii. There are still games I need to play, but it'd be a tough decision if they could make it on this list, but anyways, here are my top ten Nintendo Wii games. This will also be the first time I cannot choose between two games on the list on which is better.

10. Super Mario Galaxy

This was my very first Wii game, and such a good way to be welcomed to the console. It was so much fun, although at times annoying, I still had a blast playing this game.

9. Animal Crossing City Folk

This game makes me happy. Just a little fantasy world that you can be absorbed into and see what life would be like with all of your animal friends, that's why I love it!

8. Kirby's Epic Yarn

Must I say it? This game was freaking sweet! It wasn't a long game, it wasn't a hard game, but it's goal was something that anyone can enjoy. The art style is unlike ANY you will ever see in a game, and plus, the music relaxes you.

7. Kirby's Return to Dream Land

I loved Kirby's Adventure, and that's basically what this game is. Kirby's Return to Dream Land is the Wii version of one of the greatest NES games of all time, and although at times it can make you mad, it's a very simple game that once again anyone can enjoy.

6. Super Paper Mario

I love this series, and this game took a new approach with the series. Although not many people liked it, I thought it was so much fun. The new way to solve puzzles (while it's a basic idea), can still confuse the heck out of you! Great gameplay, great story, great everything.

5. Mario Kart Wii

Must I say it? SO MUCH FUN! On 50cc it's an easy game, but when you turn it on to 150cc, you're screwed. It's a game that anyone can play, but it's also a game that even hardcore gamers will need to put time and concentration into. Best racing game ever!

4. Super Mario Galaxy 2

This was far better than the first. The levels were WAY better (except Clockwork Ruins Galaxy, worst galaxy in the series), the level design was so much more interesting and fun to play through, and YOSHI!!! Must I mention the music?

3. Super Smash Bros Brawl

It added new modes and some new characters, but plenty of new challenges and unlockables, and I must say it impressed me as much as Melee did. THE BRAWL TO END THEM ALL.

2. Okami

The art style actually looks exactly like a japanese painting, it's a work of art. I cannot describe how beautiful this game is, but also with it's characters, music, and story, and plus it plays just like Zelda!

1. The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

This game is truly a masterpiece, it's the best game of all time. The music, the characters, the gameplay, the graphics, the story, and everything in this game is better than anything out there. The gameplay is the old 3D Zelda gameplay, but after having 1:1 motion control over all of my arsenals, I can never go back to the old 3D Zelda way.

My Top Ten Games of All Time

I've always wondered what my top ten games of all time were, and here they are. Now due note, I only use one game per series, otherwise there would be like only two different game series on this.

10. Pikmin (Nintendo GameCube)

This was my very first strategy game. It requires plenty of multitasking, but it was a lot of fun and when you finally collect all thirty ship pieces, it's a big sigh of relief, awarding the player with the best ending.

9. Conker's Bad Fur Day (Nintendo 64 / XBOX)

Not only was this game downright hilarious, it was fun and made the player feel at home with it's distinct and unnecessary world! Conker the Squirrel is by far the best squirrel there will ever be. This game is just great.

8. Golden Sun Dark Dawn (Nintendo DS)

It took what was great about it's GBA predecessors, and made them much better. Sure, the battles were easier than in previous games, but the puzzles were geniusly designed and clever. I love puzzles, and I had so much fun with this game, this is definitely a must-have for any RPG fans.

7. Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door (Nintendo GameCube)

Although it wasn't a big step up for the series, and played very similar to the original game, the story was fantastic, the music was great, and the chapters were all great in their own way, such as going from getting revenge on a dragon, to becoming the champion of the ring, to being on the moon. It was so much fun, and is by far the greatest Mario game of all time.

6. Pokemon Gold and Silver (Nintendo GameBoy Color)

These weren't my first Pokemon games, but they were by far my top Pokemon games. The story hasn't changed much, but replaying the classics with the good ol' 8bit sound of the GBC is very nostalgic today, and it was just so addicting. Best handheld game ever!

5. Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation 1)

When I was little, I always thought that seeing the opening to this game with Cloud getting off the train was awesome. I finally got myself a copy in 2010, and then I finally beat it about a few months later. The story is confusing, but epic, the battles can be tricky, and some of Nobuo Uematsu's best work is put into this game. By far one of the greatest RPGs out there, especially compared to today's RPGs.

4. Okami (Nintendo Wii)

My friends told me this game was great, and my friend on Youtube, Tyrant, said this is his favorite game ever. I decided to get a copy, and once I started playing, I will admit I wasn't hooked up until the 17th hour, and then I played the game for 15 hours in a day, and 3 hours the next day and finally beat it, so it may have started off slow, but then it gets really intense. It plays and feels like a Zelda game, and the art style is gorgeous!

3. Halo Reach (XBOX 360)

I had so much fun with the campaign in this game. I haven't played the online too much (due to not having XBL), but I've spent countless hours on Firefight, and on this game period. I may not enjoy FPS games that much, and get annoyed with them, but this is the best FPS game there will ever be to me. I'm not even sure if the new Halos will be better (because of 343i taking over, and such), but this game will always be one of the best.

2. The Legend of Dragoon (PlayStation 1)

This is a long game. It takes about 45+ hours to beat, and there are four disks and each disk serves it's own purpose within the entire story, from starting off in a war, to going to find the leader of an extinct race. It's music is great, it's story is the best in any RPG, and the battle system felt very refreshing (especially after beating it right after I beat Final Fantasy VII). This is the best game on any PlayStation platform, and always will be.

1. The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword (Nintendo Wii)

Obviously it was this game. I've been a fan of Zelda ever since I was two / three years old. I waited for this title for such a long time, but when it finally came out, I've never had so much fun with a game in my life. The story was the best ever, the graphics are beautiful (even IF they aren't all HD like their "HD counterparts"), the gameplay was AMAZING and so much fun, and everything else about this game was perfect. This will go down through the ages as a true classic.

My Top Ten Zelda Dungeons

Hey. I'm a lifelong fan of The Legend of Zelda, and to be honest, beating every game and trying to figure out what your top ten favorite dungeons in the game are, wasn't easy, so here are my top ten dungeons in the Zelda franchise.

10. Lakebed Temple (Twilight Princess)

The whole concept of rerouting water throughout the dungeon was a unique idea and executed very well. Definitely a great dungeon!

9. Stone Tower Temple (Majora's Mask)

Now this is where sh** gets real. It's a VERY hard dungeon, and features plenty of mind boggling puzzles even the Zelda elite have never seen before.

8. Tower of the Gods (The Wind Waker)

The music is very nostalgic to hear, and reminds me of that faithful Christmas Eve when I opened up the game. Also, hearing Link actually talk was such a surprise, and has some of the coolest puzzles in series history.

7. Arbiter's Ground (Twilight Princess)

A very creepy dungeon... The puzzles were very fun and were refreshing, and it definitely had that classic Zelda feel to it.

6. Sky Keep (Skyward Sword)

This dungeon just had a mysterious feel to it. The entrance music brings back memories, and shows me why I love Zelda. the whole dungeon itself is a puzzle, like moving around the rooms, it all gets very complex and definitely shows why Skyward Sword was a tough game.

5. Fire Temple (Ocarina of Time)

The music is very epic in this dungeon, and quite frankly, even the chanting music has so much nostalgia. The puzzles were neat, and the boss was awesome, and the whole dungeon was basically sweet.

4. Temple of Time (Twilight Princess)

Whether it was the atmosphere or the boss or the music, this dungeon is one of the reasons why I love Zelda. It was expertly designed, the boss was huge and epic, and the concept and puzzles were great.

3. Spirit Temple (Ocarina of Time)

All I have to say is THE MUSIC. It brings back half of my childhood to me, and just so much nostalgia. The mini bosses were great, and the boss fight was epic too. The concept of being a child and an adult for the dungeon was great, and even in the Master Quest version, this dungeon was insanely confusing.

2. Lanayru Mining Facility (Skyward Sword)

Well, the music once again is outstanding. It's mysterious and beautiful, fits the atmosphere perfectly. Let's take an ancient civilization with even more advanced technology than you would see in the new Zelda's. The design was also the best in series history.

1. Ancient Cistern (Skyward Sword)

The beauty of this dungeon comes from not only it's music, it's design, it's puzzles, and the atmosphere. Seeing the crystal clear waters and then down to the cursed zone below, it is absolutely phenomenal and stands as the best dungeon in series history.

Cocotroid's Top Ten Nintendo 64 Games

Hey! So let's get right to it, the Nintendo 64 is one of the greatest video game consoles of all time, if not, THE GREATEST. It holds so many memories of mine, and I've put countless time into the system. Well, here are my top ten Nintendo 64 games.

10. Donkey Kong 64

Although I've never beaten the game, I've spent many hours on this game and it's quite joyful. It's just looking at what a 3D game was like back in the day, and the nostalgic music really does it for me.

9. Mario Party 2

My brother got this for Christmas one day, and so we started to play it all the time, heck, we had so much fun with this game that we dressed up as Mario and Luigi and pretended to be in the game itself. Very fun game!

8. Lego Racers

This is what I don't get, why does this game have bad reviews on the N64 version but not the PS1 version? I would pick the N64 version anyday. It's honestly very fun and can be challenging at parts, this game was just great!

7. Mario Kart 64

Well, it's the same concept as Super Mario Kart, but instead it's better. Just everything about this game was almost perfect, from it's bold gameplay to it's great level design, this game is one of the best racing games out there.

6. Super Mario 64

Yes, get mad at me fanboys, but this is where I think this game should be. Although I think the camera can be very annoying at times, and the controls pretty slippery, it's still a solid platformer that should be played by any Mario fan.

5. Super Smash Brothers

HECK YEAH! This is where it all started. For a "low budget game", it sure was a fantastic one. Being able to play as your favourite Nintendo characters and battle to the death was a genius concept in my opinion.

4. Conker's Bad Fur Day

LOL, what can I say? From it's graphic cartoon violence, to it's toilet humour, and profanity, this was easily the funniest game I've ever played, and definitely in the top ten games of all time. :D

3. Paper Mario

Well, it's Mario! But this time, he's a paper-like figure and it's a role-playing game. It was perfectly executed, and this is easily the greatest Mario game of all time... (Or atleast until I beat The Thousand Year Door soon...)

2. The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask

This was a perfect sequel to Ocarina of Time! It branched out into an extremely dark and bizarre territory, it is the saddest of all Zelda games, and it was very deep... Perfection!

1. The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Come at me bro. This game IS my childhood, countless hours spent on it back then, and still to this day! The graphics were outstanding when it came out, the music is great and can bring tears to your eyes almost, the gameplay perfected 3D action adventure games or even 3D games in general, and the story is engaging and fantastic. Everything about this game is awesome!

Come at me fanboys. :D

Recent eBay purchases

So I recently turned sixteen, and got a crap load of money. I gained my uncles permission to use his credit card and make a paypal account, and so I started looking up stuff on eBay.

I got myself a copy of The Legend of Dragoon black label edition in perfect condition, proud of that purchase.

I also ordered a copy of Dr. Mario, Conker Live & Reloaded, and just a few moments ago The Legend of Zelda for NES, gold copy, with the box and manual in mint condition.

What came in the mail yesterday was Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door and it was SEALED!!! So, I've got something to occupy my time now. Expect a review for that game.

Now today, I got Yoshi's Island for SNES. The cartridge is in perfect condition, and the box is in about 70/100 condition, also comes with the manual. Then the thing that made me nerdgasm the most, Ocarina of Time Collector's Edition in perfect condition... WITH THE BOX AND MANUAL IN PERFECT CONDITION.

I am happy with my purchases, what do you think?

Old Skyward Sword review

Ever since I heard about a new 3D Zelda title at E3 2009, I was excited after looking at a piece of concept art that showed an adult Link with a mysterious figure behind him. I was pretty much waiting four / five years for this since the release of Twilight Princess, and when I beat it. The wait for E3 2010 killed me, and then it killed me even more because I had to wait until early 2011, and then it wasn't until November of that year that I would get my hands on the game.

I got to the store as soon as it opened on launch day, being the first in line to hold a copy, but COME ON EB Games, did you really need to put a sticker on the limited edition box? Like wow! Anyways, could this entry in the Zelda saga become the best there is? Here is my review of The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword.

If you're looking for a very deep, engaging, emotional story, you're well in luck. It starts off above the clouds in a land called Skyloft, where Link and Zelda (who this time around is not a princess) are getting ready for the Wing Ceremony, after Link wins it, he and Zelda go for a nice flyby of Skyloft, only to have a dark tornado hit and pull Zelda below the clouds. Link has been having strange dreams as well, and when he finally gets below the clouds to find Zelda, he meets up with the main antagonist of this game, Lord Ghirahim. The story fills many plot holes, and this time around, is an origin story.

Motion controls have been done many of times in the games of this generation, but never has a game used them so thoroughly. The gameplay is the most addicting, and best in ANY game I've ever played, and that's saying A LOT. Every battle with an enemy becomes a puzzle, enemies read your stance, and you must read theirs and swipe in the way that they aren't defending themselves with their sword. The combat requires a lot of precision, but once you beat that insanely tough battle, you know it was all worth it. You also have the best, and most clever dungeon design in the series. The puzzles are things that have never been done before, and you use your entire arsenal just to get through each and every dungeon. It really is satisfying once you figure out a mind-boggling puzzle that had you confused and walking around for several straight minutes, which happens a lot.

Are graphics about dark, realistic, mature, and bloody things all over the screen? That's what certain "gamers" think, but that's a lie, you can barely feel as if someone is a gamer if they are a graphics hater. With Skyward Sword, you got the best from The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, blended perfectly, and what ends up to be the most gorgeous art ****in the entire industry. Everything looks downright beautiful, and nothing is ever muddy and sloppy to look at.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 had an amazing soundtrack, but Skyward Sword tops it in that department as well. Many of the themes are very catchy, and you'll even find yourself humming some of the tunes while you go about your day. We go from the Earth Temple theme, the Demon Lord Ghirahim's theme, the Scaldera battle theme, and many more that WILL put a smile on your face.

Twilight Princess, that's the longest Zelda game ever! On that game, the main quest will take you 25-30 hours, and the whole game is about 60 hours. Wait, then here comes Skyward Sword, the main quest takes you 35-40 hours, and the whole game is about 100 plus hours. That's much longer than Twilight Princess. Zelda games are known for their side quests, such as Majora's Mask, but Skyward Sword takes it to a whole new level. They aren't simple "fetch quests" or just "fillers", they are actual quests that put you to work and reward you with goodies at the end.

How many times can you reply a game? Well, Ocarina of Time I've played well over ten times, but Skyward Sword... I could replay it any day, but at the moment I am fully satisfied with it and do not feel the need to go ahead and replay it. But there's a TON of replay value here.

All I can say about this game, is that it defines the word masterpiece. It takes Zelda to new heights, in every way. It can be called flawless, meaning perfect. Ocarina of Time, sorry ol' friend, but you have finally been beaten in what I call the award for the greatest game of all time.

Story: 10
Gameplay: 10
Graphics: 10
Music: 10
Lifetime: 10
Replay Value: 10
Overall: 11 "MASTERPIECE"

I posted this because I have deleted it and now I am writing a new one.

My personal thoughts on Skyward Sword.

So I have been thinking... Skyward Sword, that game... I really can't describe it. I would like to do a re-review of it, but a full on one this time. I'm going to put down some of my personal thoughts here that will be within the review.

Zelda has always been my favorite in terms of gameplay and control. The 3D Zelda's are a prime example of howmuch I love video games, nothing comes close too them for me. With Skyward Sword, it is the same concept for gameplay but with the addition of Wii Motion Plus, the combat has been highly upgraded. You feel as if your sword and controller are one, a relationship I have never had in any other game, EVER. It also adds a lot of challenge to the combat, as previous Zelda games were much simpler, Skyward Sword makes you read your opponents stance and not only do enemies defend, but they react, and it's more like a strategic battle rather than simple button mashing. There are also many and I mean MANY of mind-boggling puzzles, there's several in every single dungeon that will make you wander around until you finally complete it, so the puzzles are also harder in this game. Now, when you look at the gameplay, it looks like Twilight Princess but with a much more gorgeous art style, and it just has a feel that no and I repeat NO Zelda game has ever had.

Zelda has always chosen nice art styles, but Skyward Sword is a prime example at how creative Nintendo is. These graphics are very unique, and I must say GORGEOUS. I have never been so fascinated by how a game's graphics look, I really never care about graphics, but Skyward Sword is the only game that I have been actually stunned at how the art style looks at every place you visit, and how much it helps the cinematic scenes. To me, graphics aren't about how realistic they should appear to be, but rather beautiful... Skyward Sword looks so amazing that I actually spend hours just walking around and appreciating howmuch thought and effort was put into them.

Zelda is my all time favorite game series, and I have so much love for it. Ocarina of Time was my favorite game of all time, ever since I first played it when I was three years old. Twilight Princess was a close second to it, and I was honestly stunned at how amazing those two games were. How could they ever be beaten? Skyward Sword comes out and not only is it the most gorgeous, cinematic, addicting, and fun game ever, it is the GREATEST game ever created. Nintendo put so much effort into this game that I honestly don't think another Zelda game will come close... not for a long time atleast. It took thirteen years for Ocarina of Time to be beaten, so WHO knows how long it will take for Skyward Sword to be beaten. Just by howmuch work and time was put into this game, I am stunned... Not even Ocarina of Time has made me stunned at a point. Calling Skyward Sword the best Zelda game EVER is a huge thing to say, The Legend of Zelda is one of the most popular and iconic series in the HISTORY of gaming. Nintendo, I highly appreciate and I am VERY grateful for the love and care you put into your games... but this brought it to a whole new level. Please remember, The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword is the best game you've ever created, and it will take a long time before it will be surpassed.

I hope that did more justice for my appreciation of the game.