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Thoughts on Left 4 Dead, Valve, Turtle Rock, Evolve and more

Well its been a while since I have logged into this site, I was very surprised by the new set up and how everything is laid out now. So now that I am back there is something I really want to get off my chest about a certain game series and the developers. Those of you who read my awful reviews on Valve/ Turtle Rock's Left 4 Dead games, I have seen a new light and have a new sense of feeling toward them and respect for the developers. Let me say this: Valve is a great developer and have made some great games in the past (Half Life, Team Fortress, Portal) and Left 4 Dead is no exception. My angry and hatred for those games came from me not playing the games right. These games are made to be played with friends and to work together to survive, and I sorely did not do that to its full potential. So over all, Left 4 Dead is good in my eyes, maybe not my cup of tea, but good for everyone else who wants some fun killing zombies.

Now what I am really excited for is the next game that is in development by Turtle Rock and Valve. And that game is Evolve. This game has got me really excited. For those of you who are unaware of this game, Evolve is a cooperative multiplayer shooter being developed by Turtle Rock. The premise is that four players control four different hunters who belong to a specific class (the classes being Assault, Medic, Support, and Trapper). All classes work and play differently and they all have the same goal, hunt down and kill the monster that is hidden in the area. Now here is the twist, the monster isn't an AI its also a person, and creates a four versus one scenario that I haven't seen in a game. The monster starts out as being rather weak and has to consume wild life or other players so it can evolve and grow stronger, and may even turn the tide against the hunters. The hunters have to deal with tracking down the monster sooner rather than later and also have to contend with the hostile wild life and work together to find and kill the creature. With that being said they're some other aspects that I want to address. Like mentioned before, the wild life on the planet(s) is far from safe, some are hostile and will attack the players out right or only when provoked. This will add a whole new layer of strategy and suspense for both the hunters and the monster. It has also been stated that there will be more characters in each class, more monsters, and probably more planets and areas to explore, so the possibilities are huge.

My concerns are mainly the fact that I am wondering how many different characters, monsters, and maps will be available from the start, but a lot of this can be filled in with DLC. On the topic of maps, how large will they be? Too big? Too small? The balancing may be an issue, but we will see in the days to come.

Finally I would like to draw attention to another game called Outrise. At the moment only some concept art exists but it seems a lot similar to Evolve in a sense. The concept of this game is more of a cooperative, Shadow of the Colossus where 15 players are on the ground or vehicles and have to take down a giant machine/monster that is also controlled by a player. This game has its similarities to Evolve but I think they both have enough fresh ideas that they can be both great games and worth checking out.

Well its great to be back and I look forward to writing more reviews and blogs very soon.


Returning for Duty!!!

Well I'm back after being gone for months and months, played lots of games and really wanting to get back into everything again with E3 and the next Generation consoles on the way. More reviews are on the way soon.

Fall 2012 Gaming

Well I can honestly say that it has been a while since I have made a blog. The last one I made was about the Mass Effect 3 beta, well that game has already come and gone and despite what everyone thinks about the ending I still loved it and maybe I will do a blog on the ending. Any way that is not the point, the point now is for me to share the games that I am looking forward to this upcoming fall. Yes it is that time of year again when it gets colder out, the leaves change, and I have to return to class tomorrow...

"Fall is here, hear the yell, back to school, ring the bell."

However not all is lost, because with this fall comes some awesome new games, now I did this last year and I will do it in the same style as before, so here are some games I am looking forward to this fall:

The first one is Assassin's Creed 3:

File:Assassin's Creed III Game Cover.jpg

I have always been a pretty big fan of this series to begin with and I always enjoyed them for what they were worth. Last year I put Revalations on my list and to be honest I was pretty let down with that game, not that it was bad or anything I just don't think it was as good as the second one or Brotherhood. However this one looks like it can top the second one (which I consider the best) with its all new gameplay mechanics, great story, and not to mention a great setting, this game looks like it is sure to be a great one.

The next game is Dishonoered:

File:Dishonored box art Bethesda.jpg

I heard people talk about this game and I always see ads for it in my local gamestop but it wasn't until the other day that I started to watch some of the gameplay demos and trailers. When I did I was sucked in. The gameplay looks like it takes ideas from Deus Ex with the idea of handling levels in a number of different ways, either going stealth, full on action or a little bit of both. I also love the setting, a England inspired steam punk city that just made me want to get this game the day it comes out.

The next game is Halo 4:


I am a huge fan of this series and have loved these games since I got the first two for my PC. Even though it is a different developer I know they will do a good job at making this game great. Although I haven't watched a huge amount of gameplay for this game I know what it will not let me down and I will probably have a huge Halo marathon to catch up on the story.

The last game tonight is Resident Evil 6:


RE4 was amazing and was one of the best games on the last generation of consoles and was just over all an awesome game in both horror and action. RE5 was trying to go for a more action style but I still feel like it was stuck in the middle at times, I still enjoyed it, but not as much as 4. Operation Raccoon City was a huge let down and isn't worth anyone's time. However when I saw the first trailer for this game my jaw dropped at how awesome and action packed it looked. This may not please people who are horror fans, but for me I still will give it a try.

These are the games I am most looking forward to, or at least the ones I can think of right now (I swear I will be in class tomorrow and remember another one XD). Maybe you share the same games as me, or maybe you have something else in mind, I would love to know what you guys are looking forward to.

Mass Effect 3 demo impressions

Those of you that read any of my previous blog posts or reviews will know that I love Mass Effect with a burning passion. To this day Mass Effect 2 is probably one my favorite games of all time. Now when I heard that they were coming out with a demo for Mass Effect 3 I got pretty hyped. After being delayed for about a month I finally got to play through it twice and try out the multiplayer portion of it and all in all... I liked it. The Demo starts off with Shepard meeting up with familar faces; such as Kaiden/Ashley, Anderson and a new character who is going to be a team mate in Mass Effect 3, James. After the events of the Mass Effect 2 DLC Arrival Shepard has been relieved of duty and is being put on trial for destroying an entire star system. As Shepard tries to explain that the Reapers are in fact real, they show up themselves and attack Earth.

Shepard and Anderson then take up arms and escape the doomed planet on the Normandy. Along the way you fight against some familiar enemies such as Husks and a new one called a cannibal which can shoot at you

As you reach the Normandy Anderson decides to stay behind and help any others on Earth, Shepard then departs and says that he will be back for him and that if Shepard wants any hope at stopping the Reapers, he/she will need to get every species to help him/her.

With Earth in ruins the demo then flips to a later part in the game where Shepard and company travel to the Salarian homework to escort some female Krogan to safety. When this section starts you are given two team mates; Garrus and Liara who is making a return since the first game. The facility you are at is soon attacked by a group known as Cerberus, a group who you used to work for but for known reasons have allied themselves with the Reapers.

You fight your way through the area and are able to get a female Krogan out of there safely, who is probably important to the plot. This concludes the single player demo. I thought it was very well done and gives you a good taste at whats to come in only a few short weeks.

There is also some multiplayer action thrown into the demo. It is a four player co-op mode called "Galaxy at War" Where you and up to three other people fight waves of enemies to clear out an area of importance. The mode is like Horde mode in Gears of War where you fight for as long as you can. What makes this mode even better is that you get to play as other species such as: Asari, Krogan, Drell etc. and the multiplayer will effect the single player which sounds awesome.

The Multiplayer isn't all that bad and can be pretty fun for a while. All in all I cannot wait for Mass Effect 3, it has a lot of things going for it and I hope that they will all pay off.

VGA 2011 wrap up

I know I have been pretty lazy with this subject, but now I think I should just wrap this whole thing up.

Worst games I played in 2011:

Call of Jurarez: The Cartel

Duke Nukem Forever

Both of these games are terrible and should be avoided like the black death...

Best games I playedin 2011


InFamous 2

Dead Space 2

Gears of War 3

Saints Row: The Third

LA Noire

VGA 2011: Biggest Surprises

Hello! And welcome to the second day of my video game awards 2011. Last time I looked at the games that were the biggest let downs for me, while they were not the worst games I played, they could have been a lot more. Now I am going to go over the games that were the biggest surprise to me. What I mean is that I wasn't expecting much from this game, but in the end I had a pretty good time with them. Now lets get started, here is the biggest surprises of 2011!!!

The first game is Homefront:

Now I'm sure a lot of people thought that this game was a let down and yeah sure it had a number of flaws such as the gameplay mechanics coming right off the Call of Duty games, a very short single player, and over all not a huge step away from shooters in general. However I found a good story helped by a great atmosphere which is rare to find in first person shooters these days and multiplayer that was not a rip off of Call of Duty and was pretty damn fun. So Homefront goes down as one of my favorite first person shooters of 2011 and I enjoyed it a lot more than any of the Call of Duty games.

The next game on the list is Warhamer 40K:Space Marine:

Before this game came out I thought in the back of my head. "Warhammer? You mean that nerdy game I used to play when I was younger, lame!!!" Yes I used to play the table top game in my younger years and it is pretty fun. Now I wasn't really expecting a good game, I thought it would just be an average hack and slash in the Warhammer 40K universe. After playing it I am now eating my words. This game is probably the best game to play if you want to feel like a true badass just killing hundreds of orks at a time with your axe, then taking out your rifle and killing a few at a distance. This game was a true blast to play and reminded me how cool Warhammer is.

This concludes my biggest surprises of this year and I am interested to know what were the biggest surprises for you was this year? Now the next awards will go to the worst games I played in 2011 and believe me, there were some real stinkers this year.

VGA's 2011: Most disappointing

Hello!! I have finally buckled down and I'm ready to start the 2011 video game awards!! The first category goes to games that I found most disappointing this year. Keep in mind just because I say they are disappointing doesn't mean that they are bad games in any way. Now lets get started!!

The first game is Red Faction Armageddon

Out all the games on this list, this is probably the least disappointing. The first five hours or so I was having a great time, destroying stuff is a blast in this game. There were also improvements in the story compared to Guerrilla's story. But after a while the fun started to wear thin when the game got very hard toward the end and I found myself just running past the enemies. The main problem I have is that it took away the sandbox world of gameplay in favor of a more linear game and this was not a good idea, Guerrilla had a good 20+ hour single player, while this only had 8 hours max. Lastly it got rid of all the fun multiplayer modes that were in the last game for a lame horde mode. While Armageddon was still a good game in its own right and a blast to play at times,it seems like more of a step back for the Red Faction series compared to Guerilla.

The next game on the list is Brink

I wasn't one of the many unlucky people who were looking forward to this game and when it came out I heard about all the ideas it was going to bring to the table. Having a whole bunch of differentkinds of solidersto use, being able to play the entire campagin online,competitively and cooperatively, pulling off some awesome parkour moves, and playing a bunch of series based objectives. All of that hype and promise was just shot right out the window and instead we got an absolute mess. This game feels so unfinished. With its technical problems like texture loading that happens way to often. Its broken AI which is way over powered and stupid. The lack of variety in missions, and having pretty much no story. Now I would probably enjoy this game more if I had actual people playing alongside me, but that is not the case because no one plays this game any more. To be honest this game should have spent another year or so in development because what we got is a half-ass, cooked, mess of what could have been a great game.

The next game is X-Men Destiny


Like Brink this game also had a ton of potential, with its "choice" system whether or not you wanted to side with the X-Men or the the Brotherhood or Mutants and creating your own piece of X-Men lore with your character. But this was brought down by a "choice" system that had pretty much no effect on its already lackluster story. The rest of the game didn't fair much better with itsrepetitive combat and easy boss fights. X-Men Destiny could have been like Mass Effect in the X-Men universe (like I mentioned in my review) but what we got was just a simple button masher that tries to be more than it is.

The last game, and I know I am going to get a ton of hate for this, is (drum roll)........ Crysis 2

This is probably the most over rated, boring, and just over all most disappointing experience in a game that I had all year. The main point in my review for this game was "All flash, no substance" and that pretty much sums up my thoughts about this game. While the graphics are amazing and beautiful to look at, we have a story that makes no sense with its confusing narrative and plot points. Not to mention that gameplay gets old very quickly. My main problem is that I thought this game was suppose to be different from every other shooter out there and to me it felt all the same except this was just down right boring to play with its uninspired variety of weapons, no real vehicle sections, and about only four types on enemies in the game. This game was just a chore to play and when I finished it I was over joyed.

Now before I get attacked by a bunch of losers who don't really know what they are really saying remember this "THIS IS MY OPINION NOT A FACT!" If you like these games than great, I'm glad you could get more fun out of them, even check my reviews for these games some of them have "good" scores. To me these games aren't necessarily bad, there just disappointing (hence the title). Now soon I will post the next awards where I will talk about the biggest surprises I had this year..... Until then tell me what were some disappointments for you?

Christmas 2011

As we all know the other day it was Christmas!!! Yes Christmas, that time of year when families all get together and share their love with one another and have a great time. Now your probably thinking: "Oh, what did ya get, what did ya get?" and well here it is....

The First game was Skyrim:

So far it has been an amazing journey into such a epic fantasy world of great imagination and is one of the best this year.

The next game is Assassin's Creed:Revelations

To be honest compared to the second game and Brotherhood, this one is more of a let down.... However it is still a lot of fun and I'm pretty sad that this will be the final game to feature Ezio.

The final game is Saints Row: The Third

So far this game has been a non-stop, over the top, and awesome thrill ride that is so much fun that anyone who doesn't like this game really needs to rethink their life....

Now that I got all the games that I recieved, time to tell about the some that I bought/preordered

After taking a trip to my local Best Buy I picked up a one year pass to Xbox Live again and I also bought a 20 dollar PSN card and bought an awesome Dark Souls wallpaper and InFamous: Festival of Blood

I just beat it last night, it is only about two hours, but if you are a big fan of InFamous then I say it is worth the ten bucks I paid for it.

Now the other day, after waiting in aline in a packed wall-to-wall Gamestop, I preordered Mass Effect 3


Anyone who knows me personally will know that Mass Effect 2 is my favorite game on the current generation of gaming and is one of my favorite games of all time. So I went out and preordered Mass Effect 3. And not just the regular version, oh no, I preordered the N7 collectors Edition, now I just have to wait.

Now the last thing I would like to say is that soon I will be picking up Gears of War 3: Raam's Shadow, so if anyone is interested in playing on Xbox live then don't be afraid to ask

Anyway, Happy Holidays and feel free to comment and tell me what you got this holiday season.

Video Game Awards: 2011

If you have been keeping up with my previous blogs then you will know that I am having a video game awards for a number of different reasons, good or bad. Now they will start tomorrow and will go on for a little while with a new blog each day. Now the categories: Most disappointing, Biggest surprise, graphical achievements, worst of the year, and best of the year. I would also like to point out I will not be picking just one game because I have not been able to play EVERY big name title this year, so I will only pick games of 2011 that I have played and fit into each category. So who is ready?

Upcoming Reviews and other things

Up Coming Reviews:

Dead Island

Assassin's Creed II

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

That and my awards will be given out either later in the month or early next month on the games of 2011, stay tuned!!!!

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