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Hey guys,

City of Steam is now open and ready to play! All of you can join the game just by registering. Go here and start your journey into Nexus right now!

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This is a repost from City of Steam official website.


Yes, thats two skeletons high-fiving! Were the one on the left, because he has a green light so, hes green lit, get it? right, yeah.

ITY OF STEAM IS GREENLIT!!! And with that we mean we have passed the Greenlight process and are officially in talks with Valve to get City of Steam on Steam at a later time, but that doesnt roll of the tongue as well as CITY OF STEAM IS GREENLIT! so were going with that.

After launching our Greenlight campaign on December 12th last year, weve been actively campaigning to get votes in. We got seriously close in the previous selection phase, but now weve done it! Before we give you the hard stats though, wed first like to thank you all for voting Yes on City of Steam and spreading the word, all 48,757 of you! Without you guys we wouldnt have been able to get on Steam. Like, at all (seriously!).

So, stats!

114,587 people have visited the City of Steam Greenlight page over the last 127 days.
87,648 of those have actually voted, 56% of those, or 48,757 have voted Yes. 43%, or 37,986 (terrible ;) ) humanoid beings, voted No and 905 (2%) decidednext time would be a better moment to choose. Though, through clever and witty PR, we were able to turn a few naysayers around


This put us in the 8th or 9th place (out of the 1195 games campaigning up to that point), were not exactly sure as we were hovering between the two just when we got approved. As 17 other games were also greenlit, we had a nice margin of error going into this round and were super happy that that after about 4 months, we are now finally guaranteed a spot on the Valves huge digital distribution service. Some of the new features we promised (like Jetpacks and some of the new pets) are already going to be in for the next Beta, which we hope to announce dates for within the next few weeks. Work on a Steam (client-based) version of the game will also start soon.

Well be sharing with you what exactly is going to happen on that front, but right now were busy focusing on a few other things that you might find interesting a little something like a test-able build, perhaps?

Again, thank you all very much! Without you none of this wouldve been possible.

Now, on to making those promised additions happen

(Come over and celebrate on the Forum!)


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I'd say Tomb Raider 9, though basically it's not a FPS, you can choose rifles, bows, pistols, etc , I enjoyed the weapon combinations. Also heard that the new DLC will unlock more weapons. So it's all up to you.

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Some of you may already have heard whispers of this on the forum or around the community, but lets make this official, were off to PAX East and GDC San Francisco this year!

Whats that? Youve been living under a rock except for anything CoS-related? No problem, glad to explain what those things are!

PAX (or Penny Arcade Expo) is a festival that celebrates console, computer, and tabletop gaming culture. Its also open to the public, so you dont have to be press or a developer to attend. Many developers and gaming media showcase their stuff here, and so will we! Its in Boston from March 22 to 24, so if youre in the area or already attending, be sure to come check us out at booth 582 (registered under our English-version publishers name, Reality Squared Games). The booth is actually pretty close (or so we hear) to that wonderful place called the Indie Megabooth!

As for GDC (Game Developers Conference), for this one well be hopping on over to San Francisco, right after our stay in Boston, from March 25 to 29 (it will be a loooong trip). As the name suggests, GDC is more developer-focused, a place to share ideas and learn from one another. Although we wont be at a booth this time (unlike last year), well be giving private interviews and game tours to major press who will be around for the event. That, and enjoy great food!

Thats all for now. Well keep you updated, and should have some good stories to tell when we get back. Stay posted, and join in the discussions on our forum.

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This is a repost of City of Steam Content Dev Journal.


The 6 City-States of The Heartlands have never been the most powerful of military forces, but not unlike Canada, theyve always enjoyed relative peace and quiet. In Delton, one of the City-States, the main reason for this is because of the Colossus(the difference being that the Colossus isnt made of delicious maple syrup).

Immensely powerful, the Colossus was made by the Paragons in ancient times and lies dormant, waiting for a time when it is needed to defend against a great threat. Would you like to know more? Please read this about the history of the world of City of Steam and how the Paragons shaped it!

If youve played the game in Closed Beta, youve probably already seen the Colossus of Delton. He is the gargantuan automaton (also referred to as oversized toiler by some) stomping in the foreground, fighting the Songbreaker (the ugly flying dude throwing fireballs at airships) Even though he is part of Deltons daily life, and there are stories of him stirring, zapping and shooting a missile or two at something (or someone), nobody alive today has ever seen him fully awaken. That really only happens in reaction to a coming apocalypse or a massive war lets just say that you want to steer clear of the Colossus and the thing that woke him up, whatever the reason.


This is a rough estimate of how large this thing is

It is said that the Colossus affects and is affected by the general attitude of the people living in the City-State he protects. Deltoners are a very neutral people, which is reflected in the Colossus as it doesnt like being around armies (whoevers they might be). Furthermore, they are cautious, well educated, some might say a little paranoid and with a good sense of danger, probably augmented by living near the Colossus for such a long time (which still makes them sound like Canadians). How much of this comes from influences of either the people or the Colossus itself, no one is sure.

You can see part of this from when the alarms that go off in Delton during the tutorial. The safety protocols are mainly there for non-Delton natives benefit and the really young or old, but in this extreme case, it sort of applies to everyone There was even a lot of debate about the necessity of evacuation plans in the past, which youll know a bit more about if youve played through the Heartlander storyline. Good thing they went ahead with them!

The Colossus itself is an absolutely massive being, armed with a veritable arsenal of high-powered weaponry which includes cannons and a right hook thatll leave a dent the size of a house. In a very early stage in its design, the Colossus was more of a giant-tower monster that unfolded into a multi-armed creature. Finally, we ended up with a more bulky walking-fortress design.


Well, thats it for this time around. Please stay tuned for more coming soon and head over to the forum to talk about your favorite Colossus moments!

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This is a repost from City of Steam Content Dev Journals


Its been a while since our last dev journal, it was the one about the changing of the guards remember that? Well, thats all going to change, for the foreseeable future there is going to be a veritable heap of dev journals, expect four to go up before Chinese New Year (Feb 10th) and us trying to keep up that pace for at least a while. Exciting!

We all want to know what were up against, be it big, small, deadly and/or cute (the cute ones always lure you into a false sense of securitysmart). This is often pretty clear from information available in the game itself. When you encounter a lizard guy called Orbolg Foreman that is carrying around a big mace, hes probably going to hit you with it pretty hard. Only after nearly dying (or even kicking the bucket) because you didnt think hed be THAT dangerous, do you really start getting a sense of what youre dealing with.

What you might not know, however, is how he fits into the world and how he works together with his other Orbolg comrades; this is where the Bestiary comes in pretty handy. Now, before you start randomly clicking around in the Bestiary, try on the blue Species button, first! Now scroll down a little until you see this:


After reading the entry, you now know that Orbolgs are miners by nature and are a rather greedy bunch. They come from the depths below (where else?) and are kind of dumb. If you dig deeper (get it?) by clicking on the picture youll learn that the Foreman is basically the leader of the bunch (umsurprise?) and is the strongest guy around (in abandoned mines, anyway). Scouts act as guards and Sappers are basically just lizardy off-their-rockers Crazy Ivan types that throw dynamite at you in a barely stable mineshaft. Fun!

Now that you know this you are much better prepared to fight them, arent you? (Youll probably die only 7 times instead of 12 now!) What were trying to do with the Bestiary is to give you an out-of-game information pool that allows you to prepare for your coming battles against the creatures of Nexus and to give you an idea of what place they have in the world and its lore, and of course for bragging rights when you boast to your friends about your encyclopedic knowledge of CoS mobs.

Wayne2.jpg "Dude, Grinders totally beat Ratlings in a fight"

Charben3.jpg "No Way"

So now you know what the Bestiary does and how it helps you on your wanton killing sprees, lets get familiar with the Bestiary itself. When you go to the Bestiary (in the sites Gameplay menu), you see this:


You have a choice between Bestiary and Species; Bestiary is for individual creatures, and Species details the families (like Grinders). In the Bestiary, you can also search by first letter (great for CoS related Trivia!).

Weve been back at updating the Bestiary lately, so dont hate us if you encounter any mistakes or bugs, just tell us about it in the forums and well fix it! If you have any requests for a missing mob to get featured, please ask tell us in that thread as well.

Well, thats it for today! Stay tuned for more in the near future, next dev journal should be something colossal!


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Well, the Closed Beta test is long over, and so the Collaborator Packs are ready to follow in their wake. But dont panic just yet! Their final date is Friday, February 1st at 11:59pm PST (Feb 2nd at 2:59am EST), so if you want to grab some Electrumwith all those awesome extras, nows your chance!

Some of you are probably thinking: So what? Ill just wait for the next batch. Well, thats certainly an impression you may have gotten when we phased out the Alpha Collaborator Packs, where we considered ending it then and there, but brought them back for the Closed Beta by popular demand. This time though, this is the lastyoull see of them (for realsies this time)! Of course, Electrum will still be available for in-game purchases (how else would we be able to buy our coffee?)

So what kind of great stuff can you expect from a pack (if you dont already know)? For one, you get the full Electrum value for the amount purchased, but you get even more:


  • - Name Reservation for Beta (dont let some dude take whats yours!)
  • City of Steam Original Soundtrack Download (listen to those tunes wherever you go!)
  • - The New Epoch Digital Roleplaying Books (play CoS in classic pen & paper style)
  • - In-Game Crown and Name Color (for Benefactor and above)
  • - Custom Forum Avatar, Poster Signed by Devs and Exclusive Pet (for Paragons)
  • - And most importantly, you get to make a Toiler smile!

To all of those that already have a pack, remember, you can upgrade it too (unless youre a Paragon, cant get any higher than that). Are we being money-grubbing? Nah, we simply need to wrap these up and focus on other things (like development), but we wanted to make sure to give you a heads up if you wanted a last chance to get one.

So remember



- Mechanist Games Dev Team

Get a pack here. Come celebrate your pack (or sulk about your lack of one) in the Forum!

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This is a repost from City of Steam Art Dev Journals

Welcome to the New Year, to usher it in were going to talk about another thing thats also been renewed, guard uniforms!Dev Journals were on a bit of a hiatus during Closed Beta, but were back on track now; thank you for your patience!

Special report:

-Nexus, The Refuge, 7thof Wintercrest 256 NE

Nexan guards are important figures in their society, they are there to protect the innocent, investigate crimes and crack down on organized crime, amongst numerous other tasks. What follows is a report filed by Captain Twynes secretary on why they are wearing new outfits.


The day started off like any other day, while not fully rested afterlast nights drinking at Vandersthe late shift the day before, with somecoercionguiding words Twyne was able to get his two subordinates motivated for another day of patrolling the Refuge streets. Afterhanging around for an hour or sodoing a round or two they heard a loud voice.

That was you, screaming: Make it STOP! MAKE IT STOP! Well FINE, here is some actual information about why we made new uniforms and what actually changed, pfff

Most of you might not have even seen this design as it was changed before the Closed Beta, but as you can see in the picture above, it differed too much from the overall theme of the world. It was too ornate, the large pauldrons, the silly looking cloaks and the helm all looked rather out of place within the game. Every guard looked like either of the two left guards with Twyne being a special case.

About Twyne, the guard on the right; having won theMost Talked-to NPC contestback in Alpha, we drew up a special uniform for him. We made his armor bulkier, more detailed and gave him a good ol fashioned makeover; even now hes still the only unique guard walking around in the Refuge. As you can see on the picture below, he grew a goatee (wonder if that makes him Mirror Universe Evil Twyne?) and now wears a uniform fit for an officer. He was special before and we made him even more special, go Twyne!


So yes, these are the new uniforms weve been talking about, if youve played the game youve probably already seen them but there they are, weve gone for a more Victorian design, much more respectable and far less gaudy. The colors are inspired by the Heartland fashion and they are now visibly armed, as a guard should be.

What follows are a few glamour shots of guards running sitting and looking around; its like a fashion show without, you know, the show!

Their inner search for a new identity


Chasing after a better future; Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.Unity-Untitled-npc-Web-Player_2012-12-12

And taking a break


So there you have it, the new design! Were very happy with the changes; we hope you are as well!

and caught him! Even though the old uniforms were lost, the day was saved and we have new and improved uniforms to show for it! The mixture however was viral in nature, thus the warning was given to not wear any of the contaminated equipment for at least 120 days.


So now the last question remains, Who the torque are you?

-City of Steamdev team

Pleasevote for us on Greenlightand discuss the new uniformshere!

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Dear all,

So! The Closed Beta Test just came to an end at 23:49PM PST on Dec. 28th. Thank you all for joining us in the past four CBT seasons. For the next few months, we will make good use of your reports, feedback and suggestions to fix the issues that you dug up and to ensure a better live launch experience for you all in the upcoming Beta Test.

Speaking of which, although many of you have asked us to give you an exact date of when the game will go live again, cant just yet. We do have an approximate timeframe in our mind, to be sure, but we dont want to give it out too soon unless we are 100% sure that its feasible (since we may end up changing it later). Well keep you up-to-date with development progress as usual, so stay tuned and keep an eye on our website. Oh, and tell your friends!

We tried our best to keep us all well entertained during CBT (even with some of those bug issues jarring your gaming experience.) with all the contests. Hope you all had fun and enjoyed your gifts and prizes! Remember though, these prizes are only for your enjoyment (and test purposes as well) during Closed Beta. There will be a general data wipe before we launch servers for full Beta, so those wont carry over.

For the Winter Festival Holiday Gifting contests, some of the results are already out and some will be updated later. Prizes were already given out when the test was still on. Congratulations to all winners!

For everyone who joined us in the Closed Beta seasons, you can expect a questionnaire from us in your inbox very soon. Be sure to check your email and when you see it, make sure to fill it out and send it back to us. This, together with the reports and suggestions you have already submitted to us, will be a huge help in getting an overview of your experience so we can determine where to focus our next efforts. Thanks in advance!

Last but not least, enjoy the Fireworks Goodbye Party videoupdated by Levest28 (one of our player mods) just before the CBT ended!


(For auld lang syne, my dear, for auld lang syne!)

Wish you all the happiest New Year!

City of Steam Dev Team

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As the end of the year is getting close, our humble toiler is here to wish you happy holidays! Its been a great year, weve had a fantastic time with you guys and wed like to thank you for your support and dedication!


Are you looking for the perfect gift for the holidays?We've got right here, no retail holiday shopping, no last minute rushing to the mall, just gift a Collaborator Pack to your loved ones, your friends, your gaming buddies or even as a Secret Santa! And remember, every pack is worth itself in Electrum, so why not give it now and get them some cool extras?

Again, thank you for your continued support and happy holidays!