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Well from the looks of it so far, C&C3 looks like it really will pull of the epicness of the past C&C games (cept generals). IMHO i think they got unts close enough right (Its pretty hard to master GDI and Nod tech design) and the scrin look amazing! I personally cant wait to build like 3 stealth tanks and run circles around my enemies base hitting week points :D

When C&C gets into the whole Vs Sup Com thing, i think there 2 completely different games. One is more large scale for the people who want the feeling of the front lines. And the other is more for the feeling of being a field commander. (Also i just cant seem to get used to the whole resource system of Sup Com. Im not big on complcated resource things. Id rather blow things up :D ).

about aim...

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yea about aim..... IT SUCKS! MSN messenger FTW!!!!

oh, and C&C3 pwns Supreme Commander :D (I used to like SC but the fanboys made me hate it :) )


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aim is awsome i like talkin and s*** :D