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Game On!

So I've gotten into this livestream thing. It's nothing special but if you want to join up and watch feel free to drop by, I will be playing a little bit of everything from BF3 to Shogun 2 to maybe some old classics. You never know what you'll find but I hope that keeps things fresh. Additionally minor announcement as the weather is begining to finally warm up here in Japan I will be taking the camera outside to share the mecca of geek and anime culture with you all: Akihabara. Stay tuned!

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Keep on Gamin!

Maybe it's not the destination, but the journey that's most important.

First I haven't finished Mass Effect 3. Between watch and other duties I have not devoted gobs of time to playing it. That said it has been impossible to not notice a whole lot of foaming at the mouth regarding ME3's end. That it's stupid, or a cash in or non-sensical, etc, etc. Perhaps my view will change when I reach the end myself but even if it is a load of horse manure I still don't think I'd feel my time was wasted; and not just with this entry into the series. Despite all the individual nit-picks I've had, the driving sections, scanning, breaking obvious moral grey area questions down into paragon and renegade choices, partially forcing a social agenda (and no I am not referring to the injection of gay love into the series. The choice where you unplug the Batarian terrorist or let him suffer.); I've had a wonderful journey. I've enjoyed the richly detailed and highly original universe; a place I truly could get lost in. We as gamers have a strong sense of entitlement and that's not necessarily a bad thing. We pay a good deal of money, a good deal more on DLC, and we expect to get our money's worth.This however is a tad subjective, if an ending or story point doesn't agree with us is the experience completely destroyed as a result? Did you still have fun while playing? When did games stop being a source of fun and became something almost as divisive and serious as politics? Well perhaps that's a bit of an extreme thought but I still can't help but feel that we tend to nag on very small pieces of a game, when the whole package is enjoyable. Case-in-point, I have played every Call of Duty title. Mostly just the single-player. Is it repetitive, cookie cutter, and mostly mindless. Most assuredly. Did I have FUN? Hell yeah. I guess for me personally it is all about the journey.Fulfilling endings (MGS4 sticks in my mind as a masterpiece of closure)are one of many things that separate great games from good games, but is it always necessary? I seem to recall a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth regarding the ending(s) for Half Life 2 and it's subsequent Episodes. At the same time those were all epic trips that I continue to repeat to this day. So if the ending does prove a complete let down will I be all that upset? Maybe, but in the end it's been a fun ride. Keep on Gamin!


Man It's Dusty Around Here!

So after neglecting Gamespot for years I decide to return. Primarily to share my perspective on the ever evolving and advancing state of games; but also to answer any questions some may have about living in Japan. Hopefully I can address those in NEW VIDEO BLOGS as I finally get back into it. Hope some of the old gang who used to follow me are still around and definetely look forward to sharing with new followers.... should any of my drivel be worth following in the first place. :P

~Keep On Gamin!

A Glimpse of Japan...

So apparently the video format I put together isn't accepted by Gamespot. GRRSKI. So in order to show you at least what it's like over here by posting the link to my photobucket. There should also be all the picks from TGS in there. If not they will be shortly. I did post to Youtube my video of Yokosuka Naval Base itself so it's a little something for now. No one really reads this blog anymore but for those who do thanks and hope this provides you a good look of Japan.



Japanese games...

So I went into Akihabara and bought some Japanese game systems, notably a 360 and PS3. Primarily becuase my US systems are back in the states, and I'm not keen on hacking them....and I'm just impatient. However it has afforded me the oppurtubity to play new Japanese titles as they are released. Including some that are out but won't make it across the pond to the US. Yes, of course I'm referreing to plenty of Gundam titles, but as I explore the Japanese gaming scene I'm finding there are many other games that interest me that I never saw in America. In the meantime however I have picked up some Japanese Gundam games. Mobile Suit Gundam: Operation Troy (360) and Mobile Suit Gundam: Battlefield Record UC 0081 (PS3). Both definetely appeal to my fanboyism, particularly 0081, the MS selection is really good, and the graphics are great. This is a game that should be released in the US if only to cleanse the stink cuased by the first PS3 title Mobile Suit Gundam: Target In Sight (called MSG: Crossfire in the US). While I had no complaints about Crossfire (probably due to my fanboyism) I could see the arguements against it. The MS were clunky, and the overall control scheme just didn't feel all that great. I was able to look past that but I can see where it would be a real problem for most. UC 0081 has no such control issues. The battles are fast paced and action packed. They are a tad repetitve however, but then again I need little excuse to strap on an 80-ton mecha and blow stuff up. The story is good so far, though since it is in Japanese I have a small trouble following it. I understand maybe every fourth or fifth word so the story is lost on me, though the cutscenes are well animated. Music is good, graphics are gorgeous for me and overall has a well polished feel to it; much more so than Crossfire had. Now the other title, Mobile Suit Gundam: Operation Troy is like Battlefield with giant robots. How can you go wrong? In multiplayer not much, the single player is at best mediocre. Though the controls for MS feel clunky again, I understand they were trying to go for a sense of weight and they acheive this but at the expense of some playability. It feels more like Mechwarrior than Gundam. Personally I'm cool with this but for those who might import the game be aware that it might not be what you expected. Graphics are hit or miss, Mobile Suits look beutiful and the environments not so much. Overall I like it becuase it essentially combines what I love about Gundam with Battlfield. If you're iffy about it there is a demo out but you'll need to creat a Japanese X360 Live account. There are guides out there for how to do it. Those are the only two games I got right now but I might go out and grab some older PS2 titles as well and give them a try, see what I've been missing (if anything). Until I find a way to get my camera up I won't be doing any vids yet, but sooner or later you'll be getting some updates from Japan. Hope I can reveal some questions you might have about the country and it's culture. ANy requests you have please feel free to foward them to me. Keep on Gamin!

~ISSN Christie, USN

I need to give an explanation....

Uhh...yeah as usual it's been awhile and worry not you will get more videos. Perhaps I should explain as to why I have been absent. I graduated my school at the top of my class which was awesome. It resulted in me getting a choice of duty. No I'll reveal where I am in a short bit. Know that when I got to my destination I was temporarily assigned to the USS OHIO (SSGN-726). That's right folks a Nuclear Powered Guided-Missile SUBMARINE. The experience was pretty interesting and while I can't share the majority or it with you it was incredible. The professionalism and dedication those guys have is amazing. Now when my TAD (temporary assigned duty) ended we hopped off the boat in Okinawa; then we took a plane.....back to Tokyo. Yep. I'm in JAPAN!!! It's AWESOME!!!! Food is great, the place is incredible and it has Akihibara. Mecca. It is a gamer/anime paradise there. I was floored on my first visit there, not to mention the rest of Tokyo is an amazing place as well. The people are incredibly helpful and friendly. I'm doing my best to speak Japanese wherever I can and improve my skills and they appreciate that you try. The rail system is very efficient. I don't have a car but I do have a rail pass that let's me pretty much get to wherever I need. I will try to get a camcorder so I can go back into Tokyo and share it with you guys and gals. SO that's it. I'm in Japan now and loving life, and loving my time in the Navy.

Semper Fortis (Always Courageous)

~ISSN Christie, USN

NAVY Gaming


Here it is as promised. Hope to get you questions real soon so I can answer them! Keep on Gamin.

~CdrMcNeil (SN Christie, USN)

New Blogs

While in I probably wont have the oppurtunity to post video blogs, but I do wish to continue doing text blogs and let you guys know I'm still alive from time to time. The new site will have regular posts (duties permitting) about my thoughts on games/gaming and to give you a glimpse of Navy life and decide if joining our armed forces is good for you. So anyways thats that, check out the new blog often please. I leave for RTC Great Lakes very soon. Keep me in your prayers that I don't screw up :P

~Keep on Gamin!