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720 gamerpoints!!!

in just one week of having xbox 360 i have racked up 720 gamerpoints:) 20 from hexic hd and 700 from elder scrolls iv: oblivion. i cant wait till i get another game.

Wow i just got Hacked big time

someone hacked my account and changed my pass and email pass. Dumbo didnt realise that i had a alternate email and sent it to that. WHoot i got my account back im so happey. cant say the same for Duff_manX as the 'hacker' sabotaged his union and managed to delete all the board using my account. Man the quite smart(i want to seriosuly kill hm) ass he could possibly get me banned becasue he used my account to do his bidding. the hacker is no other than N3CROPLIS

Bio's #10- KrunkMastaX

Lets see well my real name is David. I'm a computer geek I love them. I love Linkin Park and alot of other music. Basically no matter the genre if the song sounds good I'll listen to it. I love games (duh) and I own a PS2 and Xbox. My fave games on there being FF and Halo. I plan to own a 360 as well as a PS3 in the near future. Can't wait because both of the conoles will own. Something you must know though. I'm a nice guy and all and I like making new friends on here and accepting requests BUT before you track me please introduce yourself and tell me where you found me or know of me so I can know who I'm dealing with. That would be much appreciated. And thank you. Also make sure if you're on my friends list to actively post in my blog. That is all.

PS3 Ships With HDD Included!!

Old News But:

PS3 Ships With HDD Included!!


This is awesome!! Hearing that a HDD may or may not be included scared me, thinking after paying hundreds on a new PS3, I'd immediately have to fork out another $50-100 for a required HDD.

Not scared anymore! It is going to be one great day when PS3 launches. I can't wait. All I can say is, watch out competitors, because now with the PS3's new PSNP with an excellent FREE basic package, and an included HDD, it's going to be a hard thing to beat.