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Is Inception really possible? I have the answer.

I've been asked this many times. A new scientist has told me the answer and now I'm going to put an end to this debate once and for all.

Can we access our own dreams and change what is around us?

The answer is yes. Yes we can. a new scientist has explained to me on Skype that it's possible, I can not give away their identity because this information is secret. They told me the key is to meditate on a daily basis and to cross your toes and tape them together before you sleep, it helps you to recognise illusions from reality, make sure to untape them when you wake up or you could still think you're in a dream.

Do the dreams have to obey the laws of physics?

No. you can create what ever you want, there are no rules, YOU make the rules. There is only 1 thing you must NEVER create or think about and that's Pelicans. Pelicans are your worst nightmare and will destroy everything and then come after you, they are to dream creators what Team Rocket are to the Pokemons.

Can I go into other peoples dreams?

I don't know yet sorry, I'm waiting for the scientist to text me back. I'll keep you guys up to date when I find out.

So there you go, Inception is very much real and you heard it from me first. Just be careful out there, Inceptioning can be a dangerous.