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A Moonlight/Blood Ties Comparative Blog

Some of you may have noticed (via GetGlue) that I recently rewatched Moonlight. While making a list on IMDb of my favourite TV couplesI found myself really missing them. Most of them are from past shows, so I picked Mick/Beth (Moonlight) at random, and rewatched it. Whenever I think of Moonlight I inevitably think of Blood Ties. The shows have so many similarities. And here is where I have decided to explore those similarities, as well as their differences.

The Basics

Moonlight: 16 episodes

1 season

Blood Ties: 22 episodes

Seasons? Depending on who you ask, or which network it was advertised on, it was one season of 22 episodes, or 2 seasons of 11. Since the first episode aired in March, and the 12th episode aired in October, I tend tobelieveit was one season with a long mid-season break.

Moonlight: CBS, September 28, 2007 - May 16, 2008

Blood Ties: Lifetime, March 11, 2007 - January 8, 2008

Moonlight features Mick, a vampire, who is a PI who regularly partners with Beth, a reporter, in his investigations.

Blood Ties features Vicki, a PI who regularly partners with Henry, a vampire, in her investigations.

I think everyone knows the stars of Moonlight. They are rather familiar faces.

Alex O'Loughlin (Mick)

Famous for Hawaii Five-O, The Back-Up Plan, and being hot.

Sophia Myles (Beth)

Famous for Underworld and Tristan + Isolde.

Jason Dohring (Josef)

Famous for Veronica Mars

Shannyn Sossamon (Coraline)

Famous for A Knight's Tale and 40 Days and 40 Nights.

The cast of Blood Ties is less famous, but perhaps still familiar to some of you.

Christina Cox (Vicki)

Guest appearances in such shows as Due South, Stargate, CSI, Bones, Dexter, House, The Mentalist, and 24. She also had a somewhat notable role in The Chronicles of Riddick and was one of the stars of the short lived Defying Gravity.

Kyle Schmid (Henry)

Guest appearances in Degrassi, CSI, and Smallville, as well as small roles in The Pacifier, A History of Violence, and The Covenant.

Gina Holden (Coreen)

She was one of the stars of Harper's Island and Flash Gordon, as well as guest appearances in Smallville, Flashpoint, Supernatural, and Legend of the Seeker. She also appeared in Saw 3D and Final Destination 3.

Dylan Neal (Mike)

He had recurring roles in Sabrina, The Teenage Witch and Dawson's Creek, and made guest appearances in CSI, Psych, Stargate, Human Target, Rizzoli and Isles, and Smallville. He also had a small role in Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

So, a little less famous but still familiar to TV aficionados like us.


Each show features two men and two women, and each features a love triangle, although the format of the love triangles is different.

In Moonlight the love triangle is between Mick, Beth, and Coraline (vampire ex-wife); while in Blood Ties it is between Vicki, Henry, and Mike (cop ex-boyfriend).

Two women and a man, and two men and a woman, but in each case it is the star with two prospects. The star is usually supposed to be the most desirable person in a show, so this makes sense.

Now, this is where the similarities in the relationships end. Mick hates what he is and therefore is hesitant to bring anyone into his life. Henry, on the other hand, is very charismatic, confident, and experienced (turned in 1536), and he has a passion for life. He pursues Vicki relentlessly, but unfortunately she is a woman who lives for duty and service, and would never live for herself if it would compromise her work.

Both OTPs come to a head in the finale, and thanks to Mick's speech in Moonlight, Beth relents.In Blood Ties it is actually both men who come to Vicki in the finale, but she refuses them both. Damned stubborn woman! Although it is the star that is the center of each triangle, it is not the star that confronts the relationship in Blood Ties, it is the men, in all 3 cases.

The extra character who is not part of the love triangle in Moonlight is Josef, a vampire, businessman, and best friend to Mick.

In Blood Ties the extra character who is not part of the love triangle, Coreen, is the receptionist for Vicki's PI business. She is a goth and a bit of a vampire groupie.


Moonlight: Filmed and set in LA.

Blood Ties: Filmed and set in Toronto.

Moonlight is primarily an episodic crime series, with the main arching points being Mick and Beth's relationship. As well as the occasional recurrence of Coraline and her family. I suspect they would have become morerelevantif the show had continued. Although we meet several vampires besides Mick, most of the crimes featured are regular human crimes. There is the occasional criminal vampire, but absolutely no other supernatural beings whatsoever.

Blood Ties is also primarily an episodic crime drama, but Vicki and Henry's relationship isnt really an arching story because it is constant, due to the fact that they spent much more time together than Mick and Beth and because of Henry's relentlessness. And they are far less guarded with each other. There is also the occasional recurrence of Henry's sire, also a mysterious and beautiful woman, Christina, but she is far less relevant than Coraline. As far as I can remember every single crime featured in Blood Ties was committed by a supernatural being. I would say this is the most prominent difference between the two shows. Every episode features a demon, werewolf, witch, or ghost, as well as several other creatures and even episodes that dealt with time travel and reincarnation. This is why I have never rewatched Blood Ties. Although I prefer it and I prefer Vicki/Henry over Mick/Beth, I chose to rewatch Moonlight because I find Blood Ties quite disturbing at times, and when I first watched it it would often keep me up at night.



Prolonged sunlight weakens you. A day in the dessert can kill you, a walk to the corner store is fine.

Steak in the heart paralyzes you.

Sleep in a freezer to prevent decay.

Blood Ties

Like in True Blood, you dont burst into flames, but you get charred rather quickly in the sun.

Steak in the heart kills you.

Sleep in a bed.

The ability tocompelsimilar to The Vampire Diaries.


Both shows are a fun watch (well, in a manner of speaking. :P See above), and feature interesting characters, but I much prefer the characters in Blood Ties. They feel more real and their relationships feel real with real problems and I adore the chemistry between Vicki and Henry. Not that I dont love Mick and Beth! And although Blood Ties often scared me, I found their cases much more interesting and compelling.

But Moonlight is definitely the more satisfying show. With more pleasant stories and a happy ending. Also, Moonlight has more attractive actors. XP Yeah, that counts. The most attractive of both series, imo, is Henry from Blood Ties, but besides him all the most attractive actors are in Moonlight.

One more thing, because it makes a difference. I watched both of these as they aired. I came in a few episodes late for both, but I was caught up and categorized a fan when I heard of thecancellationof each. I grew to love the shows over the months, not just over a matter of days that it would take to watch them now. When Moonlight was canceled I was disappointed but ok. It had a decent ending. When Blood Ties was canceled I wasdevastatedand spent a lot of time on forums and fan sites and signing petitions. See this blog for proof. :P

So, whether you have watched these shows before or not, you are now well versed in their similarities. Congratulations. :P

Moonlight Promo

Blood Ties Promo

My Ships

I got this idea from someone on Twitter, and I am bored and have nothing to do and have no where else to post this, so it is going here. I think I'm gonna go with my top 15 shows.

Show: SG-1

OTP: Jack/Sam

brOTP (Male best friends): Jack/Daniel

hOTP (Female best friends): Sam/Janet

Pairing I don't understand: Sam/Cam, Sam/Daniel

Show: Atlantis

OTP: John/Elizabeth

brOTP: John/Ronon

hOTP: Not much to choose from here, I'll have to say Sam/Jennifer

Pairing I don't understand: John/Teyla

Show: Farscape

OTP: John/Aeryn (dah!)

brOTP: John/D'Argo

hOTP: Chiana/Jool

Pairing I don't understand: n/a

Show: Babylon 5

OTP: Marcus/Susan

brOTP: G'Kar/Londo

hOTP: Susan/Talia

Pairing I don't understand:Susan/Talia

Show: Firefly

OTP: Mal/Inara

brOTP: Mal/Wash. This was a random choice. None really stand out over the others.

hOTP: Kaylee/River

Pairing I don't understand: Jayne/River

Show: Dark Angel

OTP: Logan/Max

brOTP: Alec/Joshua

hOTP: Max/Cindy

Pairing I don't understand: Alec/Max

Show: Doctor Who

OTP: Ten/Rose

brOTP: Doctor/Jack

hOTP: n/a

Pairing I don't understand: Doctor and anyone besides Rose.

Show: Legend of the Seeker

OTP: Richard/Kahlan

brOTP: Richard/Zedd, even tho he is his grand-daddy, who else is there?

hOTP: Kahlan/Cara

Pairing I don't understand: n/a

Show: Chuck

OTP: Chuck/Sarah

brOTP: Chuck/Morgan

hOTP: Sarah/Ellie

Pairing I don't understand:n/a

Show: Merlin

OTP: Arthur/Gwen

brOTP: Merlin/Arthur (dah!)

hOTP: Morgana/Morgause, even tho I hate them both.

Pairing I don't understand: Merlin/Morgana

Show: Rome

OTP: Pullo/Eirene

brOTP: Lucius/Pullo

hOTP: n/a

Pairing I don't understand: n/a

Show: Avatar The Last Airbender

OTP: Aang/Katara

brOTP: Aang/Zuko

hOTP: Katara/Toph, only two girls.

Pairing I don't understand: Zuko/Katara

Show: Space Above and Beyond

OTP: Hawkes/Vansen

brOTP: West/Hawkes

hOTP: Vansen/Damphousse, only two girls

Pairing I don't understand: n/a

Show: Blood Ties

OTP: Henry/Vicki

brOTP: n/a

hOTP: n/a

Pairing I don't understand: Mike/Vicki

Show:The Tudors

OTP: Henry/Jane Seymour

brOTP: Henry/Charles

hOTP: n/a

Pairing I don't understand: Henry/Anne Boleyn

My first fanvid! *edit*

I know I havent been here in forever! I've been distracted. But I just wanted to share this. My first ever fan video! I always thought my first fanvid would be something geeky. I even had a "sci-fi TV Heroes" vid worked
out in my head. But I've been addicted to romance movies lately. A result of being engaged I think. :P

So, watch and comment would be much appreciated. :)


*edit* I re-uploaded a slightly tweaked version.

Top 20 Farscape Episodes! part 2

So, before I begin, a bit of a recap on some of this weeks TV.

Dexter! OMFG! I almost had a heart attack when Dexter and Trinity were walking towards each other at the police station, and then it ended! And I screamed. Phew! It was a quite a scene. Cant wait for next week!

SGU? Well, since its Stargate I swore I would give it the season before deciding, but if it wasnt for that this week would have definitely been my last epi. Its an excellently produce, written, and acted show; I just dont like it. I was completely appalled by Col. Young's actions at the end of the epi. I think I am gonna end up leaving SGU to the BSG crowd.

And in new news, I watched Merlin! Twice! :P I love it so so so much! Merlin and Arthur are total awesomeness! Like wow! I love love love them! :P Have I geeked out enough yet? I am sad that I got into it only two weeks before the season finale though. :( Then I will have to wait long times.

And for one more bit of fun, I am currently listening to A Dazzling End by Murray Gold.

Well, on to business. Dont miss the video links. :)

#10 - Into the Lion's Den


In the Into the Lion's Den two-parter, John and his friends agree to help Scorpius with his wormhole research, on the pretense that they would rather he have it than the Scarrans. But in reality, they are only there to steer him in the wrong direction, and if possible, end his research. There is a lot of interesting stuff in this one, having the crew of Moya joining peacekeepers on a command carrier. The end solution is one of the most memorable parts of all of Farscape.

#9 - Bringing Home the Beacon


In Bringing Home the Beacon, the Farscape ladies go to a market on an old Leviathan to buy a beacon that can camouflage their ship. While they are there, Scarran and peacekeeper officers come aboard. They are there to discuss a deal. Aeryn tries to stop the deal from happening, but gets kidnapped by the Scarrans in the process. I love seeing all the women working together, and no men at all. :P The Farscape men are great tho so this one episode is enough without them.

#8 - Crackers Don't Matter


Crackers Dont Matter is a big favourite among a lot of fans. Definitely one of the funniest episodes. They bring an alien on board to do some modifications to their ship, but the modifications end up making everyone extremely paranoid and crazy. John is the only one who is remotely holding himself together. In the end, he is the only one who can save them.

#7 - Out of Their Minds


In Out of Their Minds, all the crew swap bodies. When they try to fix it they get scrambled again so they each end up in two different ppl's bodies, besides their own, by the end of the episode. This is, imo, the funniest Farscape episode. You can just imagine how funny this would be in a regular episode, but in Farscape its even better!

#6 - Nerve/The Hidden Memory


In Nerve and The Hidden Memory, John goes undercover into a peacekeeper base to get something that Aeryn needs or she will die, and it could only be gotten from peacekeepers. While he is there he is discovered as an impostor and tortured by Scorpius. This is the episode where they first meet. We also meet Stark for the first time, he is John's cellmate. And it is in this episode that we find out that John was given wormhole knowledge. He was not even aware of it until the memory is retrieved by Scorpius' Aurora Chair.

#5 - Prayer


Prayer takes place after Bringing Home the Beacon. Aeryn has been kidnapped by Scarrans and John has made a deal with Scorpius to help get her back. I really love this episode because of the faith Aeryn has in John and her strength under torture. Made me love her even more, if that were possible.

#4 - Bad Timing


In Bad Timing, John finds out that the Scarrans are on their way to Earth, and he must stop them. He makes an amazing plan to collapse the wormhole before they get there and it looks really cool when it happens. On top of that, John proposes to Aeryn! Awesome. :P The ending is horrible, but I watched Farscape for the first time after The Peacekeeper Wars had already been released so I wasnt worried. :)

#3 - The Peacekeeper Wars

Mini-series (5.01-5.02)

The Peacekeeper Wars is so incredibly action packed its amazing. Its a 3 hr movie but its doesnt even feel that long because its so amazing! It is an extremely climactic conclusion. It has everything in it that you could have hoped for in a Farscape conclusion.

#2 - Hot to Katratzi/La Bomba


These two episodes are actually 2 of a 3-parter. In these two episodes, John and crew go to Katratzi, a secret Scarran base, and join in negotiations between peacekeepers and Scarrans. He protects himself with a fission bomb hooked up to himself while trying to rescue Scorpius because he thinks he has wormhole info that he might give to the Scarrans under torture. There is some great action, John/Aeryn scenes, and in true Farscape sty|e, a great deal of humour considering the seriousness of their situation. :P Also love the cleverness of their plan.

#1 - Fetal Attraction


Fetal Attraction stands out to me even above the rest of the 3-parter above, so it has its own entry. It is so easily my fave Farscape epi. When the crew heads for Scarran space in order to rescue Aeryn, they must stop at a space station for inspection. While they are there they discover that the Scarran ship holding Aeryn is also at the station. They stop the ship from heading on without them by causing a serious disease and quarantine. Again, they make a clever plan to rescue Aeryn, and I totally love it! When John carries Aeryn back on to Moya it is the most satisfying scene of the entire series. :) So much heroism! Words cant express how much I love this epi. I might say it is my fave episode of any show on TV ever! Do you get it now? :P

Well, that was fun! Yay! Dont know what my next blog will be about. Hmmm, *pondering*. I'll try to think of something good. Oh yeah! I was working on a 10 Sexiest Voices list. Havent been able to complete it yet. I'm at 8 or 9. Feel free to give me recommedations. :P

Well, I hope you enjoyed. :)

Top 20 Favourite Farscape Episodes, Part 1

So, I am continuing from my previous few blogs and making an episode list. I am working on my parents computer while I am here doing my laundry, and I feel claustrophobic using their 15" monitor when I am used to my 21".

While I am at it, I would like to let everyone know that I have decided to start watching Dexter again. I cut it out of my schedule because I felt it was too cluttered, but I couldnt stay away. :P I've downloaded the first 5 episodes of S4, and I will watch them when I am finished with this blog. Yay Dexter! I will also do a quiz at the bottom of this blog.

Dont forget the video links. :)

#20 - Meltdown


In Meltdown, their ship is being pulled towards a star, and it turns out there is a being living in the star that likes to eat Leviathans (that is their kind of ship). But the best part of the episode is that their ship is excreting some sort of mist that is making everyone behave very strangely. Rygel, who is gluttonous on a normal day, begins to eat and cannot stop eating until he fears he is going to die. Aeryn and John on the other hand, become horny. They have to fix the damage done to the ship from the heat of the star, but cant concentrate. :P Also the music is so corny it hilarious.

#19 - The Locket


In The Locket, Aeryn goes down to a planet to check it out, but then the planet disappears. The crew waits hidden in a cloud for her to return. When she does, she is extremely old, and apparently time does not move in the cloud. She tells them to forget her, because she started a life on the planet while she waited for them. She leaves again, but John chases her. They are stuck together for several more years, before their friends on the ship figure out a way to reverse time, taking them all back and John and Aeryn dont remember anything. I love this episode because it has some really great John and Aeryn material.

#18 - Thanks for Sharing


In Thanks for Sharing, soon after John was cloned, part of the crew goes down to a planet to get supplies for their ship, but after causing some trouble in a club, the leaders do not trust them and suspects them to be terrorists. I love seeing the John clones interact, and I really like how they used the clones to get themselves out of their situation. It was really clever.

#17 - The Way We Weren't


In The Way We Weren't, a recording is discovered on board that revealed Aeryn had been on board while servering as a Peacekeeper, and was part of the firing squad that killed the previous pilot when she would not cooperate with the Peacekeepers. Pilot becomes enraged with Aeryn, but it is eventually revealed that it was only to cover his own feelings of guilt. This is a really great backstory episode for Aeryn and Pilot, and also a really great bonding episode for the crew.

#16 - Through the Looking Glass


In Through the Looking Glass, Moya gets split into 3 dimensions, each a different color. The red one make people feel nausiated, the blue one has a piercing sound so no one can hear anything, and the yellow one makes people act sort of high. John eventually discovers you can jump through from one dimension to the next at certain points, and makes several rounds while discovering a plan to undo the problem, and coordinating everyone to carry out his plan. This is a really interesting and unique episode, and there are some really great, funny moments in the yellow dimension. I love how near the end Rygel says, "Should I disrobe so its memorable?" Makes me laugh so much. :P It was an extremely random thing to say and very out of character. I also really like when all the ships finally come together, everyone shows up and they just laugh together. A great moment.

#15 - Die Me, Dichotomy/Season of Death


In Die Me,Dichotomy and Season of Death, John goes to a Doctor he hopes can take the Scorpius clone out of his head. But unfortunately the Scorpius clone takes over John and kills Aeryn. Zhaan gives Aeryn her life back at great personal cost. But to make matters worst, the Doctor's assistant betrays them to Scorpius. This is a pretty epic episode for lots of reasons. We've got lots of emotions going on over Aeryn's death, especially from John. And then there is Zhaan's sacrifice and all who that effects. Also Scorpius and the Scarrans showing up. Great stuff. Drama and action.

#14 -Infinite Possibilities


In Infinite Possibilities John is confronted by the ancient alien that gave him the wormhole knowledge. Apparently, someone has been using the knowledge and he suspects John gave it up for profit. John knows it was Furlow, a mechanic who had the opportunity to examine John's ship. When they go to visit Furlow, they find that she is under attack from Charrids and Scarrans who also want the technology. They manage to fight them all off, but at great expense.

#13 - Coup by Clam


In Coup by Clam, the crew of Moya eat some local food, namely clams, not knowing that the clams would maintain a neural connection even when eaten seperately, and they are meant to be eated by only one person. The crew members are paired off and feel what each other are feeling, until it kills them. They must go down to the planet and attempt to find more clams for a cure. But they can only get them from a feminist group are extremely suspicious of outsiders. In the end, Scorpius must voluntarily eat more clams, in order to give them more time. I love this because it is a very strong statement from Scorpius. He risked his life for all of them. I love Scorpius as an ally.

#12 - Kansas/Terra Firma


Kansas and Terra Firma is a two-parter, but they have stand alone stories. In Kansas, John finds a way home, but they accidently show up in the 80s, when John was a teenager. Luckily it is halloween, making it easier for them to blend in. But things are different and John must straighten out the timeline. In Terra Firma, they make a second attempt to get to Earth, and show up at the proper time. They make it an official visit and aliens are revealed to the world. The crew enjoy themselves somewhat, but its also hard for them. John wants to stay at first, but eventually leaves with all the crew, when he realises what staying would mean for the world's political situation. There are some really funny scenes in Kansas, when the crew is first trying to understand the culture and language. There is also a lot of great John and Aeryn material in Terra Firma.

#11 - Liars, Guns, and Money


In the Liars, Guns, and Money three-parter, Stark comes up with an elaborate plan to rescue D'Argo's son from a slave auction. But things get complicated when Scorpius shows up, and John starts to lose control of himself due to the Scorpius chip in his brain. This is a really epic episode. Its like a heist movie in space! Its a great plan and there is lots of action. I also loved it when everyone was undercover at the beginning, scouting the place.


So anyway, hope you had fun with that. Now I will do a quiz that alias571 and charlottedotcom did recently. To better understand what I am talking about visit Charlotte's blog . :PI LMAOed while I wrote this.

Dear Amber,
I don't really know how to tell you this but, I dislike your eyelashes. I think I realized it when we skinny dipped in the bathtub outside of your office and I saw you pull the pants off of my illegitimate child in Ghana. I'm sure you're high enough to understand that I get turned on only by garbage men. I'm returning your toe ring to you, but I'll keep your glass eye as a memory. You should also know that I love your sweet, sweet lips and I have a passionate interest for mice.
Best of luck on the sex change,


I am your father....s accountant!

The title is from the video game Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time. I dont play video games at all, but I overheard this line while my brother was playing and I had a really good laugh.

Anyways, you may have noticed that my blogs are always well organized lists or reviews. I'm a bit of a neat freak. But, I figured I could just wing it this time. So many others do it, why can't I? Mostly I am just bored. Its 10 pm and I have nothing to do and I am not tired. So, here's what's new. Some *spoilers*.

I love V. I really hope it stays good and gets better. I love suspense, conspiracy, mystery type shows. The only one I really like that lasted is Lost. V will never be that good, but I just want it to stick around. There have been several revelations so far that I didnt see coming and I have been really impressed. Although I wasnt at all surprised that Anna was Lisa's mother.


I have not been so impressed with Stargate Universe, however. Admittedly, last week's episode was great. I did not appreciate what they probably thought was an artsy ending, but there was lots of action, aliens, and even time travel! You cant get much more sci-fi than that. I even appreciated the character moments, because they were finally in the context that we are used to in SG; when a character is faced with death. But I saw the promo for tonight's episode and I am really disappointed that they are going back to the soap opera formula. I am really getting sick of all the scenes of Young and his wife. Their story really isnt as interesting as TPTB seem to think it is. Although I am interested to find out why Telford went to Emily's house at the end of "Earth". Apparently there is also a storyline on the Destiny about trying to get home, again. Sounds the same as "Earth". And just like in "Earth" the more sci-fi storyline will take the backseat, as there were no scenes of it in the promo. But, I am holding out till the end of the season to meet Rhona Mitra's character. I imagine she could save the series for me. Plus, having villians from SG-1 will make it feel more like Stargate. I will probably watch regardless. For seasons, just because its Stargate.


This week's episode of The Big Bang Theory was one of the funniest yet! And I'm not even a Shelodn/Penny shipper, but I couldnt help but enjoy it. The shippers must have been dying! They are such a great duo. Plus, the boys on their camping trip getting high were great as well. Not something I expected to ever see happen with these characters.


I am really excited about Michael Crichton's book Pirate Latitudes coming out next week. He is my all time favourite author, but he died last year. :'( But this book was found on his hard drive, so they are releasing it posthumously. One last ride. I will cherish it. He is sooo famous, but if you live under a rock and dont know who he is :P, he wrote the books which were the basis for the first two Jurassic Park movies, The 13th Warrior, Timeline, Sphere, Twister, The Andromeda Strain, and was the creator of ER. Steven Speilberg is already working on the movie adaptation of Pirate Latitudes. He writes mostly techno-thrillers, which have a very strong basis in fact. He has done some history, with The 13th Warrior and Timeline, but Pirate Latitudes is entirely history and I cant wait.


The Doctor Who special, The Waters of Mars, was decent. Near the end, while The Doctor was walking away, listening as everyone was dying, I thought he was going to leave, continuing to be the tortured soul we love. But instead he turns around and tells the laws of time, "F*** you!" He saves those that are left, changing history, and acting like a bit of an ass. It is not until one of the ppl he rescued kills themself to maintain the timeline does he snap out of it. "What have I done?" as he spins away in the TARDIS. I didnt really like the ending, but its the setup for his big finale.

Anyways, thanx for reading. :)


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My Top 10 Fave SG-1 Episodes! (or Top 20 part 2)

So, here is the second part of my list. For those who might not have seen the first half, my next few blogs will be about things I really love to rekindle my love of blogging. There are some really good shows currently on TV that I, and many others, watch that I could blog about. But they just dont hold a candle to SG-1, Farscape, etc, and I was kind of getting bored talking about them. So, I'm gonna have a bit of fun now. I wont have as many comments, but at least I will enjoy myself.

This list is pretty solid. At least the top 7 or 8 are for sures and I feel confident about their ranking. I couldnt find videos for all of these, and some that I could find were not the best videos. Again, some of these are popular choices, and some are unique. Also again, all thumbnails lovingly borrowed from

#10 - 2001


This is sort of like a sequel to 2010, which took place in the future where Earth had an alliance with a very powerful race called Aschen. At the end of that episode they sent themselves a note in the past, telling themselves never to go to the planet where they met the Aschen. But in the episode 2001 they meet the Aschen through mutual friends, not realizing they are the race they warned themselves to stay away from. But, luckily, Sam was able to triangulate their planet's position in the sky using their gate address, and Daniel discovered a buried city and translated some of their old newspapers; all very suspicious.

I really like this episode because it continues the story from 2010. I like this one a little more because it featured more of Daniel, my favourite characters, and more history, Daniel's specialty.

#9 - The Pegasus Project


In this episode, SG-1 visits the city of Atlantis, which is in the Pegasus galaxy and is the setting of the spin-off show. They get to interact with the stars of that show. They go there to attempt a project involving the stargates and dialing to other galaxies. While they are there, Daniel does a little research about Merlin's secret weapon in the Ancient's database in the city.

This is an excellent episode because of all the characters coming together. We have seen a lot of Sam and McKay in the past, and they are great as usual. But this is the first we see of Mitchell and Sheppard together, and it was lots of fun. Also, there is a lot of suspense and action in this episode while Sam and McKay conduct their experiments near a blackhole. The ending was excellent as they cause a chain reaction which causes the destruction of an Ori and a Wraith ship, the main enemies from both shows.

#8 - 200


In this episode, the SGC is approached by an alien they helped integrate into Earth society, who is now a movie producer. He wants to make a movie based on SG-1, and the SGC commander agrees because it would be a great cover in the case that anyone tried to expose them. They discuss several possibilities for the movie, most of which sound strangely familiar.

I love this episode because it is a lot of fun. I didnt enjoy it the first time I watched it because it was too weird and there was no action. But the more I watch it the more I like it. My favourite segments are the one with the marionette puppets and the Star Trek spoof.

#7 - Within the Serpent's Grasp/The Serpent's Lair


In the season 1 finale/season 2 premiere 2-parter, SG-1 recently found out about an impending Goa'uld attack on Earth, but the program is being shut down because the government does not believes it is worth the cost, or that the Goa'uld are as dangerous as they are told. SG-1 hijacks the gate room and escapes to Apophis' mothership, in an attempt to save Earth.

There is a great deal of action in this episode. I also enjoyed seeing Skaara again, even if he wasnt yet freed from Klorel. Everyone was great in this episode. Some great Jack, Daniel, and Bra'tac moments. And it was interesting to see SG-1 rescued by a NASA shuttle at the end, since this was before Earth had its own ships.

#6 - Off the Grid


In Off the Grid, SG-1 hears about some corn that acts like a drug, and they go undercover as traders to investigate. While they are there the planet's gate and dialing device disappear, and the local drug dealers/traders suspect SG-1. They are eventually rescued, but then have to find out who stole the gate along with gates from several other planets whose also disappeared.

This episode is funny because of the ridiculous corn premise, and its also lots of fun because of SG-1's cool leather outfits and their undercover personas, and some crazy action at the end. This is not a popular choice. :P

#5 - Camelot


In Camelot, SG-1 goes to Camelot itself to look for Merlin's secret weapon. While they are there, one of Earth's ships discover the Ori's supergate. Sam joins them, while the others stay in Camelot, to help try to disable the supergate before the Ori are able to send ships through. All of Earth's allies gather at the gate, as well as some enemies, to help defend their galaxy.

I really enjoyed seeing Camelot and hearing the story of Arthur and Merlin from a whole new perspective. There is also a sword in a stone, which was pulled out by a girl which was super cool. :P The main reason this episode is amazing though, is the final battle. It was like nothing ever seen on SG-1 before. It is a losing battle. But it is extremely dramatic and emotional. And all SG-1 fans dreamed of seeing a battle involving all the SG-1 allies. This is an extremely popular choice.

#4 - Evolution


In Evolution, SG-1 discovers a new supersoldier. They bring back the body of one and discover it only died because it was genetically engineered with a short life. Otherwise if would not have died because its armor is impenetrable. Daniel goes to South America in attempt to find a legendary artifact which they believe could help them engineer a weapon to fight the supersoldiers. Other members of the SGC go on a mission to capture a soldier alive. After they do, it reveals its home planet to them. They set out on another mission to stop the manufacture of more soldiers. While in South America, Daniel is kidnapped, interrogated, and tortured by rebels who demand to know what his artifact is for.

I really enjoyed this episode because of how much it focused on Daniel, and I was really impressed by how he didnt give in to the rebels. Also, the way that the artifact turned the rebels into zombies was funny. Its was also really exciting when SG-1 went to the supersoldiers' home planet where Anubis made them. I have seen this episode innumerable times, although it is not a popular choice.

#3 - Lost City


In Lost City Jack downloads an Ancient repository of knowledge into his head, knowing that it is too much for a human mind and that it will eventually kill him. Jack begins to do and say things that even he doesnt understand. SG-1 follows him all over the galaxy as he follows a trail that will bring them to a weapon that will protect them against a Goa'uld attack.

This is a very popular choice. Arguably the best episode of SG-1 ever. There is incredible mythology, adventure, and action, as well as great character moments, as Jack's comrades believe he will soon die. This features the most exciting space battle in SG-1, as the one in Camelot is more dramatic than exciting.

#2 - Prometheus Unbound


In Prometheus Unbound, Daniel is finally on his way to Atlantis. Being the world's foremost expert on the Ancients, and the one who finally found the way to the city, it will be his first visit. But on his way there, the ship he is on, the Prometheus, is hijacked by a beautiful woman who beamed everyone off the ship and onto her derelict cargo ship except for Daniel. She attempts to seduce him so he will help her get access to the ship's computer.

Probably half the reason why I love this episode so much is because I am a strong Daniel/Vala shipper. The other half of the reason is because I am in love with Claudia Black. :P When this episode first aired, I had no idea that Vala would become a main character, and it was just really exciting to see Claudia Black on the show, being a Farscape fan. This is definitely the episode that I find the funniest of all 215. Both Daniel and Vala's behaviour in this episode is just hilarious.

#1 - Divide and Conquer


In this episode, all SGC personel are tested to see if they were ever capture and brainwashed by the Goa'uld, by determining if there are any gaps in their memory. Jack and Sam's tests comeback positive. The President of the United States is supposed to visit the SGC that same day, to meet with the Tok'ra leader. It is feared that Sam or Jack were programed to kill the president when he arrives. Due to past experience, they know any attempt to prevent them from fulfilling their mission, or attempts to deprogram them results in a self destruct.

Believe it or not, the main reason why I love this episode is not because I am a Jack/Sam shipper. That is my second reason. :P My first reason is because their situation seemed so hopeless and I really had no idea how they were going to get out of it. I was really surprised and impressed when we discovered that they had misleading test results, due to the fact that they were hiding their feelings for each other. Really the best episode. A very unpopular choice. :P

I hope you enjoyed this. I did. :) Next up, my favourite Farscape episodes!

My Top 20 Fave SG-1 episodes part 1

To rekindle my love of blogging my next few blogs will be about things I really love. There are some really good shows currently on TV that I, and many others, watch that I could blog about. But they just dont hold a candle to SG-1, Farscape, etc, and I was kind of getting bored talking about them. So, I'm gonna have a bit of fun now. I wont have as many comments, but at least I will enjoy myself :P, especially since the tragic passing of (an old fave list making website that has been down for months).

This took a lot of work for me. My top 5 SG-1 epis are set in stone, and I have another 10 in no particular order. So I had to pick 5 more, then rank them. It took some time. There is a good combination of new and old SG-1 (before S6 is usually considered c|assic SG-1), as well as action episodes and more dramatic episodes. Quite a few 2-parters as well. A lot of fan faves, and some of my personally faves that are more unique choices. So, here we go. All thumbnails lovingly borrowed from's episode guide. Each episode is linked to a youtube video. Any video really. Since there are 215 SG-1 episodes, and some of these are old or obscure, the videos I link to them will be whatever I could find. :P

#20 - Pretense


Pretense is about Skaara, Daniel's brother-in-law, and Abydos native, who goes to trial in a Tollan court to reclaim his body against Klorel, the son of Apophis, who was currently inhabiting it.

I enjoy this episode because I like seeing different forms of alien law. Tollan law is actually good, and makes sense more than some alien law, mainly Cardasian, from Star Trek: DS9 which was completely ridiculous and infuriating. I also enjoy seeing Lya again, an old friend from S1. She is a wonderful character and extremely lovely. I also enjoyed the introduction of Zipacna, a Goa'uld who is played by Kevin Durand, who is on my recent crush list.

#19 - Deadman Switch


In Deadman Switch SG-1 meets a bounty hunter who wants to turn them all over to the Goa'uld. But he decides to get them to help him also take down a rival Goa'uld he was hunting, and he might let them go in exchange.

I really like this episode because the bounty hunter, Aris Boch, is a really interesting character that I would have loved to see again. There was also some great scenes in this episode and some pretty funny stuff, as well as the usual amount of action.

#18 - Continuum

11.02 (2nd Direct-to-DVD movie)

Continuum starts with SG-1 attending the execution of Baal, the last of the Goa'uld system lords. But Vala and Teal'c vanish then the planet begins to fall apart. The rest of the team makes it back to the gate but come through on a stranded old ship in the Arctic. Baal had set a plan in motion to alter the timeline, so that the SGC never existed and Baal is attacking Earth with his First Prime, Teal'c, and his queen, Qetesh (Vala), at his side.

I really enjoyed this movie because there is a lot of great action, one of the best time travel episodes I have ever seen on TV (even if this wasnt made for TV), and also managed to bring back the c|assic SG-1 feel. This was also one of Claudia Black's best performances ever. The only time I have seen her play evil and she did it so amazingly well.

#17 - 2010


At the time it originally aired, this took place almost 10 years in the future, showing the Earth after it had made an alliance with a very advanced race called Aschen. Eventually, the team, while together for a reunion, realizes that the Aschen are not all that they appear to be. But when almost every aspect of Earth security is run by the Aschen themselves, what do you do?

I love this episode because it is one of the c|assic episodes, of SG-1 overcoming incredible odds. I love the "How are they going to get out of this one?" episodes. But in '2010', they actually couldnt get themselves out of it. Their only option left was to get help from themselves, 10 years in the past.

#16 - Unending


The series finale. Unending begins with SG-1 answering an invitation from the Asgard, their most powerful allies. The Asgard give them all of their technology and help integrate it into their ship, the Odyssey. But they are attacked by the Ori. Using new technology they just received they freeze time in order to figure out a way to escape. They are trapped on the ship for 60 years before Sam figures out a way to reverse time, leaving only Teal'c still aged, in order to warn them.

I loved this episode because it focuses so much on the relationship between the characters, which I think is very important for a finale. There was also one very popular scene for Daniel/Vala shippers. Of course, after the time reversal, it never happened. :'(

#15 - It's Good to be King


In It's Good to be King SG-1 visits an old friend and foe, Colonel Maybourne. They go to try to bring him home because there is a new, dangerous system lord in the area. But the locals have named Maybourne king and he doesnt want to leave them.

Jack and Maybourne work wonderfully together and they are always fun. This episode is really funny and I love the way that the people look up to Maybourne. You never would have expected this was possible when you first met Maybourne, but he actually makes a pretty good king. Then again, he probably wouldnt have been a good king when we first met him. He has changed a lot. Also some interesting stuff in here about the ancients.

#14 - Reckoning


In this 2-parter, SG-1 hatches an elaborate plan to defeat two enemies in one swoop. The Goa'uld and the Replicators.

We have everyone and everything in this one. Baal, everyone's favourite handsome baddie, Jacob, Bra'tac, Thor, Oma. And everything. Wonderful action, ancient weapon systems, replicators, as well as humor.

#13 - Window of Opportunity


Window of Opportunity is the most common favourite among fans. In this episode, SG-1 visits a planet to study its unique magnetics and meet another archaeologist who is there studying some ancient ruins. After an unusual turn of events, Jack and Teal'c find themselves back on base, reliving events from that morning. 6 hrs later they jump backwards again, and again, and again. Being the only two who are not scientists on their team, finding a way to fix it proves difficult. At one point, Daniel points out the fact that, if they have been living the same 6 hrs repeatedly, they could do whatever they want without consequences.

This episode is definitely one fo the funniest ever, out of 215. Most would say the funniest, but I would say second funniest. My funniest is coming up in the #2 spot. So many great scenes in this one, including a great shipper moment. :)

#12 - Fallen/Homecoming


In Fallen, the team finds Daniel, who had died a year earlier, living in a village without his memory. They convince him to come back to Earth with them, and, for a time, he works side by side with his replacement, Jonas. In Homecoming, the team, including Daniel and Jonas, must protect Jonas' home planet against Anubis.

This episode had some great lines in it, as well as a lot of action, and a really interesting story involving Anubis and the search for Atlantis.

#11 - Paradise Lost


In Paradise Lost, Maybourne tricks Jack into taking him off world with promises of discovering alien technology. Instead, Maybourne tries to escape and run away to a legendary alien paradise. Jack and Maybourne get trapped there together, and discover that the alien colony had died out a long time ago. As Maybourne becomes increasingly hostile and paranoid, Jack begins to understand what happened to the locals.

This is another great episode between Jack and Maybourne. One of my favourite SG-1 quotes ever is in this episode.

O'Neill: Put that down.

Maybourne: You wanted to kill me from the start!

O'Neill: Oh screw you Maybourne! I was joking. Look what you did to my leg!

Maybourne: I set the trap for the pig.

O'Neill: With a grenade?!

Probably funnier if you saw it. :P

Well, that was fun. :D Untill next time. :)

Five by Five - Movie Edition

So, for those of you who remember, awhile back I made a blog that had my top 5 TV shows in my top 5 genres. If you didnt see it or dont remember, it is here. This time I will do the same with movies. This was even harder, since of my Top 120 movies 46% are sci-fi and 22% are fantasy. But I am only allowing myself to list 5 from each genre. I focus on sci-fi and fantasy in movies even more than I do with TV shows, so this list will be nowhere near what a straight Top 25 list would look like. The lowest movies on this list are not even on my Top 120. But it will still be a list of 25 movies I love very much. I think this makes things more interesting. I will not rate them out of 10 as I did with the TV shows, since on Flixster, my primary movie site, movies are rated on a 5 star system, so I will stick with that. And one more note, some of these were hard to stick under one genre. A lot of them are very strongly sci-fi, fantasy, and action, so I used my own descretion. And I wont be stating my reasons for loving these movies as I did before, since movies are more about quick thrills than TV is. I could explain why I love them, but not as easily, or in three words, as I did in my original Five by Five. And I am entirely aware that I really love some horrible movies. Wild Wild West and xXx are in the 119 and 120 spots on my Top 120, which are universally understood to be bad movies. I have no delusions about the quality of my list. I really love cheese. But there are still a lot of these that I think are excellent, i.e. Gladiator, The Matrix, and Sweeney Todd. Anything with a 5/5 rating is in my Top 50.

#1 - Science Fiction

Star Wars 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3 - 5/5

The Fifth Element - 5/5

Waterworld - 5/5

The Matrix - 5/5

Jurassic Park 1, 2 - 5/5

#2 - Fantasy

Pirates of the Caribbean 3, 1, 2 - 5/5

The Mummy - 5/5

The Princess Bride - 5/5

Indiana Jones 3, 1, 4, 2 - 5/5

Stardust - 5/5

#3 - Action (non-sci-fi/fantasy)

The Rock - 5/5

The Mask of Zorro - 5/5

A Knight's Tale - 5/5

Gladiator - 5/5

Batman Begins - 5/5

#4 - Animation

Aladdin - 5/5

Mulan - 5/5

Toy Story 1, 2 - 5/5

Monsters, Inc. - 5/5

The Prince of Egypt - 4.5/5

#5 - Musical (non-animation)

Sweeney Todd - 5/5

The Phantom of the Opera - 4.5/5

Moulin Rouge - 4.5/5

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - 4/5

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - 4/5

Enjoy. :)

Happy Birthday to me!!! - Crush List

So, for my Bday I got Chuck S1 on blu-ray and Troy Director's Cut on blu-ray from my bro, and I got a new external hard drive (since mine crashed) from my boyfriend. Its 1TB. :P My parents gave me cashs ince I'm too hard to shop for.

So, this is my birthday present to myself. :P Finally gonna make my crush list. So, they are almost all on the list for different reasons. Some are gorgeous, some play awesome characters that I really love and havent been able to seperate from the actor, :P or some other random reasons.

Men first, of course.

10. Steve Bacic - From SG-1 and Andromeda, and was in Battlestar Galactica: Razor for all you BSG ppl.

9. Vin Diesel - I dont think he is physically attractive, I just love Riddick and his voice.

8. David Tennant - "His name is The Doctor"

7. Kevin Durand - Lost, X-Men Origins, Smokin' Aces, and SG-1.

6. Gary Oldman - Cuz he's Gary Oldman!!!

5. Alan Rickman

4. Ewan McGregor

3. Heath Ledger

2. Johnny Depp

1. Michael shanks

Now the ladies.

10. Keira Knightley

9. Angelina Jolie

8. Saffron Burrows - Model/Actress. Was in Troy among other things.

7. Helena Bonham Carter

6. Summer Glau

5. Aishwarya Rai - Bollywood actress. Yes, I watch Bollywood.

4. Gabrielle Anwar - Loved her for years. She's actually the reason I decided to check out Burn Notice and The Tudors. So glad for it.

3. Amanda Tapping - SG-1 and Sanctuary.

2. Milla Jovovich - Alice from Resident Evil, among other things.

1. Claudia Black - SG-1 and Farscape

Enjoy. :)