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If you like Dead Space or are looking forward to Dead Space 2 READ!!!!!!

Hey I am going to start a union and I need 4-8 co-founders so if you would like to be one tell me I will give the positions to the first ones that comment and want tip be co-founders but I am reserving a spot for @Venom_Raptor since he likes Dead Space a lot. It will be The Dead Space Franchise Union, so if you like Dead Space or think you will it will be a great union for you to join.:)If you have a name that you think would be better for the union please tell me.;)


A Dead Space 2 collectors edition got announced today.:D At first I was worried because I had already pre-ordered the normal edition, but then I called Gamestop and they said that I can switch my pre-order to the collectors edition.:D:D:)

So this is what I will get with the collectors edition all the words from here down are gamespots so do not think I am plagiarizing:

EA has also confirmed that the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC editions of the limited-edition package will include a replica of protagonist Isaac's Plasma Cutter. Modeled after the weapon's tweaked design in Dead Space 2, the Plasma Cutter also features trigger-activated LED lights.

Image 1

Dead Space 2's premium pack includes what's pictured.

That won't be the only perk, however. Also included in the package will be a redeemable code for exclusive access to the Unitology Suit and Force Gun, as well as a lithograph depicting concept art of a necromorph transformation. Lastly, gamers will be offered a soundtrack CD, compiling an hour of the game's tunes and a "Scoring of Dead Space 2" featurette.

Now 2

Hey guys, guess what... I am now the leader of two unions.:)

The Ninja Gaiden Fan Union and the 4-ever pokemon union.


Count them if you want to.

I now have 2000 forum post!!!:D A lot of them are comments, and union posts.:)

Also I only need one more member in my union then I will have met my 100 member milestone so if any of you want to join I would be happy.:D

Never mind

Never mind it is fixed now.:) If you do not know what I am talking about look at my last blog.;)

Guess What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just pre-ordered two games and this is my first time to pre-order a game so I am very happy.:D

So I pre-ordered Dead Space 2 and Two Worlds II for the ps3, since I only have a ps3.:)

1 Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2

2 Two Worlds II

Two Worlds II

Anyway here is a list of games that I was looking forward to but not so much anymore:

1 Fallout New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas

2 Star wars the force unleashed II

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

3 Mass Effect II for the Ps3

Mass Effect 2I had to use the 360 case because the ps3 does not have one yet.

and now the other games that I am looking forward to:

1 Vanquish


2 Ninja Gaiden III

There is not a case yet but I cannot wait to see it.;)

Hope you liked this blog.:)

Slash your way through

I beat Ninja Gaiden Black on hard, finally, now I have unlocked the arcade classic nes version.:D I really enjoyed beating it on hard, it is a very great game although it is not as smooth as Ninja Gaiden Sigma II.:) Sorry for the short blog.:(

The shadow has lifted

I beat Shadow of the Colossus today, I liked it a lot it was a lot of fun to climb the colossuses,

The good:

1 Fun

2 Great Environment

3 Lots of space to run around in

4 Time attack mode

5 Great animation

6 Extra Items

The Bad

1 The story is hard to understand

2 Some glitches that sometimesmake you die

3 Camera angle


That is my opinion.:) Thanks for reading.;)