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It is Thanksgiving today.:D I hope you all have lots of things to be thankful for.

Gaming News:

I found out that I did not lose my Dragon Age saving, I just had to switch my characters load file to my first characters.:D So thank you Xirmi for telling me.:)

Also I was able to try Black ops yesterday, it was good, but I think I like MW2 setup more.8)

Well that is all, thanks for reading and have a great Thanksgiving.:D

Why did I do it..............:(

So a couple of days ago I started Dragon Age and decided to see what the elf story started like, and when I started that............. It deleted my first saving, which I had 25 hours into and almost had every faction recruited.:cry: And when I started the new saving I picked a female elf rogue, despite being told to make it a male, the reason, on my first saving I made the priestess rogue be able to sing, so I thought that the song from my character would sound better from a female, so I get my first level up and I cannot even sing.:cry: So that is what has recently happened with my gaming world.;)

Impressions so far

So my impressions so far for Dragon age Ultimate edition are................................ It's Great!!

Really the game is awesome, I do not even know if I will get to the expansions, I might just play Origins again.:P:lol:

So far I have only encountered minor problems such as the charactors voice not working for a sentance, the biggest problem so far for me is that there is not a inventory chest for you to store your items, although I remember reading that one of the expansions had one.:D So if any of you know which expansion has it and where I can find it and how, please tell me.

Stats so far:

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Name: Angel

Cla$$:Warrior (Now I know why people do that:P)

Time: 15 hours

Level: 11

I will give you more of my opinions, and statupdate later,;) Thanks for reading.:D

New game.:D

I bought the ultimate edition of Dragon Age:D which was released a little while ago, and since I had not bought the original; it was great and thanks to all you who told me to buy the ultimate edition,.:D

Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition Boxshot

I have not played it yet but I cannot wait to and I will try to post my thoughts on it once I get far enough.:D

PS Important question!!!!!!!

What race and gender should I make my character?

Please answer this question, if you have played DA!!

I plan to get Dragon Agetomorrow, but last time I was in the store I noticed there were two different cases for the original DA.:shock:

1 The default white case with the red dragon

2 A silver case with a sword on the front.

What is the difference in between them if there is a difference?

I wrote a similar blog in a DA union, but I need quick response so I also posted on my profile.:)

A special day! (for Americans)

It is Veterans Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D So if any of you serve in the military or used to thanks for saving our great country and keeping it protected, it is very brave.:)

Happy Veterans day.:D

New Avatar

I switched my avatar to the Blood Dragon Armor in Dragon Age, do you like it? I have not played Dragon Age yet but I plan to sometime.:D


After seeing this trailer:Metal Gear Solid Rising Official E3 2010 Trailer: I just became a rising fan of the Metal Gear Solid series, I decided to play MGS 3 the other day since I have not played it, and I beat it today it was a great game, I plan on getting MGS 4 sometime before MGS Rising comes out, let me know what you think of the trailer if you watch it.:D

My friends that commented ranks

All right here it is, and if you are reading this and did not comment on my last blog and comment on this one and ask me to rank you, I will.:D

EGOE 10 does great political and Christian blogs and is also very nice.;)

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