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I missed it, I missed those, I missed you

Wow, I have missed a lot lately, I have been so busy.:(

First: I missed my GS one year anniversary.:(

Second: I missed all your blogs since December 20/10.:(

Third: I missed you gamespot users.:(

I will try to come on more but I do not now if I will be able to so I will try to get to your blogs.;)

And only three more days until Dead Space 2 and Two Worlds II.:D

New Games

All right I am back for a little while but probably not much for another week or so.:?

Anyway sorry for not mentioning all of you back in a comment but i have not gotten the chance.:(

So now for an update.:D

I have bought some new games recently for myself, so here they are.:D

Dead or Alive 4 Boxshot

Red Faction: Guerrilla Boxshot

Fable II Boxshot

Mass Effect 2 Boxshot

And they only costed $40 since I got DOA free.;)

I havenot played ME2 yet, I have tried some of the others though.;)

Well I hope all of you had a great Christmas.:D

Thanks for reading.:)

The Gretest Gift.............A life..

*****If you are easily offended by religious blogs, then read at your chose of possibly being offended.*****


I just wanted to remind all of you what Christmas is really about.;)

Christmas is the celebration of Jesus's birthday; although no one is exactly sure when Jesus was born we celebrate it now.

God made the greatest sacrifice, he gave his only son to die for all of man-kinds sins, so that they would have the chance to go to heaven; because He loved us so much.:D

Have a great Christmas and remember why we celebrate it.:D

Explanations Help!!!

So anyway I do not know if you noticed I was gone, but I just wanted to let you know that if I missed commenting on your blogs or something it was because my internet stopped working for two days.

So to the updates!!

Red dead redemption: I have played it about ten hours so far and it is really cool the atmosphere is great and so is the story.;) I am mainly just roaming around to make the story last as long as possible.:D

Score so far/ 10/10

GOW III: I just got to Tatarus, I have not upgraded any of my weapons.:P

Score so far/ 9.3/10

Fallout New Vegas: My ps3 does not have enough memory for it.:cry:

Thanks for reading.:D


I bought two pre-owned games and got one free from GameStop.:D

Guess what they are and please write in you comment what your guesses were.:D Currently so you do not guess them I have these games excluding the new ones; Dead Space: Ninja Gaiden Sigma II: Demons Souls: MW2: Final Fantasy xiii: Killzone 2: Dragon Age: Time Shift: AC: ACII.;)

Alright so please guess.:D













Red Dead Redemption Boxshot

(RDR) $40.00

Fallout: New Vegas Boxshot

(FNV) $54.00

God of War III Boxshot

(GOW III)Free!!!

I cannot wait to play them I will be able to add more games to my nominees for GOTY, I will probably post my impressions soon.:D

Did I? Really??? How did you know???

What makes GS think I fell asleep???? Anyway just wanted to say that I leveled up to level 24 (I feel asleep!!)>:D

Normally I do not post leveling up blogs other then every 10 levels but I just felt like it this time.:P