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Bloody Night RPG (Yes I am back)

Ok guys I have been gone for along time because I could not afford internet (this economy sucks). I am ok and still alive.

I am here to advertise the newest long-term RPG project that I have made.

Bloody Night RPG

All of you are High school/college students that are all trying to save the world from supernatural creatures that prowl in the night(mostly). You are up against vampires, werewolves, zombies, and whatever I decide to toss at you. Its designed for you to completely customize your character down to the nitty gritty details. I promise you that you will hve fun saving the world one bullet/stake/punch at a time!

Here is the thread where theRPG is being held. Hope to see many of you there


Can someone tell me who I am? I cannot remember anything anymore. I am freaking out. I wake up from a hospital saying that I had brainsurgery and that I suffer amnesia. OMG someone please help me I am lost. I dont remember anything about any of you. Why are all of my memories screwed up. What has happened to me?

For the love of god someone please answer this I am scared.

Back from the hospital.......again

In may and I think my car accident is over and done with right? But no! I get a seizure for writing an RPG in gamespot ( You know what I am talking about Gotei 13 :P). So another 2 weeks in the hospital, more medication, more insurance money and now back for a little while again.

Hello :P

Limited to gamespot

I forgot to say why I was gone.

I was in a car accident leaving me in a coma for 2 months and had to go through rehabilitation. The kids ok. My insurance was good. All I can say is life sux.

I can be on gamespot 1 hour a week and I will use it to the best of my abilities.

Best Wishes

Officially quitting gamespot

Lots of events have happened in my life that has forced me to quit this great place.

Rebecca and I will sorely miss you all, but may occasionally visit once in a while.

I ask all unions that had me as officer to remove me as I wont be on enough to help anyone.

Now I have best wishes for you all and please keep breathing.


Dating tips for Teenagers.

Teenage is fun and it is short. So, if you have not collected your own share of funny teenage dating tips you're way out of touch. And you're not getting any younger.

It's time you added a dash of lime 'n' spice to that flat (read 'boring') dating scenario.

So, what are you waiting for?

Teenage dating can be difficult and even a little painful.

After all...

Look at that shiny, oily, pimply you - your hormones are raging. When you see a pair of tight jeans, its agony and ecstasy. Your body shifts to hyper mode, but your mind is no better than sticky goo.

Your fist date is a disaster.

Forget about a second chance, your 'ex' date will run the other way if he or she sees you again.

Can it get any worse?

Funny teenage dating tips are your best way out. Women love men who have the confidence to be funny without being mean. Don't smother her with too much attention and give in to her every whim.

Challenge her...

Let her sit up and take notice. Make her a bit unsure. Give her the gift of laughter and she is yours forever.

Here are some funny teenage dating tips for the guy who wants to go out there and floor 'em.

If you have got a license, tell her that you are taking her to a popular joint. Then, just drive round the block, or make obvious errors.

When she finally points this out, tell her something like this: "O, I thought you'd never notice. Now you know what a muddle you've got me in. So, which way should we go? Should we take the 'A' Route or the 'B' Route?"

She will be all smiles and you have come across as a cute guy who knows just the right thing to say.

The cell phone can come quite handy when it comes to trying out some funny teenage dating tips.

Call up your date and start a casual conversation. While on the phone, go to her front door and ring the bell. When she opens the door, ask something hilarious like: "Hi, wanna try bungee jumping with me?"

Here's one of my favorites...

Ask her for a date. Tell her about this really swell place and how it's really cool to be there, and the wonderful food they serve, the ambience etc.

After you have just about praised it to the sky...

Ask her...

"So, when are you taking me to there? O.K, I'll wait till you ask me. Meanwhile, care to join me at the theatre?"

A comedy show is sure to make her feel that you are a fun guy to have around. And no fingering in the dark!

Take your date to a park. Then get naughty and try out every one of the silliest ride with her.

Make lots of eye contact and send her steamy looks , but keep the conversation light and funny. She will be stretched tight by the end of the day and may even tell you to call her tomorrow. There's a combination of fun and passion here that most women just cannot resist

I am back

After all this time gone I am back. After a series of events have kept me of the keyboards I will return and with a vengeance! :twisted:

I have noticed that my RPG failed because of too complicated rules that my GM could not handle it. So I am proposing a different game. One that involves vampires in the modern world. Each type of vampire has different abilities. But all of them are evil trying to stop an acocalypse. Tell me what you think.

Advent of Misery has begun!

The RPG thread I made is currently constructed. Its going to soon be invite only so if you are interested in joining please sign your name underneath. The reason for this is because I do not want a flood quite yet ;).

Hey guys.

I am going to be off and on all summer long since I am getting married and am going to have twins in several monts. Next month for sure I will be back. In the mean time I have an idea on making an entire RPG union and have so far made this.

Please give me your opinions. I am currently looking for GM's who are interested in controlling certain aspects of the game. I have storylines planned up to 3 months.

Advent of Misery

At first there was nothing created in the universe but the gods came from another dimension. Moradin the God of creation built a sphere out of rock and metals and created the world of Tyrael. From the sparks from his forge the stars were made. Melora the goddess of the wilderness and sea created water and great forests to sustain life. Corellon brought the first sentinent beingsto the world. The eladrins, fey-like creatures that were brought from their homeworld of Feywild, used their great magical powers to shape the world to their way. Hence Corellon brought magic to the world of Tyrael. Moradin also created the dwarves to assist him in his mission of creation.Through Moradins forge and Melora's ingenuity they created other creatures animals for the world to create. But the peace was not alone as other gods came from the other universe to warn about a demonic invasion was coming to destroy their creation to drag it into hell. They had already taken the homeworld of the eladrins and now they wanted the world of Tyrael. The gods fought the demons smiting them with their powers and threw them back to hell where they belong. The gods mourned for their losses and created other creatures in the image of the patron gods that died. Thus the humans and Halflings were created. The gods also granted other gifts to the inhabitants Kord granted strength, Ioun granted them knowledge, Erathis taught them how to create civilizations, Sehanine taught them freedom, Pelor granted them healing, Sehanine gave them healing and lastly Bahamut created dragons made out of metal to protect the world.

So the world was peaceful for 1,000 years as each creature created there civilizations. The eladrins have by then separated in 2 parts, the eladrins wanted to go retake feywild but others wanted to stay in the forests of Tyrael. These people would later be called elves. The humans and the elves shared a kind of kinship with one another and had children known as half-elves. And some dragons had relationship with other civilized creatures creating a race of dragonmen know as the dragonborn.

The humans and the dragonborn both created huge empires which dominated just about everything in the world. The demons though went to the humans and offered them a way to better control their empire. They drank the blood of the demons and in return became Tieflings, a race of half human and half demon. The Tieflings controlled their homeland with an iron fist. It was not a terrible rule but it had a tinge of cruelty in it.

The dragonborn saw the evilness that was created in the competing empire and decided to invade it to cleanse the land. An almighty war broke and both empires attacked with all their fury. Both empires were shattered in the process until a demonic portal came. Though the sacrifice of countless lives the demons were able to send a hoard of minor demons to drag the world into hell. All armies fought the invaders, even some of the Tieflings helped and after a bloody carnage throughout the world the portal was finally closed and the empire of the Tieflings was over. The demons however have placed a curse upon the world of Tyreal. Now every 666 years the portal shall opens again and the crusade shall begin again.

Its now been 665 years since that tragic war......

The races in the RPG idea are:

Dragonborn are proud, honor-bound draconic humanoids. They wander the world as mercenaries and adventurers. They are strong and possess dragon-like abilities.

Legendary for their toughness and strong will, dwarves are indomitable warriors and master artisans. Dwarven kingdoms are mighty mountain citadels, but clans of dwarf crafters can be found in any town or city.

Eladrin are a Graceful, magical creature born of the Feywild, the realm of Faerie which has recently been dragged to hell. They, quick, and likable people. Halflings gather in small clans in the marshes and along the rivers of the world, traveling and trading widely with the other races. The live in shining cities filled with magic.

Brave and ambitious, humans are somewhat more numerous than other races, and their city-states are the brightest spots in a dark world. However, there still exist vast portions of the world where no human has set foot. love arcane magic, swordplay and exquisite work in metal and stone.

Kin to the eladrin, elves dwell the deep forests of the world and love the beauty of nature. Many elves (and some eladrin too) live in wandering companies tahat visit many lands, staying a season or two in each.

Elves and humans sometimes have children together, giving rise to half-elves. With many of the best features of both humans and elves, half-elves have capabilities distinct from both races. They are charismatic and versatile.

Halflings, the smallest of the civilized races, are a plucky and adventurous group of people. The organize themselves into clans to move from one place to another.

Tieflings are a race descended from ancient humans who bargained with infernal powers. Tieflings are loners who live in the shadows of human society, relying only on trusted allies.

Character CIasses so far:

Cleric: Courageous and devout, clerics are holy warriors and healers.

Fighters: Fighters are experts in armed combat, relying on muscle, training and pure grit to see them through.

Paladin: Devout warriors and champions of their deities, paladins are divinely inspired knights who fight at the front of the battle.

Ranger: Expert trackers and scouts, rangers are wilderness warriors who excel at hit-and-run fighting.

Rogue: Thieves, scoundrels, dungeon-delvers, jacks of all-trades-rogues have a reputation for larceny and trickery.

Warlock: Wielders of forbidden lore, warlocks are dangerous practitioners who turn their baleful powers against their enemies.

Warlord: Hardy and skilled in close combat, warlords are brilliant leaders who have the gift of inspiration.

Wizard: Masters of potent arcane powers, wizards disdain physical conflict in favor of awesome magic.

Ive been made Union Leader

Ive been made Union Leader to The Tactics Emblem Bros. It is a union that people who play the following games can go and chat:

Smash Brothers: Melee and Brawl!
Fire Emblem Series
Tactics Ogre Series

I want to ask those of you that are not in that Union to go join us. The first 3 that do become officers;)

Join us my friends!

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